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In Synecdoche New York, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a tortured playwright, whom in order to deal with his painful demons of heartbreak and  physical debilitation, constructs a life size replica model of New York City in a warehouse and hires actors to play the parts of his loves and friends. It’s taking the art of make believe and self examination and making it as visceral as possible. Unfortunately for Hoffman, the possibility of recreating Oz around you to shelter pain, heartbreak and addiction does not exist outside of the imagination. Hoffman died of a suspected heroin overdose this past Sunday in his New York City apartment; reportedly with Needle in arm.

This wasn’t news that was too terribly shocking for anyone that followed his career. He had just recently checked into rehab for relapsing into substance abuse problems he faced at a young age. The question for his peers in his life and in his industry should be when did it become too late to stop him and why did nobody try.

We as a country and as a culture are headed down a very similar path and fate as Hoffman. We have become a country of addiction.

Addiction to vices, addiction to fame, addiction to celebrity and addiction to government, an idea I touched on just two weeks ago on 405 Radio’s The Wrap with Bruce Carroll and Amy Otto.

Enabled by a Democrat party and a President content to watch the country slide further out of private sector economic stability, the United States stands on a dangerous precipice that drug addicts themselves face; complete dependence on a synthetic mixture of factors that if left untreated, will kill.

Once someone is hooked it’s almost impossible to get them off of it. This is what Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrat party are counting on.

Earlier this week, the CBO released a report that should, for all intents and purposes put the nail in the coffin of the disastrous, job killing Obamacare law. Because of effects of the Affordable Care Act on employer insurance, the CBO projected over two million people will either leave their job, have their hours reduced or quit looking for employment altogether by the year 2021. This is triple of previous estimates. This analysis is devastating to an already stagnant private sector economy. By now it’s become evident that the explanations for passing the Affordable Care Act Barack Obama gave to voters were outright lies. Cheaper health coverage and available to all. It has been and is projected to be nothing less than catastrophic.

To Barack Obama and Harry Reid, it’s bliss.

Time to shoot up.

Obamacare will give people freedom and “now be able to leave those jobs or choose to work fewer hours than they otherwise would have.” according to the NY Times editorial board. Unemployment is to become a luxury and now allow people, federally subsidized by Obamacare to follow their ethereal calling.

Harry Reid applauded the report saying “It allows people to get out of a job they’re locked into, because of they have healthcare in their job”Over 2 million people being encouraged by Barack Obama and his dealers in the media to quit their jobs in favor of more government dependence. Do people in the WTAE report posted above seem relieved? The idea of “free agency” terrified them.

huffpost tweetsEditors at The Huffington Post quickly formed a defensive phalanx over the CBO’s report with Sam Stein spearheading the efforts. Less people in the workforce is great news. People have been forced to wear the shackles of full time employment and now because of Barack Obama and his signature legislation, they are liberated, despite the testimony of CBO director Dough Elmondorf stating the contrary.

What must be understood about Sam Stein, The NY Times and others making the “liberation from job-lock” argument is not because they believe it.?They are making this argument because it’s the argument Barack Obama wants them to make. It’s that simple.

You are now free. You have been freed from providing food for yourself. You’re not alone. 47 million people on EBT food stamps. Shoot up.

You are free from the stress of looking for a job due to chronic long term unemployment extensions Barack Obama keeps encouraging. Shoot up.

Can’t pay your phone bill? No problem, here’s an Obamaphone. Shoot up

Want birth control paid for? No problem. Shoot up.

You are free from keeping the healthcare plan you wanted and were promised to keep, and are now free from the employer who was only holding you back. An entire lifestyle subsidized by taxpayers and encouraged by the President of the United States, all the time being told you are empowered. It doesn’t matter if the CBO report states that Obamacare discourages people to remain in the workforce.?Shoot up.

Now you’re hooked. Now you’re addicted. Now you’re dependent.

And now you’re broken.

Untitled-194 million people out of the workforce with only government benefits as a means of practical survival. Permanent dependence. For anyone sober enough to see it, this falls right into the inequality Cloward-Piven re-branding strategy of the Democrat party.

Democrats need a country of addiction because addiction ultimately leads to dependence. When people become dependent, they become apathetic. When people such as Barack Obama feed off the apathy of an economically weary people, they begin to believe it. People begin to believe all they are worth is a middle class job or if that’s not available, a government issued check.

