The Biggest Lie



“Universal healthcare is a core Democratic Party value. It’s something that ever since Harry Truman we have stood for” Hillary Clinton said that in a primary debate between herself and Barack Obama in 2008. And she was absolutely right. Nationalized healthcare has been a goal for the Democrats in this country for almost 60 years.

Now it’s gone.

The Democrat Party, thanks to Barack Obama has now had the rug pulled right out from under their feet. Government run healthcare is no longer an idea. It’s no longer a theory. It’s being implemented into millions of peoples real lives…

And it’s a catastrophe.

It is a multi-layered national disaster of policy unlike anything in modern American History. As a society we have generally become goldfish swimming in a bowl with no memory of where we just came from and technology has a large part to play in that, which makes the failure of the launch of even more staggering. This was the first major policy implementation of the new century. Healthcare was not going to be issued on cards with government typed courier font. It wasn’t supposed to be done by an outdated delivery service or standing in line at offices to fill out applications. Obamacare and was going to be a streamlined marvel of government competence implemented by the first techno-president in the country’s history.

The problems with have been widely documented. The problems with who Barack Obama is and will be for the rest of his second term have not.
On almost 30 occasions, Barack Obama said “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”


“If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan. Period”



Over three million people have lost their healthcare plan due to the implementation of Obamacare. A more staggering figure is the administration knew as early as 2010 that at least 93 million American citizens would. Almost a full third of the population.

“You can keep your plan” will be the biggest Presidential lie in modern American history and it will have very real consequences but what does this lie mean to myth that has risen up around Barack Obama?

Five years ago he rode into Washington in a golden chariot pulled by the horses of Hope & Change. This was not a person running for President as the country had known it. Barack Obama was supposed to be a transcendent figure. A demigod of personal projections. Someone with the audacity to hope in a country that was soured on seven years of war. This is why Obama’s lie is greater. He was supposed to be different. This is why people will not forget it. Because he was supposed to be different.To understand this we have to take a not-so-wayback machine to 2008 and make people remember who this figure was and what he was supposed to represent.

Millions of hurting Americans put their hopes into someone they thought could bring a perspective to the executive branch that would solve a financial crisis, and lower the sea levels.. literally.. They said that. This was a new America. The country was beginning to heal. Never before in modern America were outdoor stadiums maxed to capacity, or Greek pillars aligning a stage. This was not a man taking over an office. This was a figure ingrained into our national consciousness ascending to a throne. The country wasn’t looking for a President. They were looking for a savior.

Oprah was crying.

One campaign ad from 2008 that I continuously keep going back to is the “Hope” ad featuring Americans of all nationalities and backgrounds holding a sign with the single word on it. Hope. It wasn’t a campaign. It was a movement. Yes We Can.

And now that is all over with.


That Barack Obama is a distant memory and more importantly, a figment of the country’s imagination… It wasn’t because of 9% unemployment. It wasn’t because of a terrorist attack in Benghazi, or a the city of Detroit turning into a Thunderdome

“You can keep your healthcare plan, period”


Now the veil is off. The curtain is pulled back and Emporer is naked and everyone knows what many of us have always suspected. Obama has always survived and thrived on the wings of expectations. But 2008 is a distant memory and Obama has been reduced to every other petty mortal that has held the office he now occupies. We are going to see a very different Barack Obama for the next three years and a Democrat party without their signature talking point for the past 60 years.

This has never been about who Obama really is, it has always been about who he appears to be. He has been able to hide behind a media phalanx, the shadow of his predeccer and a mysterious evil force known as the Tea Party. Now Barack Obama is going to attempt to hide from the words that came out of Barack Obama’s mouth.

Barack Obama will not leave office and walk into history as the person he was when he entered it. The lie is too big. “You can keep your plan” goes beyond Twitter. Beyond cable shouting heads and beyond politics.

This lie punches the American people right in the gut and they know exactly whose fist it is. They know because they voted for it.

The question is now that light shining down has dimmed, where does he go from here? Richard the III had a famous motto,?”Loyaulte me lie” (“Loyalty binds me”) and that appears to be the fitting path Obama the anointed seems to be taking. Obama is bound to the lie. He has shown that despite the incompetence of his subordinates, the vacuum of leadership and now the outright denial of his own words, it’s full steam ahead. Barack Obama is not backing down, mainly because he’s never had to do so during his Presidency before. Now his administration finds itself in a place where they are attacking cancer patients?and?mocking the very people?that guard the castle for them.?Barack Obama has always existed in the theater of words which is fitting as the road ahead for his legacy is about to become monumentally Shakespearean

This is no longer the President of hope and now the entire country knows it. By any other name it’s failure. Millions of people, told a lie, now have to suffer the consequences because one President refuses to cede his own incompetence to his ideological foes. The country will burn before he ever admits that Ted Cruz threw him a lifeline. The problem is when you are the first YouTube President, you are going to be held accountable by the same voters you stood on the shoulders of. People may not turn out in droves for the Republican party in the next election or two after but at the current tide of present history unfolding before our eyes right now, none of that matters. An entire generation of youthful voters will throw their Shepard Fairey posters in the trash and decide to sit it all out.

All that matters is the lie.

George HW Bush was defeated over three words. Nixon resigned over four.

harry_truman_healthcare_kindle_case-rc0fb651903c940e99c7d50f153b85f38_ftdau_8byvr_512Larger questions loom ahead for the Democrat party who not only have lost their 60 year platform to a careless administration hellbent on the “Big fucking deal” of the accomplishment but not the actual implementation, but how they handle the PR battle in 2014 and 2016 as well. The consequences for the Democrat cause in the near future will be staggering. The consequences for Barack Obama in history will be inescapable.

The song being sampled in Barack Obama’s 2008 ad “Hope & Change” I referenced above is from a band called The National.

The name of the song is Fake Empire.


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  1. jd Reply

    thing is, people will still worship him. ?here’s why:
    the best man in my wedding is a lifelong Erie democrat. ?Great guy, incredibly sharp. ?
    but he won’t admit the failures of the chosen one. ?no matter how orwellian this regime gets, he will not bail. ?he will defend him forever.
    and so go the masses. ?as Stalin demonstrated, the rabble can be beaten and tortured for years and they still will look on their Dear Leader as above the fray, just, and fair. ?Totally not his fault.

  2. Sue Reply

    People generally want someone to take care of them …it’s easier. This is what the chosen one promises… and has what many say are “good intentions”. But when one takes care of oneself, you realize that not all intentions are going to turn out good. My Russian friend repeatedly reminds me what “the road to hell is paved with”.?

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