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Snubbed: Why Hollywood Broke Up With Barack Obama

The Oscars used to be about celebrating film as an art form over political activism, even implementing rules that banned anyone who used the platform to advance their own pet cause. That all changed when Leonardo DiCaprio was allowed a fawning speech to Al Gore in 2007 and Michael Moore tried to eat his microphone during his acceptance speech for Fahrenheit 9/11. But this past Sunday was a return, for the most part, to the appreciation of all things film and ?all things Hollywood ego. There was no room for the biggest ego of all in the country. This year’s Oscars were about Hollywood going back to the time honored tradition of overindulging itself. Not Barack Obama.

Hollywood broke Barack Obama’s Retweet record and his heart, something for this President that had to sting more than losing Ukraine.

A year after Michelle Obama trolled viewers who waited an entire show to see the final four awards, there was barely a mention of either Obama, or surprisingly, any of their policies. It would have been so easy for Sandra Bullock to hold a “Drink Up” water glass backstage or for Will Smith to drop a “Get Covered” bomb, especially after the constant bombardment and invasion of everything Obama in our media and as close to the struggling enrollment deadline for Obamacare. In a year dominated by headlines of Gay Marriage, Ellen DeGeneres, Hollywood’s most recognizable and likeable gay advocate was surprisingly subdued. On a night where a film documenting the horrors of African American slavery in America wouldn’t be denied, the first African American President or in particular the First Lady were absent. Social advocacy and liberal politics not only took a back seat, they were nonexistent and the Oscars had their highest ratings in fourteen years.

Progressive media not only hated it, they couldn’t fathom why.

Everything actors do is based on the clever and careful crafting of their public image. Nothing is accidental and everything is about popularity and publicity. Where millions of dollars are at risk and one bad film ends a career, actors are on guard at all times against bad publicity.?Promoting a troubled healthcare law and endorsing a President who is hovering around 40% approval rating is bad publicity. Writing clever slogans on their hands and holding up inspiring memes about health care on instagram accounts works great until the destructive realities of what they promote are?inflicted upon the general public that sees their films.

Suddenly promoting a health care law that 60% of the country doesn’t want doesn’t look so cool. Applauding for a President that has more drone kills than Meryl Streep has nominations after using the Oscar stage for 7 years of anti-war, anti-Bush rhetoric becomes problematic to their public image.

What’s more interesting with the dynamic between Barack Obama and Hollywood is how accidentally conservative it becomes when it creates messages that conflict with his philosophy.?Gravity is as much a spiritual journey about faith as it is about science and astronauts. Dallas Buyer’s Club is about a man trying to innovate and survive in the face of government regulations. Ashton Kutcher starred in a flawed biopic of Steve Jobs and suddenly became the mascot of conservative values with his acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards. Perhaps?Solomon Northup’s entire ordeal could have been avoided with strong voter ID laws (calm down Sally Kohn, that’s a joke).

Jared-Leto-Oscars-2014Jared Leto (a proud Obama campaigner)?accidently gave one of the most Conservative acceptance speeches in Oscar history. He spoke of the values of life, recalling his mother, living in poverty in Louisiana and choosing to raise him and his brother (Also a member of his band 30 Seconds To Mars), so that one day she could see them grow up to be superstars:

?In 1971, Bossier City, Louisiana, there was a teenage girl who was pregnant with her second child. She was a high school dropout and a single mom, but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children. ?She encouraged her kids to be creative, to work hard and to do something special. That girl is my mother and she?s here tonight. And I just want to say, I love you Mom. Thank you for teaching me to dream.”

If Barack Obama had his choice, he would not have punished Leto’s mother with a baby, who would later go on to single her out so fondly at the Academy Awards.?By also signaling out to protesters in Venezuela, he alerts his thousands of young fans to the atrocities happening there, practically forcing the Obama Administration to finally address it now, something it has chosen to remain largely silent on.?Leto shouting out Venezuela is a direct contradiction to leftist group thought trying to bury the protests or outright defending government perpetrated violence there.

Unfortunately for Leto, no one in Venezuela saw his words.

Lizz Winstead took to Ronan Farrow Daily to complain that Jared Leto wasn’t proactive enough in dedicating his Oscar to Trans people all over the universe. According to leftists like Winstead, Leto is mandated to use his well deserved Oscar to beat us over the head with her pet cause of choice. The progressive left in this country has become so emboldened with an activist President that if an actor doesn’t seize on their moment to advance the progressive cause instead of thanking their loved ones, it’s a missed opportunity and a failure.