It becomes a high. The idea that the country as constructed for hundreds of years isn’t fair and that the ability to lift yourself up was only reserved to the born lucky few and only the President is looking out for your well being. Not your employer, not your family and not your friends.

Permanent government addiction.

Only your dealer loves you and understands your pain. Shoot up. You don’t need a job. You don’t need your dreams. You don’t need your independence. You have Barack Obama, Harry Reid and a government issued lifestyle. That’s all you really need to feel good.

Shoot up.

Get enough people addicted and dependent and you’ll never go out of business. They will never stop voting for you. Even if people in their hearts want to work, what would the point be if every week benefits are dumped onto a government issued EBT card or debit card that can afford you a lifestyle.

It’s much easier than working. Getting high is much easier than getting clean.

In pushing this new lifestyle of dependence, Harry Reid and Barack Obama are attempting to turn the GOP into the friend that harshes you mellow, or the asshole dad that keeps bugging you to get a job. Nobody likes that dad and no one especially likes that dad when he threatens to cut off your allowance. Apathy becomes the easy choice on voting ballots, despite their political ideology. Barack Obama knows this.

This is why the policies of the current Democrat party and Barack Obama should be addressed no differently than a heroin addict, because it’s going to be near impossible to treat them otherwise by 2020. People who have experience with treatment know this will not be pleasant. Addicts become confrontational, withdrawn and sometimes violent and that’s exactly what the Democrat party is counting on.

The country needs an intervention.

There are too many talented people withering away at the hand of the policies of the current drug dealing regime. People at the heights of their talents. People in the golden age of their earning power, just as Hoffman was. Unfortunately he was consumed by a habit, and those around him were seemingly apathetic to his own choices. He exercised his demons as he saw fit and he paid for it with his life.

Our addiction, perpetrated by Barack Obama’s signature legislation is getting worse and once it consumes us, there won’t be a warehouse big enough to replicate the country as it once was.

– SM –

Cover photo credit Victoria Will/Invision,
via Associated Press

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  1. Old Curmudgeon Reply

    Learned helplessness is the way I express it. Cruelty disguised as kindness.

  2. Immolate Reply

    I think you’re essentially correct. Addicts don’t find an interest in changing their lifestyle until they hit rock bottom. This administration’s every action since 2009 has been designed to keep America from feeling the pain of our past bad decisions, thus robbing the recession of its corrective function. Instead, we plod through this unending, shadowy ‘tween-world of not-recovery. When action is divorced from consequence, the result is more consequence.

  3. GuardAmerican Reply

    Ace of Spades wrote a (rather depressingly true) post recently about how America changed, right under our feet. With Democrats making a direct play for corporate cronies, the onetime bailiwick of Republicans, and sewing up the dependent class: Will there be enough self-reliant citizens to create, sua sponte, the culture that must renew itself every generation?
    Or will Americans be harried and hectored into an everlasting poverty, too poor to rebel, satisfied ?with their lot?
    The jury, disturbingly, is out.

  4. Teri OBrien Reply

    This piece is BRILLIANT. I made it “Post of the Day” at, and left it up for two days, and I plan to bring it to the attention of my audience on today’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show. Thanks so much for writing it!

    • S. Miller Reply

      Thanks Teri, Do you have a link to your show where people can find it?


  5. DaveK Reply

    This piece was indeed brilliant; I cannot help but juxtapose this article with the “vision” of the 60’s (which many of today’s older politicians came of age in).
    There were the Hippies, carefree, freespirited sorts who lived for the moment, singing, dancing, taking drugs, with no thought or care about where there next meal
    would come from, or even where they might be “crashing” for the night.
    Then there were the Young Republicans. The stodgy types in slacks and button down shirts, frowning upon their partying brethren, shaking their heads and
    their fingers.
    Fast forward to the present; those Young Republicans grew up and became business owners, employers, and responsible citizens.?
    The Hippies became community organizers, non-profit NGO leaders and politicians.
    And both are battling for the hearts and minds of the younger generation. So far, it appears as though the enablers and hustlers are winning the battle.

  6. bour3 Reply

    Excellent article. Kudos etc. One of the great things about it is, the whole thing can be copy/pasted into another document with typeset and color that can actually be read.

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