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The Hangover: Obama Loses His Cool

A great philosopher once said “There’s nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster.” Ok, that was Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. However, the aging hipster that occupies the Oval Office is certainly living up to that observation.?The Obama White House, in several desperate attempts, is shamelessly squeezing every last ounce of magical Hope and Change they have left in a final push to somehow make a health care law suddenly popular and attractive to young people who aren’t buying the gimmicks.

While Barack Obama goes on an internet and daytime TV tour, begging people to save his presidency and legacy, Rand Paul is getting standing ovations at UC Berkeley, Marco Rubio is speaking at Google and Ted Cruz is popping up in street art all over Los Angeles.

The contrast is striking and the times are changing.

interviedWhen Barack Obama appeared on Zach Galifianakis’ web show Between Two Ferns, it was hailed and applauded by Obama media loyalists as hilarious new ground and cutting edge. Almost immediately, administration members took to social media and Twitter to praise the success of clicks and views.

The only problem was over 3 million (15 million at present) immediate views didn’t translate to Obamacare enrollments. Only 19,000 people of those initial 3 million bothered to even go to the website. That doesn’t account for any enrollments that actually came from Obama’s appearance because the administration won’t release that data but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say 3 people.

Fans who love Galifianakis watched Obama, laughed, then they went to class, or work, or back to bed. The ones that did entertain the idea of enrolling in Obamacare went to healthcare.gov, saw that Obamacare isn’t free (as advertised), closed their browsers, went to class or work, or back to bed.

Obama can’t sell health care because he’s never sold anything. He can’t give anyone a reason to pay a couple hundred dollars for something that they might need.  Supply and demand, no different than Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street telling someone to sell him a pen.

Obama and his advisors think because Zach Galifianakis is funny and popular, that appearing with him will make Obama funny and popular and therefore they will run out and sign up for whatever he tells us to. The problem is Zach Galifianakis isn’t funny or popular because he promotes a complicated health insurance or the incoherent details of the law we’re all mandated to follow.

Galifianakis wasn’t the pitchman in that skit. The President who already lied to you about being able to keep your plan, period, was.

This has become the pattern with Barack Obama now. Six years ago it was cool when he went on The Ellen Show to dance and say “Elect me!”. Now he’s going on The Ellen Show to talk about how cool health insurance is and oh by the way, you may have to?give up your cell phone and cable to pay for it. This is a President who has always relied on media loyalists and celebrities to act as his credibility crutch. We’ve always been told how cool and competent Obama is by them and then when it comes time to enact actual policy and govern, Obama fails to demonstrate it himself. He simply delays it.

We tune in when Obama dances for us. We tune out when he asks us to fork over a couple hundred dollars for a new expense.

Celebrities are good at selling Obama. Obama can’t see his own policies. Perhaps Presidents of the past felt such displays were shameful to the office they held. Maybe they just believed they didn’t need to submit themselves to meme whoring to push their own ideas on the American people. Good presidents understand that good policy sells itself. They don’t walk out, do a dance, juggle and wait for the applause. The pay off often isn’t worth the risk of diminishing their capital. Except with Obama and the White House, which is his to do whatever he wants with and he cares more about looking cool than being President.

whgifsRight now on the official White House website, there is a campaign dedicated to gifs and memes coordinated around the start of the NCAA basketball tournament (Because filling out a bracket in front of the country apparently wasn’t enough this year).

Members of Obama’s digital media team even gloated at critics and “trolls” while making tasteless cat pun jokes. The only problem? None of the links to the healthcare.gov website, the only reason for this ridiculous campaign, worked. Several Twitter users alerted the same cackling hyenas to these mistakes but it took a Buzzfeed writer pointing out, hours after the launch, at how incompetent they were at buzzfeeding before the website links were fixed. Cat-tastrophe!

 The Obama Administration isn’t beholden to the same brand and marketing strategies as private business because there are no consequences for the creative decisions they make. They don’t have shareholders (taxpayers are inconsequential other than to generate tax dollars, wait “revenue”) to answer to. There is no requirement to ensure a return on investment with their tasteless campaigns. Some of the most brilliant advertising (the Geico lizard, Allstate Mayhem Man, etc…) is carefully designed to connect to the brand’s audience. Who is the audience for the appalling advertisements the Obama Administration has put out? 27 year olds kicked off their parent’s health care plan are now going to enroll in Obamacare because of a blinking cat?

At this rate it’s expected the Obama administration is going to release photoshop memes exploiting missing flight MH 370 with the text “Get on board before it vanishes on March 31st!”marketingquote2

This is why during the last Presidential election, Mitt Romney was ridiculed for his remarks regarding Putin and Russia, while Obama was applauded for focusing on binders and Big Bird, because social media dictated his campaign’s messaging. Not events happening in the world. His advisors have tried to replicate that same kind of presidency, one that is dictated by social media trends and pop culture. Except there is no twerking gif, or funny webisode that will give people their doctor or their premium back, just as LeBron James isn’t going to prevent Vladimir Putin from expanding his power into other sovereign nations.

Leaders around the world like Vladimir Putin don’t “rspect” Funny or Die. They laugh at it with everyone else and then instead of closing their web browser, they invade countries unimpeded. Countries like Israel see Obama filling out an NCAA bracket on TV and?throw their arms up.

What’s completely lost on this administration is that athletes, movie stars and talk show hosts aren’t the ones that will sign up for Obamacare and be forced to pay a premium they can no longer afford. LeBron James won’t enroll in Obamacare when he blows a knee out and neither will Jonah Hill’s mom. Obama is enlisting everyone to sell his healthcare law that won’t be affected by it in the slightest. There are no doctors, nurses, health administrators or stay-at- home moms selling Obamacare.

Because those people, while infinitely more important to the success of our healthcare system, aren’t cool. Obama isn’t desperately clinging to health experts to sell his image, he’s clinging to the people that used to write his slogans on their hands.



cruz posterRand Paul took his anti-NSA, anti-Obama message into the den of progressive civil liberties; Berkeley.

While Barack Obama is telling college students to give up their cell phones to pay for healthcare, Rand Paul is telling them to pay attention to their phone more than ever, as the whistleblower mythology of Edward Snowden grows larger among them.

The timing couldn’t be better, with beloved San Francisco icon Senator Diane Feinstein beginning to wage all out war against the CIA and NSA for allegedly spying on her own computers.

On the opposite coast, the featured image in this post?of the name “Snowden” spray painted and?juxtaposed with one of many stencil Lincolns was taken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which like UC Berkeley is not exactly the conservative hotbed of cultural relevance.

Marco Rubio took his pro-growth messaging to Google.

Last week posters of a tattooed and smoking Ted Cruz were plastered all over LA Streets. Breitbart.com was the first to pick up the story but the news soon spread around Twitter to the point where progressive news outlets like ABC News were forced to report on them?

The response was overwhelming and Cruz himself responded to the caricature?on Twitter and even signed a copy. It was revealed that conservative political street artist Sabo was the culprit behind the work.

The people that Barack Obama is trying to reach with twerking gifs, the rebellion wing of the GOP is reaching with Google, graffiti and tattoos.

The rebellion wing of the GOP doesn’t need to position themselves as the party of answers and solutions, yet. They should continue to build the “badass” brand of opposition to pandering tweets and Obama digital memes with YOLO in them. Embrace the image that Barack Obama himself is crafting for them.

As “Obamacare enrollments” (subject to actual payment data which the administration won’t release and the press won’t ask about) move at a sluggish pace, magically hitting 5 million with zero evidence to back up administration claims, and the amount of money spent on ad campaigns as it relates to enrollment returns skyrockets, the country is no doubt suffering from Obama fatigue. They want the product to work or to go away. Obama himself is suffering from the hangover of an increasingly unpopular and disastrous health care law that no amount of late show appearances can beat back.

Barack Obama can either be the cool celebrity hanging out with comedians and appearing on ESPN to make basketball picks or he can be the President sitting on a 40% approval rating and the face of a mandated law that has hurt millions of Americans or has been flat out ignored by the rest.

He was elected to be only one of those things.

– SM –

Randolution: The Peoples Choice, For Now.

Engaging in any speculation of the 2016 presidential election is, for the most part, theater of the absurd. It keeps the media busy and preoccupied from focusing on their exhausted fad and current occupant of the Oval Office. On January 20th, 2017, a new President will take the Oath of Office and on January 21st the media will start pontificating on who the front runners are for each party in 2022. At this point in George W. Bush’s second term, Barack Obama was a still ?largely unknown outside of Bill Ayers’ living room.