If the majority of the country is given even the slightest moment in their lives to sit down and relax for more than an hour without liberal media activists getting in their faces, the progressive left throws a virtual hissy fit over it. Giving an absorbing and completely immersive performance as a struggling Trans individual wasn’t enough. This is now the norm and it shocks them when there is any deviation away from it.

Which brings us to Matthew McConaughey.

Both sides of the political aisle are making a deal of Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech which strongly invoked his faith in God. But McConaughey’s speech is nothing out of the ordinary for most people who watch athlete’s accept awards and trophies multiple times a year from their living rooms. Why is Matthew McConaughey?invoking God in his thank you speech treated any differently than Lebron James or Ray Lewis? Jon Gabriel at Ricochet elaborated on this topic in more detail. Collective progressive media sighed and passed his speech off as overly indulgent. McConaughey’s speech was supposed to be about transexuals, people with aids and the evils of the Reagan Administration, not God. For a political party and ideology that spends inordinate amounts of time screaming about the wealthiest one percent of America, it sure seems like they feel they have to be constantly validated by millionaires in designer dresses and tuxedos.

Hard progressive media critics of McConaughey are certainly welcome to try and ignore or isolate him and his values. That’s going to be pretty tough. He’s on a roll that few actors are at the moment and his next major project is Interstellar, with Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight and Inception) ?which means it’s quite possible he could be up on that stage next year, thanking God again.

There is also caution in all of this. Hollywood casting aside Barack Obama is not a moment of clarity for an industry that routinely goes out of their way to ridicule half of their audience. Just because Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have broken up with Barack Obama doesn’t mean their Dogma regarding progressive activism or hypocrisy is going to change.?With Hollywood, as with all progressive media, the ideology cannot be made to fail.

The messenger can.

Big Hollywood may never move on from liberal commentary in films, but they have moved on from Barack Obama. Hollywood banks on feel good stories and heroic fairy tales (ready for Hillary!). They also bank on sequels. This sequel is turning out to be much more disastrous than anyone thought…Well almost anyone.

For the Hollywood fairy tale that is Barack Obama however, the credits have rolled.

– SM –

Everything is Awesome, For Barack Obama


Earlier this month while visiting Monticello with a French delegation that included socialist President François Hollande, President Obama was caught in a moment joking about breaking protocol to view the grounds, quipping, “That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want.” Forget the enormity of the irony; an American President joking at Thomas Jefferson’s home that rules don’t apply to him and give Obama the benefit of the doubt that this was just a casual line.

It was no different than a line Michael Douglas would say in The American President or Kevin Kline in Dave or Martin Sheen in The West Wing, and that’s exactly the point. Obama has become a President of good lines from movies but unable to act like a very real leader.

The reason for the uproar over comments like this from this President is because he never wastes an opportunity to show just how right the absurdness of the social media noise machine is. When Obama jokes about being able to do whatever he wants, then turns around and hits an HBO producer up at a State Dinner for advanced copies of television shows to get him through an extended weekend, how are we as a desperate electorate supposed to react? We tolerate the luxuries afforded to our leaders. Just don’t be a dick about it.

How is a world currently engulfed in flames of revolution supposed to react?

The problem for a President who makes any excuse to hit up a golf course or admits to watching tons of HBO?is there are still events in the world happening outside his windows. People are desperate for American leadership and can’t wait for the killer on True Detective to be revealed.

Nobody in Kiev is interested in the fallout of the Red Wedding.

Nobody in Venezuela cares about the fate of Zoe Barnes.

Obama and his administration can’t wait to inject themselves into pop culture as it suits their narratives. If Lego Movie is number one at the box office, the Secretary of State is referencing global warming to 3D movies. If the Super Bowl is trending on social media, out come the football analogies. Michelle Obama is on Jimmy Fallon’s new Tonight Show and Joe Biden on Seth Meyer’s follow up. Actors pushing health care that they themselves refuse to sign up for. What message does it send the world when cries for democracy in Ukraine and Venezuela are met with silence, but tweeting about a cable show is paramount?

house of cardsBarack Obama is the first President optimized for SEO and therein lies the problem. When #Venezuela and #Kiev are the top trends on Twitter for two days straight and not #HouseOfCards or #TrueDetective, the online persona machine that elected Barack Obama goes dark and resorts to a spam account selling us crappy insurance.