However, something of note is happening right under the feet of the RNC and their massive rebranding effort that have larger implications then just the election in 2016. The party is being rebranded and they seemingly aren’t even aware of it.

This was evident this past weekend at CPAC 2014 (Conservative Political Action Conference) when Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky took the stage. This is certainly not an endorsement (no one should be tied by blood to anyone at this point), just an observation of the landscape a new generation of young conservatives is crafting. The waves Paul is making among? youth of all political parties have been growing for some time. Now they are becoming undeniable.


The RNC had better be paying attention. They claim to want to attract more youth voters. They should then listen to what they cheer for the most. They claim to want more minority voters. Look at what even the most ardent media critics with disdain for the GOP are saying. The RNC is taking giant steps to reach voters, finally catching up to Team Chicago on data mining. The question has to then become how to keep them?

Rand Paul thinks he has the answers. Young people crave rebellion. It’s in their DNA and they don’t care what political party that person stands for when they feel it, see it and most importantly hear it.

The only person they are hearing it from at this moment is Paul.

Marco Rubio is the best young conservative speaker since Ronald Reagan and is beginning to branch out but sweeping generalities don’t win elections at the moment in time that they are held, the issues at hand do. For all of the soaring grandiloquence?Barack Obama bellowed out in 2008, it was the financial crisis and the suspension of the McCain campaign that swept him into office.?There must be more than soaring rhetoric after 10 years of empty soaring rhetoric.

Rick Perry can cheer on a good old-fashioned Rebellion, but when anyone under the age of 30 sees Rick Perry in hipster glasses, they see a walking Cialis commercial and a return to Michael Bay-style politics of nuke first and ask later.

Scott Walker has the bruises, the record and the conservative appeal but whether or not it plays nationally is a mystery, as well as his intentions.

Chris Christie still has bridge issues and he will until the year 2038 (Ready For Chelsea!) if MSNBC has their way.


Ted Cruz has a firm grip on the hardcore base but not the support of the entrenched overall party. That doesn’t mean it’s fair and it’s not an excuse but that makes it hard to raise money and convince donors. The most personable Ted Cruz ever got was when he appeared on The Tonight show which allowed to him to show the country he was not the simple caricature?the media was making him out to be. He has proven himself an able and charismatic warrior but the question has to be asked is if he is ready or will he be pushed into a race before his time by a base frothing at the mouth for a Sarah Palin replacement.

The only person reaching into the deep well of conservative and libertarian youth at this moment in time is Rand Paul. But nothing Rand Paul is saying is unique to Rand Paul. Everyone remembers Rand Paul’s filibuster but what no one talks about is who joined him.

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

The RNC has to start listening to the applause and the GOP has to start paying attention to the crowds. None of the issues Rand Paul is addressing are issues that buck conservative and constitutional philosophies. It’s because he is the only one addressing them that the crowds flock.

The GOP can get behind Paul’s mandatory minimum sentencing legislation. This is the single most important policy change in decades for minorities regarding Republicans and one that would open the floodgates for minority voters and especially minority young voters. Not Amnesty. Reaching out to black communities doesn’t mean just telling them to work hard. It means showing them that someone is looking out for them when they enter an economy and a system that they already feel is rigged against them. They have been betrayed by Barack Obama’s great promises. Paul’s mandatory minimum legislation will do more for black communities than any single policy of Barack Obama’s in six years. This is the kind of forward thinking young people want and that makes progressive network media nervous, because they know they can’t oppose it.

The same goes for legalization of marijuana. In the same CPAC straw poll that crowned Rand Paul the people’s choice, an overwhelming amount of CPAC’ers voted in favor of legalization. If Marco Rubio can get behind Public Enemy, he can get behind this or at least not oppose it in overwhelming fashion and leave it as an issue for the States.


The entire party can pick up the issue of NSA domestic spying. The GOP, for all their posturing about the being the party of the Constitution, has remained largely silent on our privacy rights guaranteed under the 4th Amendment. There is a youth base out there that watches The Daily Show and Jimmy Fallon and reads Upworthy and Buzzfeed and also owns a cell phone that is being monitored by Barack Obama’s NSA. That’s right, Barack Obama’s NSA. Say it again and repeat it often.

It’s a slam dunk.

This issue is untouchable for the Democrat Party. To go against NSA spying would be rejecting Barack Obama. As of now they are not a party willing to do so. However, sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, when a 70-year-old Hillary Clinton is lagging behind with youth voters and college students, expect the loyalist media to?plant the idea of pardoning of hacker hero Edward Snowden in Obama’s head at the benefit of her. This is why jumping on this issue now and owning it is imperative.

The only potential candidate willing to explicitly address NSA domestic spying is Paul. Why are so many voices on the deep bench of Republican hopefuls quiet on this? Why can’t Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or a handful of Governors of independent states, articulate the illegalities of a massive dragnet of surveillance of Americans is unconstitutional? Rubio would certainly be better than Paul at doing so. The silence of the GOP on this equals compliance in the minds of young voters. That is why Rand Paul’s line at CPAC, ?You may think I’m talking about electing Republicans, I’m not. I’m talking about electing lovers of liberty? resonated with so many in the audience and not boos. Revolution is more attractive to youth voters right now than Conservative rhetoric, because they have no idea what modern Conservatism actually ?is.

paul daily show

When Rand Paul speaks of Madison and the Constitution, people can smell gunpowder. They hear taps. When Rand Paul speaks of rebellion, people believe it, because they watched it happen already. They watched a Senator from Kentucky stand up for 13 hours and recite our?inalienable rights?to a President who feels he can drone any human being he feels like off the face of the Earth – Even those born under the country that elected him.?It’s doubtful that anyone has stood up to Barack Obama for 13 hours on anything in his entire life.??Voters who at the time of Barack Obama’s emancipation were 12-14 years old are now blooming into the defiance stages of their lives.

To them Barack Obama has always been the authority and Rand Paul is the most prominent face standing up to him. Gestures like the grandstanding on the Senate floor or suing the office of President, as ?symbolic as they only may be, resonate. The idea of an electoral revolution is palpable and Paul knows it. He knows when to pick his battles and with whom. He’s the only voice putting Bill Clinton in his rightful place in the war on women, a war the Democrat party will magnify tenfold in the coming two years. He pegged Hillary Clinton on arms trafficking through a consulate in Benghazi, long before reports surfaced. Good political instincts don’t assure Paul the Republican nomination. It doesn’t even mean he’s going to run (he is) but at the very least he’s showing the GOP where the fight can and should be. The crowds cheer for Rand Paul because GOP leadership gives them nothing to cheer about.

The Democrat party finds themselves defending very unpopular ideas all of a sudden. Obamacare, the NSA and the IRS (something both Paul and Cruz are in favor of abolishing altogether). Big government imposing it’s executive will with a phone and pen on a people, born free and protected by a founding document. This will become painfully evident to them in 2014 and Rand Paul will be right there reciting The Federalist Papers. Progressive media might roll their eyes at recollections of revolution. The new millennials thus far, are not.

Between now and 2016 there is going to be a passionate fight for the soul of the GOP. It’s already started. This is a good thing. Voters watching the theater unfold before them don’t want the docile unity of complicit group-think. Not this time. They want a street fight and for the strongest person to come out of it. What currently sets Rand Paul apart from the other potentials, and the GOP at large, is that he is actively recruiting a youth army to stand with him.

And they are ready to march.




– SM –


Just Be Joe: How he wins 2016

Hi Joe,

Can I call you Joe? Okay, Joey it is.

Listen, I’ll try to make this brief as I know you are short on attention span. Look, we’ve been here less than a minute and you’re already counting the seconds until you can play some more Flappy Bird..Oh… Oh you didn’t know.. Yeah no more Flappy Bird… Joey don’t cry. Come on.

Joey, focus.

This is important. It’s about your future. Yes, your future as the next President.

I saw you on the tv last week playing on the real life size choo-choo train, just like the one you have in your room, only bigger! You looked so happy, pushing all those buttons and playing conductor. You made us all so proud. You also told the nice lady with the microphone that you really want to be President. In fact that you can’t think of a good reason NOT to run for President. Neither can I.

But we have a problem. These field trips will be coming to an end soon.

See Joey, your friend Barack, whom you spoke so tall about at the convention circus in 2012 and your former friend Hillary are making other plans and those plans don’t involve you. In fact, the entire Democrat party, to whom you’ve dedicated almost half of your life promoting, defending and playing nice with are also making plans with Barack for Hillary. They are planning a great big party with balloons, confetti, parades and Santa Claus.

And you’re not invited to this party. I know Joey… I know you are.

I would be upset too. But you shouldn’t listen to them. They are just people who have used you as either assassination insurance or a photo op to further their own personal legacies and none of those people are a heartbeat away from being President like you are. So cheer up! You are the Vice President of The United States of America. That’s right you are! That should be you everyone is getting “ready” for. You’ve earned this. You have played the loyal friend and comrade to Barack for 7 years now. You are the Lennie to his George. You’ve gotten first hand experience on how an expert runs everything from the economy to healthcare. But your friend Barack is getting ready to turn you into the Fredo Corleone of the DNC Family. You don’t deserve to just be cast aside, overlooked and taken for a metaphorical boat ride. It’s time to start looking out for Numero Uno.. No, not the card game Joey. Pay attention. I’m going to tell you how you can become the President or at least come in a distant second behind a generic Republican. I know this isn’t just some Buzzfeed-like list with cat gifs and Saved By The Bell pictures..Yes Mr. Belding was my favorite also. Just bear with me. This will be easier than counting cards with Tom Cruise in Vegas. I promise.

So here goes.

joe-biden-recommends-buying-a-shotgun-when-an-earthquake-strikesWhen you hosted a Google+ hang out and told people to run out and buy a shotgun, that’s exactly what Aaron Alexis, Karl Pierson and Darion Aguilar did. The country needs a President guy who connects with people again, just as you did in those situations. People respect and listen to you. When you tell someone to do something. They do it.

You have shown that you have special skills necessary to communicate with people on the most basic levels. Much like how whales communicate with stomach bellows or the South American Tapir with nasal whistles. You have the lovable every man qualities of Homer Simpson but with the quick wit and instincts of Forrest Gump. What most people consider to be failures of all basic cognizant brain functions, our media considers to just be lovable goofs on your part. You have a hands on way of doing things. A very, very hands on way of doing things.

You’ve also managed to somehow remain completely in the closet and secluded from Barack’s scandals, probably because you were literally locked in a closet. But all those hours in the dark waiting to be found were a good thing. A beneficial thing for you. Americans aren’t going to want to vote for someone associated with 8 years of the IRS, NSA Spying, Obamacare or Benghazi, which brings us to our next point:

hillary2This is as not as a formidable problem as people around you and the media are making it out to be. Hillary is expecting you to step aside and be her waterboy as she ascends to the rightful nomination of your party. Yes YOUR party, Joey. But Hillary has a couple problems which you can easily capitalize on.

Like Benghazi.

For 18 months we still don’t have the full story about what happened when our Embassy in Benghazi was burned down on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on our nation. We have Barack on record saying it was a video. We have Hillary on record saying it was a video (Also that it doesn’t make a difference anyway) but no explanation from you. No incredulous excuses about not reading cables, or lack of security or preparedness or You Tube video makers.

No one is asking where Joe Biden was on the night of September 11th, 2012 and what orders he gave.

You have wisely and surprisingly managed to distance yourself as far away from this as humanly possible and for the most part so has your friend Hillary. But she can’t ignore the consequences of that night and an Ambassador being killed on her watch forever. Eventually, some time in the early Spring of 2016, there will be a debate, or several debates, and during these debates Benghazi will be raised.

When Hillary’s friend, debate moderator and?This Week host, George Snuffleupagus attempts to throw his old boss a lifeline, your answer is simple;

benghazi quote

Game. Set. Match.

Or as you noted above…UNO!

You now have accomplished two goals. You have irreparably damaged Hillary’s nomination chances (at least until Chelsea 2028) and forced Barack, a man less qualified than you, to either admit to his own unanswered absence that night or endorse your comment by agreeing that he was with you in the situation room or hiding under the bed in the residence. For the rest of those debates just laugh like a crazy madman or bark like a dog and the media will do the rest, just like 2012.

policyFixing Obamacare won’t be your strong suite but that’s okay because by January 20th, 2017, no one will have healthcare anyway. Also you somehow miraculously managed to stay away from the line “You can keep your healthcare plan, period”. In fact, the only time you’ve ever really gone on record about Obamacare is when you called it a “Big Fucking Deal.” Politifact rating: Mostly True.

So you’re probably in the clear. More so than some people we won’t mention again


an_ass_and_a_camelBut let’s face it. Your real expertise is foreign policy. You sat at the head of the Foreign Relations Committee and at the time recommended that instead of a great troop surge, that the country of Iraq be broken up into three separate states based on religion, which eight years ago sounded completely insane but now looks fairly reasonable. Sure you voted against the first Gulf War in 1991 but you voted for the second one in 2002, so those votes cancel themselves out.

Thanks to your friend Barack losing the Iraqi city of Fallujah to Al Qaeda insurgents, not to mention the whole nations of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria and in three years time Turkey and just guesstimating here but probably the entire continent of Africa and LaGuardia Airport, our challenges will be uniquely suited to your comprehension level of expertise.

Really, who else will be able to rebuild our relationship with long time ally Iran, which George W. Bush destroyed. Also by allowing them to park warships off the United States Eastern seaboard, you will now have extra security against the threat of Israel. Barack is basically teeing up relationships all around the world for you to swoop in and take command of and finish off. All Hillary has is a dead ambassador and a Russian “Recharge” button.

So you see Joey, despite everything your party is telling you, you are not Fredo. You are not just some goofy guy wandering the halls of the White House looking for your baseball. You have brilliantly shielded yourself from all of Barack’s scandals. You have worked your way up to this moment. You have the support of the unions and were a pioneer on gay marriage

It doesn’t matter how or why you stumbled into the Vice Presidency. All that matters is that you’re there, and you’ve earned the rightful place that Barack and Hillary and their loyal mob of media guards are all now trying to deny you. They are practically begging you not to complicate things but it’s your patriotic duty to complicate things.

Run Joey Run.

Listen to your gut, your heart and most importantly, your brain.



– SM –


The United States of Philip Seymour Hoffman



In Synecdoche New York, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a tortured playwright, whom in order to deal with his painful demons of heartbreak and  physical debilitation, constructs a life size replica model of New York City in a warehouse and hires actors to play the parts of his loves and friends. It’s taking the art of make believe and self examination and making it as visceral as possible. Unfortunately for Hoffman, the possibility of recreating Oz around you to shelter pain, heartbreak and addiction does not exist outside of the imagination. Hoffman died of a suspected heroin overdose this past Sunday in his New York City apartment; reportedly with Needle in arm.

This wasn’t news that was too terribly shocking for anyone that followed his career. He had just recently checked into rehab for relapsing into substance abuse problems he faced at a young age. The question for his peers in his life and in his industry should be when did it become too late to stop him and why did nobody try.

We as a country and as a culture are headed down a very similar path and fate as Hoffman. We have become a country of addiction.

Addiction to vices, addiction to fame, addiction to celebrity and addiction to government, an idea I touched on just two weeks ago on 405 Radio’s The Wrap with Bruce Carroll and Amy Otto.

Enabled by a Democrat party and a President content to watch the country slide further out of private sector economic stability, the United States stands on a dangerous precipice that drug addicts themselves face; complete dependence on a synthetic mixture of factors that if left untreated, will kill.

Once someone is hooked it’s almost impossible to get them off of it. This is what Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrat party are counting on.

Earlier this week, the CBO released a report that should, for all intents and purposes put the nail in the coffin of the disastrous, job killing Obamacare law. Because of effects of the Affordable Care Act on employer insurance, the CBO projected over two million people will either leave their job, have their hours reduced or quit looking for employment altogether by the year 2021. This is triple of previous estimates. This analysis is devastating to an already stagnant private sector economy. By now it’s become evident that the explanations for passing the Affordable Care Act Barack Obama gave to voters were outright lies. Cheaper health coverage and available to all. It has been and is projected to be nothing less than catastrophic.

To Barack Obama and Harry Reid, it’s bliss.

Time to shoot up.

Obamacare will give people freedom and “now be able to leave those jobs or choose to work fewer hours than they otherwise would have.” according to the NY Times editorial board. Unemployment is to become a luxury and now allow people, federally subsidized by Obamacare to follow their ethereal calling.