At the height of violence that erupted with both protests this past weekend, where was he? Hosting a Hollywood premiere style party for #GeorgeClooney and cast of his film #TheMonumentsMen, in private at the White House, simply because he could. Right now in Kiev, historical statues and art are being burned in front of the world. He was content to remain silent and watch a movie about it happening instead. The real world does not interest this President. The set design does.

@BarackObama (an account run by these people) can tweet about House of Cards Spoilers but can’t be bothered to tweet a statement condemning violence from the regimes in Kiev and Venezuela and sign it -bo. Meanwhile millions of people globally are captivated by the live streams and Hugoesque images of revolution.

If Barack Obama is going to be a viral President, he can’t simply sit out the events of the world as he chooses. The coming out announcement of a former college and future NFL football star cannot outweigh events that have captivated the entire world for two days and cost people their blood and lives.

The same goes for his complex of dying network media defenders. If Occupy Wall St. and their twisted logic deserve prime time coverage by NBC, CBS and ABC, why not pro democracy rallies happening simultaneously in two different corners of the world? Instead, we’re stuck with Sunday morning show hosts drooling over Kevin Spacey. The networks become no different than the governments of those nations instituting blackouts. The desperate attempt to remain relevant and cool is accompanied now by a heavy vacuum of leadership in exactly the one country on the Earth it can’t have one in.

This is the eventual dilemma with electing a President under the superstar celebrity, media driven premise that Barack Obama was. Remember in 2008, this was not about electing another American politician to the Presidency. This was a citizen of the world, drawing outdoor crowds of over 70,000 people. This was a transcendence, not an election.

Oprah cried.

Obama in berlinCandidate Obama stepped up in front of the world and told us that this was the time we all began to heal. All over the world the same nations that yesterday believed this mysterious Kryptonian figure, now ignore him for the thrill of a molotov cocktail. Nations all over the world have rejected his movie speeches of peace and prosperity for his more clear, instinctual desires of social upheaval.

Why is this President, elected because of a hope he promised in front of the world, so content to sit it out instead?

Is he bored? Does massive public upheaval not interest him if it does not serve his political ends? Does it remind him that everything is in fact, not awesome?

I wrote about this very thing?last August when riots escalated in Egypt and the Administration’s top officials were all on vacation except for Joe Biden, who was talking to a camel. I’m forced to raise it again because of the current calamities in the Ukraine and Venezuela and here the country is once again forced to reconcile a disinterested President, completely unengaged with the moment as it unfolds in front of the rest of us. Instead he’s focusing on the weather, truck fuel and George Clooney.

Once again, on opposite sides of the globe thousands of people took to the streets of their respective nations demanding change from the heavy handed governments they have been suffering under. Right between these two uprisings sits the United States, with a historical American President who has a Nobel Peace Prize sitting on his mantle collecting dust.

And he’s watching HBO.

Railing on about growing income inequality one day, while the next hosting a lavish State Dinner for an open socialist. Two men committed to taxing the success right out of their countries while celebrating their own in luxury, all while our media commanding us to #BOWDOWN?to the queen. Optics matter.

Flying to California to blame a drought on Global Warming right before spending the entire afternoon golfing in it, while also using a separate airliner to fly bills for him to sign, matters.

Remaining silent on casualties of uprisings not aligned with our President’s personal philosophies, matters. Thousands of people right now in Venezuela and Kiev are risking their lives – 140 characters at a time.

Barack Obama uses his Twitter account to talk about magnets.

His personal statement on Kiev finally came yesterday while visiting Mexico, warning the Ukrainian Government, “There will be consequences if people step over the line.” Four days after the violence had reached a zenith, resulting in the reported deaths of 25 people in Kiev and 9 in Venezuela.

What line exactly is left to be crossed Mr. President?

He’s content to ride the worst of these situations out until the very end when he issues his stern warning and then can claim credit for tempering the situation. Until then, hey Girls is on!

If these examples seem absurd, it’s because they are and no one should have to be making them, but over and over again, we are. Barack Obama went in front of the world and told it that he would heal it. Six years later, there is not a single corner of the Earth that is better off than when he spoke those words.

Not even Winterfell.

– SM –

kiveindepence squareFrom Reddit – Independence Square in Kiev before and after government clashes with protestors.