Harry Reid applauded the report saying “It allows people to get out of a job they’re locked into, because of they have healthcare in their job”Over 2 million people being encouraged by Barack Obama and his dealers in the media to quit their jobs in favor of more government dependence. Do people in the WTAE report posted above seem relieved? The idea of “free agency” terrified them.

huffpost tweetsEditors at The Huffington Post quickly formed a defensive phalanx over the CBO’s report with Sam Stein spearheading the efforts. Less people in the workforce is great news. People have been forced to wear the shackles of full time employment and now because of Barack Obama and his signature legislation, they are liberated, despite the testimony of CBO director Dough Elmondorf stating the contrary.

What must be understood about Sam Stein, The NY Times and others making the “liberation from job-lock” argument is not because they believe it.?They are making this argument because it’s the argument Barack Obama wants them to make. It’s that simple.

You are now free. You have been freed from providing food for yourself. You’re not alone. 47 million people on EBT food stamps. Shoot up.

You are free from the stress of looking for a job due to chronic long term unemployment extensions Barack Obama keeps encouraging. Shoot up.

Can’t pay your phone bill? No problem, here’s an Obamaphone. Shoot up

Want birth control paid for? No problem. Shoot up.

You are free from keeping the healthcare plan you wanted and were promised to keep, and are now free from the employer who was only holding you back. An entire lifestyle subsidized by taxpayers and encouraged by the President of the United States, all the time being told you are empowered. It doesn’t matter if the CBO report states that Obamacare discourages people to remain in the workforce.?Shoot up.

Now you’re hooked. Now you’re addicted. Now you’re dependent.

And now you’re broken.

Untitled-194 million people out of the workforce with only government benefits as a means of practical survival. Permanent dependence. For anyone sober enough to see it, this falls right into the inequality Cloward-Piven re-branding strategy of the Democrat party.

Democrats need a country of addiction because addiction ultimately leads to dependence. When people become dependent, they become apathetic. When people such as Barack Obama feed off the apathy of an economically weary people, they begin to believe it. People begin to believe all they are worth is a middle class job or if that’s not available, a government issued check.

It becomes a high. The idea that the country as constructed for hundreds of years isn’t fair and that the ability to lift yourself up was only reserved to the born lucky few and only the President is looking out for your well being. Not your employer, not your family and not your friends.

Permanent government addiction.

Only your dealer loves you and understands your pain. Shoot up. You don’t need a job. You don’t need your dreams. You don’t need your independence. You have Barack Obama, Harry Reid and a government issued lifestyle. That’s all you really need to feel good.

Shoot up.

Get enough people addicted and dependent and you’ll never go out of business. They will never stop voting for you. Even if people in their hearts want to work, what would the point be if every week benefits are dumped onto a government issued EBT card or debit card that can afford you a lifestyle.

It’s much easier than working. Getting high is much easier than getting clean.

In pushing this new lifestyle of dependence, Harry Reid and Barack Obama are attempting to turn the GOP into the friend that harshes you mellow, or the asshole dad that keeps bugging you to get a job. Nobody likes that dad and no one especially likes that dad when he threatens to cut off your allowance. Apathy becomes the easy choice on voting ballots, despite their political ideology. Barack Obama knows this.

This is why the policies of the current Democrat party and Barack Obama should be addressed no differently than a heroin addict, because it’s going to be near impossible to treat them otherwise by 2020. People who have experience with treatment know this will not be pleasant. Addicts become confrontational, withdrawn and sometimes violent and that’s exactly what the Democrat party is counting on.

The country needs an intervention.

There are too many talented people withering away at the hand of the policies of the current drug dealing regime. People at the heights of their talents. People in the golden age of their earning power, just as Hoffman was. Unfortunately he was consumed by a habit, and those around him were seemingly apathetic to his own choices. He exercised his demons as he saw fit and he paid for it with his life.

Our addiction, perpetrated by Barack Obama’s signature legislation is getting worse and once it consumes us, there won’t be a warehouse big enough to replicate the country as it once was.

– SM –

Cover photo credit Victoria Will/Invision,
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Street Fight: Hillary Gears Up

When John Podesta, a notorious Clinton acolyte (think of him as Bill’s personal Rham) was brought into the Obama White House earlier in December we were told this was to shake things up and bring a fresh new tone to a flailing administration’s embarrassing and unpopular messaging as of late. He was an outsider in a room with one of the tightest inner circles in Presidential History and was there to offer ideas to Barack Obama he may not normally get from a corporate real estate agent or ACLU attorney.

Except that’s not why John Podesta was brought into that Oval Office in-particular at all.

After remaining mostly dormant for a year, giving sporadic speeches to private friendly gatherings where independent press were forcefully shut out, the press machine surrounding Madame Hillary fired up last week. So it begins. In the span of seven days we were treated to the beginning of Hillapalooza 2014, courtesy of Ron Fournier, a preening Huffington Post home splash and Barbara Walter’s ever so prestigious, Person of the Year. Never mind the fact that Hillary wasn’t even the most interesting Clinton this year.

Get used to it.

With CNN and NBC announcing films and documentaries, 2013 was the year where progressive media were attempting to slightly nudge us all toward the eventual inevitability of Hillary Clinton. 2014 is going to be the year they all go to ludicrous speed. The only problem for them is they’ve all tried this act once before. They tried it with success in 2000 and without it in 2004 and 2008. The progressive wing of mainstream media has been pushing Hillary Clinton on this country before her husband left the White House and during these past 15 years she has been aging away.

Sitting back and thinking the media will do enough to coronate her has never been enough and won’t be enough in 2016. Clinton’s team knows this.

hillaryartTeam Hillary is already adopting the same franchise building model professional sports teams implement. Look at what the people who win are doing and emulate it. Clinton knows that in order to have any measure of success, including fending off challengers from her own party of the activist left (Elizabeth Warren) she is going to have to adapt and then adopt the practices of the person that defeated her.

Barack Obama.

This doesn’t just include policy shifts. This includes modernizing and overhauling an image in social and web media.

Tapping into the same Obama design team, the goal is to appeal to a disenfranchised, radicalized, youth burned out on the idea of another modern icon of big government. The “independent” PAC Ready For Hillary has already brought on lead members of Organizing For America’s digital data mining team. Their goal is to have a foundation already built and ready to transfer over to her campaign team in 2015. But the most important thing that Team Hillary is going to adopt is the language of Barack Obama.

Enter John Podesta.

The rocky relationship between Barack Obama and the Clintons is widely known as being always two steps shy of a Maury Povich green room but it’s a relationship that has existed out of necessity and legacy. Bill Clinton does not campaign on behalf of Barack Obama out of some deep seeded friendship and John Podesta does not just get plucked randomly to suddenly sit on a perch in an Obama Oval Office.

Podesta’s last job for Barack Obama was acting as co-chairman of the Obama/Biden transition team into the White House in 2008. His new role is to be a chosen liaison to not only help lay a foundation for a rightful ascendance, in 2016, but to help keep team Hillary informed and up to speed about the inner most workings of the Obama White House. A White House that has been incredibly successful in demonizing and marginalizing all opposition.

The Clintons have always been ruthless in the back rooms. Podesta is there to teach them how to fight in the street using the tactics and knowledge given to him first hand by Barack Obama’s most intimate warriors. This is why he compared the GOP to a murderous cult just last week to Politico Magazine.

podesta quoate

Podesta issued an apology on Twitter, which was rightfully rebuked by John Boehner’s office because they know this is exactly what John Podesta thinks. What was most striking however was that this language was coming from someone who cut their teeth with the savvy Clintons and not typically known for using the blunt force trauma tactics of the Obamas.

This is the new tone.

Count on more soundbites like this coming from Clinton’s corner and expect Hillary to begin adopting Obama’s populist language of fairness long before the press has a chance to clamor any louder for someone to challenge her from the left, namely Elizabeth Warren. Clinton knows how Barack Obama beat her once before and has no plans to let a parrot like Warren swoop in again. She’s putting the hood over that cage.
Hillary Tweet
Besides John Podesta, the Obama administration already has key Clinton loyalists already in place to ensure a pain free enthronement. Former Secretary of State Clinton adviser Jake Sullivan, who currently holds that position with Joe Biden is expected to slide right into a national security adviser role with a Clinton presidency.

The Obama administration and a loyal PAC are doing its part to lay a smooth foundation for a newly crowned Hillary. How Hillary adapts to the street fighting campaign ways of Barack Obama remains to be seen but she knows, and her 20 year media following know this is it. Hillary never inspired a cult like devotion the way Obama did nor was she ever as popular while on a national campaign, hence the reason Barack Obama was able to challenge her machine in the first place. Obama defeated Hillary by tapping into the progressive obsession with mythical saviors. With every Buzzfeed faint inducing fanboy tweet, or every Shepherd Fairey imitation poster and every progressive network talking head screaming “It’s just time for a woman!”, those traits will become more evident.

What the GOP needs to realize is the more Hillary Clinton takes on the traits of Barack Obama, she will also be forced to take on his baggage. But simply presenting a handful of candidates to the country and saying “4 more years of Barack Obama” throughout a lengthy primary will not be enough. They need to understand, as they have failed to do so the past two elections, that this is a new game with new rules. Actually with no rules at all. Hillary will be a new candidate who will still rely on the press sheltering her fragile image?but will now be using every tactic her former rival, boss, mentor and soon to be campaign partner has taught her. Alinksy 101 in a pantsuit with the goal of bludgeoning the country into submission and accept the inevitability of it all, elections be damned.

If a 70 year old Hillary makes it through what’s sure to be a mesmerizing primary fight (Hello, Joe Biden), the gloves must come off. Nothing can be off the table. Not Monica, not Hillarycare, not Benghazi. A Clinton, someone who the GOP has never beaten, is going to take on the pop culture carpet bombing tactics of an Obama, someone else the GOP has never beaten.

Fortunately a politician, from the streets of Chicago has given the GOP the blueprint on how to beat her. The question is if the GOP itself is willing to become what Hillary Clinton is already becoming.

– SM-

YOUTH REVOLT: The Rise of the Counterculture Conservative


Rebellion is not controlled by political parties. It’s built in human nature. The natural urge to push back against ‘authoritah’. The problem for someone like Barack Obama in the arena of political governance in accepting the cultural standard bearing of what cool and relevant is, ultimately he is going to have to come to terms with the same rules of cultural fads as anyone else like movie stars or pop singers.

People will move on. Fads will die.

This explains this recent past ongoing progressive obsession with JFK on the heels of Barack Obama’s failed Healthcare roll-out. He was never given a chance to become old, uncool or unwelcome. He never was really given a chance to betray the image he was elected on in the eyes of the people that elected him. JFK is the Democrat party’s Kurt Cobain.

Young people eventually grow out of and even ridicule pop stars they once had plastered on their bedroom walls, like a snake shedding its own skin and then eating it. That’s exactly the precipice Barack Obama and the Democrat party find themselves on right now.

They are the old poster on the wall.

There is a cultural sea change happening and it’s not just happening online or on message boards. Rebellion against Barack Obama is becoming cool and it’s not because of any idea put forward by conservatives or GOP policy. The question that remains is if older generations of conservatives are willing to cede the social narrative of a younger generation burned out on Hope posters and intolerant of their phones being monitored and being taxed for not buying a health insurance plan they didn’t sign up for.

The answer is they might not have a choice.

Without delving too deeply into a distant 2016 Presidential race, the GOP’s bench of possibles is stacked with youth. The Democrat lineup is old, worn and could possibly be relying on a 70 year old woman who actor Matt Damon once hypothesized would have a one in three chance of not even surviving her first term. It should go without saying that the youth vote is essential in 2016. More essential than in 2008 even because young voters won’t be looking for another person who can simply string together buzzwords and platitudes through a teleprompter and reverb. In 2004, the Democrat party was left for dead and looking for a message. A war weary country hounded daily by a progressive media complex was sold a phony message of hope. This phony message won’t sell again.

Swings like this don’t happen from arguing ideologues on both sides in social media. It’s the completely natural shift in culturnomics. The natural instinct to gravitate toward the alternative of whomever is in power.

And it’s already happening. It’s happening in television, art, fashion and even in video games.

Ron Swanson Educates A Young Individual On Government from Benjamin Grant Bartholomew on Vimeo.

The most recognizable if not the overall most quotable character in TV sitcoms is none other than the tax hating Libertarian Ron Swanson of NBC’s Parks & Recreation. Swanson is a throwback to the Teddy Roosevelt Conservative whose popularity has grown beyond the weekly NBC time slot and is littered in gifs and memes over Tumblr and Pinterest posts, despite the writers trying to craft Swanson as the cliched punchline of the show, similar to Dwight Schrute, who incidentally also seems to be over this President’s antics. More young voters are learning about Conservatism and Libertarianism from Ron Swanson than anyone in the GOP has put forward.

This past October, Forever 21 released a shirt with the quote “The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.” from none other than counter culture Libertarian idol Ayn Rand. Was the company aware of the meaning or the origin? Who knows. The shirt was quickly pulled from shelves when web media was alerted but the experiment is fascinating. Somebody in Forever 21’s marketing department obviously thought this was an empowering message they could sell to young people.

Gone are the faded distressed screen printed images of soviet lite pop art.


Grand Theft Auto V became the the highest selling video game of all time and the first to pass the billion dollar sales mark, grossing $800 million on its first day. The game features the ability to play as three different characters driving, flying and running around a mock Los Angeles causing unimaginable mayhem and havoc with a built in story that rivals Michael Mann’s crime saga Heat. GTA as a series has always had its conservative detractors for its overuse of ultra violence, sex and drug dealing story-lines but the game has grown immensely in creating a satirical universe that lampoons the celebrity and political saturation of our own culture on all sides of the aisle.

Enter protagonist Trevor Phillips (voiced and motion capped by actor Steven Ogg). Trevor is a psychotic profanity spewing ticking time bomb of unpredictable brutality. He’s the absolute culmination of everything Grand Theft Auto; playing as a character that horrifies the gamer while also making them laugh hysterically. He’s everything someone would love and hate about say a young manic Jack Nicholson and is the most popular character in the game, if not any major game in recent memory. There are innumerable ?videos on You Tube and memes on Reddit honoring his antics. Trevor also happens to be wildly, unabashedly Conservative. He believes in freedom of entrepreneurship, the elimination of unions and their representatives, limited government and strong border security. He is also unquestionably principled and loyal to his friends even at the expense of his sidekick who is convinced of big bother and chem trails. It was enough to drive Ed Shultz even further off the deep end of sanity.

Because of the success of GTA V, gamers can no longer be written off as a basement dwelling subculture the way they could when they were busy sharing tactics on 4Chan message boards, worshiping Shephard Fairey and wearing Guy Fawkes masks and they certainly should not be written off by Conservatives. No one on the right has to admire a cult figure like say Julian Assange. You don’t have to agree with his politics or tactics but Assange has a rabid, devoted following. A fringe disenfranchised with 4th amendment abuses and the policies of droning-at-will. When Julian Assange says someone on the right is the only hope for American politics, his followers listen. So should conservatives. This is not a movement clamoring to line up and vote for Hillary Clinton, this is a movement asking to be led.

The Democrats are going to be stuck trying to energize a disengaged youth culture that is watching Ashton Kutchner talk about hard work and Carrie Underwood making fun of Obamacare to thunderous applause while pushing the hip credentials of a senior citizen.

Good luck.

libertarian-graffitiThese are all examples of themes quietly bubbling up and into the mainstream culture not necessarily because of anything Conservatives or Libertarians are saying, but simply because Barack Obama’s message is becoming tiresome, like a losing sports team tuning out a coach because they know next season they will get to have a say in his replacement.

This is why young people on the right don’t get offended when a 74 year old Harry Reid or a 73 year old Nancy Pelosi calls us Anarchists for opposing the massive growth of and overreach of the Federal Government. They appear as every bad “Get off my lawn” cliche imaginable, the people who don’t go out past 5:00 pm because they’re afraid teenage lycan hybrids will track him down and eat them.

These examples aren’t about culture embracing a new found conservatism. It should be more conservatives embracing the culture of anti liberalism. The question is if the GOP has the bravery to step out of the way of it.

Millennials coming to terms with the broken promises of Barack Obama aren’t necessarily looking to the GOP for an alternative answer the way they turned to Ronald Reagan, but they might be looking to a new generation of speakers and leaders who can articulate that conservatism is simply the natural alternative to the false promises and hope of big government liberalism. If those leaders tend to be more socially libertarian then we should accept them and the talents they can bring with them with no reservations. Yes, all of them.

paul quote

Older conservatives will argue that counter cultural and libertarianism isn’t conservatism at at all. Libertarians will argue against anyone trying to co opt their beliefs.?They both are aligned on the same horizon, running parallel to each other. But no truce offering of mine or anyone else is going to bring them together. It’s going to take the collective disgust with what the Democrat party and progressive media has wrought on all of us?and the realization that these changes are happening around us regardless of what either of their demands are. The larger point to be made is that progressives don’t want anything to do with either of us. Ron Swanson was meant to be a comedy sitcom punchline. He’s turned into a national internet hero. Forever 21 never meant to sell a message of self empowerment and limitless opportunity, but they did. No one is supposed to laugh when Trevor Phillips is threatening a public sector union board member with jumper cables, but they do.

Conservatives have a great deal to learn about culturnomics from Libertarians. They should listen. They might not have a choice BUT to listen. Libertarians have a great deal to learn about what plays politically in the arena; The art of the give and take at the expense of actually winning something that matters. There are palatable examples where these two ideologies can merge and its happening already all around us.

And the left will be helpless to stop it.


– SM –







The Biggest Lie



“Universal healthcare is a core Democratic Party value. It’s something that ever since Harry Truman we have stood for” Hillary Clinton said that in a primary debate between herself and Barack Obama in 2008. And she was absolutely right. Nationalized healthcare has been a goal for the Democrats in this country for almost 60 years.

Now it’s gone.

The Democrat Party, thanks to Barack Obama has now had the rug pulled right out from under their feet. Government run healthcare is no longer an idea. It’s no longer a theory. It’s being implemented into millions of peoples real lives…

And it’s a catastrophe.

It is a multi-layered national disaster of policy unlike anything in modern American History. As a society we have generally become goldfish swimming in a bowl with no memory of where we just came from and technology has a large part to play in that, which makes the failure of the launch of Healthcare.gov even more staggering. This was the first major policy implementation of the new century. Healthcare was not going to be issued on cards with government typed courier font. It wasn’t supposed to be done by an outdated delivery service or standing in line at offices to fill out applications. Obamacare and Healthcare.gov was going to be a streamlined marvel of government competence implemented by the first techno-president in the country’s history.

The problems with Healthcare.gov have been widely documented. The problems with who Barack Obama is and will be for the rest of his second term have not.
On almost 30 occasions, Barack Obama said “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”


“If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan. Period”



Over three million people have lost their healthcare plan due to the implementation of Obamacare. A more staggering figure is the administration knew as early as 2010 that at least 93 million American citizens would. Almost a full third of the population.

“You can keep your plan” will be the biggest Presidential lie in modern American history and it will have very real consequences but what does this lie mean to myth that has risen up around Barack Obama?

Five years ago he rode into Washington in a golden chariot pulled by the horses of Hope & Change. This was not a person running for President as the country had known it. Barack Obama was supposed to be a transcendent figure. A demigod of personal projections. Someone with the audacity to hope in a country that was soured on seven years of war. This is why Obama’s lie is greater. He was supposed to be different. This is why people will not forget it. Because he was supposed to be different.To understand this we have to take a not-so-wayback machine to 2008 and make people remember who this figure was and what he was supposed to represent.

Millions of hurting Americans put their hopes into someone they thought could bring a perspective to the executive branch that would solve a financial crisis, and lower the sea levels.. literally.. They said that. This was a new America. The country was beginning to heal. Never before in modern America were outdoor stadiums maxed to capacity, or Greek pillars aligning a stage. This was not a man taking over an office. This was a figure ingrained into our national consciousness ascending to a throne. The country wasn’t looking for a President. They were looking for a savior.

Oprah was crying.

One campaign ad from 2008 that I continuously keep going back to is the “Hope” ad featuring Americans of all nationalities and backgrounds holding a sign with the single word on it. Hope. It wasn’t a campaign. It was a movement. Yes We Can.

And now that is all over with.


That Barack Obama is a distant memory and more importantly, a figment of the country’s imagination… It wasn’t because of 9% unemployment. It wasn’t because of a terrorist attack in Benghazi, or a the city of Detroit turning into a Thunderdome

“You can keep your healthcare plan, period”


Now the veil is off. The curtain is pulled back and Emporer is naked and everyone knows what many of us have always suspected. Obama has always survived and thrived on the wings of expectations. But 2008 is a distant memory and Obama has been reduced to every other petty mortal that has held the office he now occupies. We are going to see a very different Barack Obama for the next three years and a Democrat party without their signature talking point for the past 60 years.

This has never been about who Obama really is, it has always been about who he appears to be. He has been able to hide behind a media phalanx, the shadow of his predeccer and a mysterious evil force known as the Tea Party. Now Barack Obama is going to attempt to hide from the words that came out of Barack Obama’s mouth.

Barack Obama will not leave office and walk into history as the person he was when he entered it. The lie is too big. “You can keep your plan” goes beyond Twitter. Beyond cable shouting heads and beyond politics.

This lie punches the American people right in the gut and they know exactly whose fist it is. They know because they voted for it.

The question is now that light shining down has dimmed, where does he go from here? Richard the III had a famous motto,?”Loyaulte me lie” (“Loyalty binds me”) and that appears to be the fitting path Obama the anointed seems to be taking. Obama is bound to the lie. He has shown that despite the incompetence of his subordinates, the vacuum of leadership and now the outright denial of his own words, it’s full steam ahead. Barack Obama is not backing down, mainly because he’s never had to do so during his Presidency before. Now his administration finds itself in a place where they are attacking cancer patients?and?mocking the very people?that guard the castle for them.?Barack Obama has always existed in the theater of words which is fitting as the road ahead for his legacy is about to become monumentally Shakespearean

This is no longer the President of hope and now the entire country knows it. By any other name it’s failure. Millions of people, told a lie, now have to suffer the consequences because one President refuses to cede his own incompetence to his ideological foes. The country will burn before he ever admits that Ted Cruz threw him a lifeline. The problem is when you are the first YouTube President, you are going to be held accountable by the same voters you stood on the shoulders of. People may not turn out in droves for the Republican party in the next election or two after but at the current tide of present history unfolding before our eyes right now, none of that matters. An entire generation of youthful voters will throw their Shepard Fairey posters in the trash and decide to sit it all out.

All that matters is the lie.

George HW Bush was defeated over three words. Nixon resigned over four.

harry_truman_healthcare_kindle_case-rc0fb651903c940e99c7d50f153b85f38_ftdau_8byvr_512Larger questions loom ahead for the Democrat party who not only have lost their 60 year platform to a careless administration hellbent on the “Big fucking deal” of the accomplishment but not the actual implementation, but how they handle the PR battle in 2014 and 2016 as well. The consequences for the Democrat cause in the near future will be staggering. The consequences for Barack Obama in history will be inescapable.

The song being sampled in Barack Obama’s 2008 ad “Hope & Change” I referenced above is from a band called The National.

The name of the song is Fake Empire.


Defiance and Defeat: What We Learned.

It took five years but the network media complex has finally found their new boogeyman. With assistance from Barack Obama Inc, they were able to marginalize Cruz (at least for now) the very same way they were able to Palin during the 2008 election and ever since. Radicalize him, belittle him and discredit him by marginalizing him (Saul Alinksy 101)?If ten people were stopped on the street, they would tell you they hate Ted Cruz but would not be able to say why. This is the same mission team Obama accomplished with the constant chipping away at Sarah Palin over two years.?With the help of a bully media, Palin became little more than a caricature of herself to the public eye but in doing so also became one of the most influential figures in the conservative movement.

The same will happen to Ted Cruz. There are both advantages and pitfalls to this.

Cruz_with_Palin_Barack Obama read the children’s story “Where the Wild Things Are” to a group of children which left puzzled photographs any other politician would be laughed at for. During his marathon 21 hour filibuster, Ted Cruz read Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham to his daughters who were watching on television. Both examples are poignant moments. Only one was ridiculed as a political sideshow. Ted Cruz should understand that against the media, for now, he is a man alone.

The problem for Democrats and liberal activists? Ted Cruz is going to be a Senator with influence for a very long time and therefore because he holds very real senatorial power, will not be someone the media can ignore. From the CR/Shutdown battle on, Cruz will get the focus and will become the defacto head of Tea Party Republicans. ?No one since Palin has evoked such a visceral reaction on the Left as Cruz, to the point of even creating a new birther movement in progressive media to discredit him. The first time the left tried this tactic, the person they used it against became the 44th President of the United States.

The current goal of Obama’s network media coming out of the CR/Shutdown fight is to radicalize and marginalize Ted Cruz as much as possible and as fast as possible. For this reason alone it’s imperative to stand with him, regardless of how conservatives feel about the Shutdown.

Media is terrified of Ted Cruz and not because he is going to destroy the country or is?committing economic treason.. It’s because he clearly articulates a message and by Washington standards is a very young guy. Cruz is now a member of the coming youth movement in conservative politics that already includes a very deep bench. ?Cruz would be wise to study the path of Sarah Palin, both the good and bad.

Palin today has become one of the best public trolls of network media in the country. She has embraced the characterization of her by the them and has used that effectively as firepower against them. Cruz, being an elected official does not have that kind of bombastic freedom but he is new breed of Conservative that understand the ideological war being waged by Barack Obama now and most certainly will be by Hillary Clinton. Cruz’ strength is he is going to have plenty of time to sharpen his knives long after John McCain has left the Senate.

It’s more painfully apparent even after 6 years – GOP leadership ignores who Barack Obama really is and even worse, who he would become after winning reelection. I don’t begrudge John Boehner for the position he finds himself in. But John Boehner is a cut from the cloth of a professional and polished politician. He comes from a world where people make deals with handshakes over a drink in a back room. The problem is the country is faced with a President who is constantly positioning himself as an outsider of Washington, not the guy in charge of it. Raising your voice above room level once a week in front of the press doesn’t cut it.

Politicians like John Boehner do not know how to stand toe to toe with a political opponent that doesn’t care about negotiation. What’s frustrating about this is John Boehner is not a stupid man. One would think that after being punked during the fiscal cliff, punked during the sequester and now thoroughly punked during the CR stand off, he would eventually learn that a President who orders his party to use the language of extremism is not a President acting in “Good Faith”. ?Its a fundamental flaw of the the older generation of all politicians. They aren’t involved in the debates happening on Twitter and social media and now in the streets. That’s where Obama machine was built. The McCain campaign didn’t understand it. The Romney campaign tried but failed to understand it.

This is not just the usual legislative bickering between political parties that holds us all over until election season. This is a bare knuckle street fight and the GOP still does not understand this. Right now GOP Leadership is the guy who keeps sticking his hand out for a shake and gets slugged between the eyes instead. This is ideological warfare, not politics and it’s exhausting trying to defend it.

If the GOP wants to figure out Barack Obama, they need to stop looking at his time as President or as Senator and start looking more into who he was as a community organizer and State Senator in Chicago. Obama doesn’t care about handshakes. He doesn’t care about word of honor. He is seeking the unconditional elimination of the political opponents that costed him the House in 2010. Any more assumptions of “Good faith” should have been thrown out the window long ago. If the GOP is going to play brinkmanship they must be willing to take the fight to places he won’t. They’ve had five years and two elections to do so and have failed.

The question must be asked from here on out then –  What are they prepared to do?


anarchists1As a candidate in 2008, Barack Obama was all about healing and uniting. No Red States or Blue States. Today as President Obama uses the language reserved for terrorists to describe people who disagree with him. Bomb throwers, Hostage takers, Arsonists & Suicide bombers. These were all terms Obama’s White House used to describe Republicans, even as Obama’s twitter account, run by OFA changed the avatar to represent something far more anarchistic in nature. He will not negotiate, he will not compromise and anyone who tries will be dealt with brutally. The gloves are off.

Get used to it.

Barack Obama is governing from a position of mandate, now strengthened by a perceived fractured GOP. His attitude is simple. I won the 2012 election. The 2012 election was a referendum on me and my policies. He knows there won’t be another election and he’s not a President running for legacy. His legacy is secure with his heritage and a phalanx of media guards. He – Does – Not – Care. It’s why he was able to say he would not negotiate on a Congressional CR and call political opponents arsonists and anarchists. He wasn’t going to lose the PR battle in the media. NY Times, Washington Post, NBC/CBC/ABC all carried the exact narrative he wanted and they will continue to do so until he leaves office.

Get used to this incarnation of Barack Obama.

ETNObama Pretend for a moment, that the GOP controlled both the Senate and the House during this CR/Shutdown. Can anyone envision Barack Obama acting or doing anything differently? That’s why even with a GOP controlled Senate in 2014 these fights will continue. The country is faced with a President who believes he has nothing to lose and is insulated by a media bent on protecting their reputations as well as his. The best path forward is to expose Obama for who he really is. During the shutdown we saw a petty, uncivil tyrant who told the people in his cabinet to “Make it hurt”

Obama presides by fear and implements his policies through causing pain. ?Want people driving more fuel efficient vehicles? ?Don’t rely on market economics. Hit people in their wallets. Choke them off oil with $8.00 gasoline. Want healthcare? Nationalize 17% of the US economy, forcing people off healthcare plans with the eventuality that they will settle for single payer in the future. Gun Control? Flood Mexican cartels bent on lawlessness to increase the amount of violence. Shutdown his government? Barricade memorials, private monuments and kick people out of their homes. ?It’s presiding by breaking the opponents arms, then telling them they are glad they finally see things his way. The Mafia operates the exact same way.

This President was elected on the premise of public outrage and the only way he will be contained is when his own tactics backfire.



From a tweet from Ace of Spades blogger John Ekdahl,as Veterans ignored White House OMB barricades to enter a memorial they bled for, it was the simplest and most elegant explanation for an inspiring single act of insurrection.

When the Missouri Honor Flight veterans pushed through unnecessary, theatrical barricades it was a direct assault against Barack Obama and the media narrative. The Obama Administration decided to spend money during a government shutdown to barricade American war heroes out of an open air memorial. The administration’s weak denial was later followed by not even trying to deny these orders came directly from the White House Office of Budget and Management. They owned this and the Missouri Honor Flight weren’t having any of it. Obama’s network of journalists openly mocked and snarked but eventually were put down.

These guys are untouchable.


They openly defied the same Presidential authority that they loyally followed 69 years ago and it will be one of the last memories of their lives. It took a group of guys in their seventies and eighties to make the rest of us realize that punk is not dead, and it most certainly does not belong to the progressive left who controls the media and a government majority. The right can learn from this. Everyone. People who agree or disagree with Ted Cruz or John Boehner.

Defiance against unnecessary tyranny is a good thing. Defiance against an unnecessary healthcare law that will wreck havoc on peoples lives is a good thing. But that defiance won’t be successful because a Senator filibusters and participates in a shutdown of the government and wins or loses a PR battle.

It will be successful when it comes from the people, as the guys who stormed Normandy and barricades rightly showed.

– SM –


Chadbercrombie and Glitch : The Failed PR Campaign of Obamacare

Get Covered cards handed out on the 16th street mall


The pro Obama media are so desperate for an Obamacare success story that they were willing to run with one that was completely fabricated. Since the Chad Henderson debacle, news outlets loyal to Obama are being forced to report that Healthcare.gov’s failures are simply not a few stylistic glitches, but fundamental flaws in how the system was constructed. Upon the public launch of the non functioning healthcare.gov, swarms of well cut, naked models took to the streets handing out flyers in downtown Denver, Colorado. Shirtless young and handsome young men and women hovered around the 16th Street Mall greeting pedestrians with signs around their neck.

Did they know what they were selling? Were they well versed on the exchanges and the different in plans and premiums? Did they know if the website even worked?

Who cares! Look how hot they are!

Team Obama is attempting to run a very painful, difficult, uninteresting healthcare system like a Calvin Klein ad campaign. They believe the same “Great Taste, Less Filling” marketing that carried a largely uncool, low substance orator to the highest office in the country will work to convince millions of people to happily accept the largest tax increase in history by looking really, really cool while doing it. The Obamacare PR haul is trying to recreate Oprah hyperventilating over Obama striding through the ocean.

The Obama administration has put a full Obamacare media blitz on with Hollywood celebrities and allies in the entertainment industry. But other than a few scattering of web ads has anyone seen these ads anywhere?

Has George Clooney dropped his SAG Union coverage for Obamacare?

In fact there isn’t one case of a Hollywood actor or actress who has dropped their union health plan for Obamacare. The PR campaign for this law is no different than Fergie getting paid just above scale to hold a Pepsi can while secretly having a refrigerator full of Coca Cola at home. The ultimate problem with selling Obamacare is?actors and musicians exist in a world of sensitive reputation representation. Actors are extremely self conscious about promoting products and associating their likeness and image with advertising. Ultimately even if Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt voted for Obama and support Obamacare, they aren’t going to cut a web ad or commercial over a website and a product that simply doesn’t work. These are decisions that can cost an artist millions in corporate sponsorship over their career.
Even administration officials, often treated as celebrities themselves by a panting media are pushing this law and getting in on the blitz. Kathleen Sebelius took to The Daily Show last night, fully clothed and playing HHS Used Car Salesman, trying to keep the pressure on Obamacare’s target audience. ?The sales pitch went south for her almost immediately when Jon Stewart began grilling her on the individual mandate and didn’t stop, ending the show by out right calling her a liar.

The product isn’t selling and it was most evident when Sebelius stated people “Could pay a fine” (as if a fine is something they have a choice on ) and the audience let out of an audible collective gasp /groan / laugh.

Even as Stewart practically begged Sebelius to give him a reason to support the “noble” idea of nationalized healthcare, the product itself is complete crap and he admitted the same to her face.

Obamacare was rolled out as a competitor of the private sector marketplace and the prevailing thought in the Obama Administration is that even though it’s being treated like shopping product, complete with ad campaigns and sales pitches, it should not be held to the same standard as say a smart phone or an automobile. Even Barack Obama compared it to Apple last week and this administration is using the same language businesses use to push their product. Exchange. Marketplace. Online shop. The PR team behind the Affordable Care Act is trying to sell nationalized healthcare like a can of Pepsi and it’s not working. As it turns out, people in this country actually demand explanations and accountability with things like our living health, not flashy magazine ads and videos.

As both spokesperson and celebrity, Barack Obama has largely been silent on his signature law since October 1st. Obama,tied up with the tasks of barricading memorials and large masses of land and sea, sits at a 43% approval rating and there isn’t a reputable marketing agency that would take a spokesperson with those kind of public numbers to pitch their signature product.

After an entire week it was becoming clear that a faulty website was preventing the slick ad campaign to take effect and besides preachy celebrities, there was no face of Obamacare like there was a Sandra Fluke with women’s “health” or Neil Heslin with Gun Control. There was no average person out there endorsing a must-have, easy-to-use product.

Enter Chad Henderson.

Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff sent out a tweet lamenting that she can’t find one successful enrollment at healthcare.gov. This had to set sirens off in the champagne rooms of the White House because within hours, she had one. Nevermind where he came from or who put fresh faced Chad Henderson in contact with Kliff.. The media and the Obama Administration had their face. Just like they had their face with Sandra Fluke.


Here he was..He was young, uninsured and was suddenly touting how easy Healthcare.gov was to navigate and enroll in. The glitches with the website were minor because, hey, here’s Chad doing it! Chad isn’t Kerry Washington or Zachary Quinto. He was every young adult that catapulted Barack Obama into the White House behind Instagram pictures and buzz slogans. He was the very definition of “Yes We Can”

Within hours, Chad Henderson’s story about successfully enrolling in Obamacare and the simplicity of it was all over web media and his Twitter feed. He was holding up his product on social media and showing everyone just how easy it all really was. His tale was told by Washington Post and passed around the usual beltway bukkake circles of DC media. They were all sharing Chad’s story or were begging for an interview themselves. Chad was the first born Obamacare celebrity. A meme in the making. Ridiculously Photogenic Socialized Medicine Guy.

And then it all started unraveling. Another glitch.

Reason.com contacted Chad’s father whom his son had said was also signed up for Obamacare. The father denied both accounts and within an hour Twitter had the story and Chad Henderson was forced to admit that he in fact did not enroll in Obamacare. He put up a valiantly dishonest defense, accusing the same media he was seeking out just a day earlier of twisting his words but within 24 hours, media celebrity Chad Henderson stopped responding to inquiries and locked his Twitter account down. His father who defended him deleted his twitter account altogether and Sarah Kliff tossed him and the story aside with zero apologies for her over eager and inexcusably bad research. Either she knew who exactly Chad Henderson was and didn’t care, or fails to understand researching a source as it relates to a journalist’s professional integrity.

The Chad Henderson story came apart the same way a PR campaign comes apart if say a model who says they don’t wear fur suddenly gets photographed in a mink coat. The national poster boy for Obamacare and media darling turned out to be a fraud and the media went silent on him. Even when Henderson’s story completely came undone, it was reported as “he may have lied” or “He felt he did nothing wrong”. ?Kliff was spinning another blow to her journalistic reputation. He became just a local Obamacare success story not worth covering anymore.

Henderson said he enrolled in Obamacare. He lied.

Henderson said he was not paid. He lied.

The Obamacare PR campaign, so important for the launch of any new product was a failure and poster child Chad, in the end, found Healthcare.gov as tedious as the rest of us.

Under normal circumstances, the general public could write Henderson and the novelty product he was selling off and be done with it until seeing it on a VH1 “I love the 20teens”. It’s not that simple with Obamacare. The product is forced upon us and we are penalized even if we choose not to buy it. Kathleen Sebelius on The Daily Show stated the logic being “In case something bad happens. Get a hit by a bus” The logic behind Sebelius’ account of mandating American citizens into buying something because an event “might happen” is frightening. It’s the equivalent of walking down the street and a police officer giving you a speeding ticket because hey, one day you’re probably going to be in a car and you’re going to break the speed limit. It’s an excuse to tax any citizen for almost anything.

Pay up.

There are very real consequences to this PR campaign failing beyond a device or gadget people decide they don’t want or need and won’t buy. In the first open enrollment week, the only confirmed numbers for Obamacare applications were estimated to be 52,000 started (not completed or enrolled, simply started). Giving the Administration the benefit of the doubt and assuming those applications were finished that means at this rate, at least 61,000 applications are needed DAILY to hit the number of enrollments needed to prevent an Obamacare solvency crisis when enrollment ends on March 31st, 2014. The death spiral economists are warning about. We are forced to estimate these numbers because the Obama Administration has made the decision to only release Obamacare enrollment numbers on a monthly basis. This of course is all assuming applications don’t taper off. It’s also assuming the website works. As of now Obamacare and Healthcare.gov enrollments are on track to be an economic catastrophe like this country has never seen. Most states estimates have enrollments under 1%. Maryland reported 326.

If Obamacare was to be judged on its merits as a product on the open market, it would rank somewhere between New Coke & Windows Vista but because it’s Government where the wonderful inefficiency of the Post Office and the DMV is rewarded, Obamacare will get a pass. Once again shovel ready isn’t as shovel ready as Smartest President in History thought.

Obamacare is the first signature marketing product in history where the company behind it is touting how successful it is based on how many people aren’t buying it. Over 7 million web hits to Healthcare.gov so it’s a success! Only in Government is this logic even remotely feasible. It’s the equivalent of 100 people going into The GAP but only 12 walking out with a sweater. Hey, people came in the store though right! The administration aided by their media is content to pass Obamacare off with a participation trophy. Chad Henderson and a gaggle of other shirtless studs I will also call Chads, in Denver, had good intentions and that’s all that really matters.

The media being who they are so desperate for an Obamacare success story that they were willing to run with one that was completely fabricated by the Obama Administration and it’s personal citizen cult. Since the Chad Henderson debacle, news outlets loyal to Obama are being forced to report that healthcare.gov’s failures are simply not a few stylistic glitches, but fundamental flaws in how the system was constructed. Washington Post, NY Times, Huffington Post, Politico, The Daily Show and most recently USA Today are all noting the levels of technical incompetence. Chad ‘s smile was supposed to take care of all of that.

Chad Henderson was supposed to be the face of Obamacare and he is. Just not the way the Obama Administration had hoped.

In the end he can take some solace away from this experience. After all is said and done, he is still a better looking salesperson than this guy and as far as Barack Obama and his Pepsi Cola Presidency of style over substance goes, that’s supposed to be good enough.

The rest of us, not fooled by catchy slogans, jingles and paid actors posing as real customers should be demanding more.

– SM –



HEALTHCARE 404: Obama and the Apple Analogy




At midnight on October 1st, Healthcare.gov opened to registration. Shortly thereafter the site was marred by crashes, glitches and information not saving, all leading to complaints via social media and even cable news.

Barack Obama gave a Rose Garden statement yesterday, the day Obamacare (or the Affordable Care Act) began accepting exchanges online. In a laughable analogy that sums up what Barack Obama believes about the driving engines of the US Economy and business, he compared Apple products to IRS enforced and mandated online healthcare coverage and the accompanying “glitches”.

This was an interesting analogy as just last week, IOS – 7 was released to millions of people in the country and there was nearly no glitches to speak of. iPhone users experienced download delays and became design critics but by his own standards and saying as much, the Healthcare.gov glitches should all be worked out in a couple days.

I won’t be holding my breath.

This is a President whose very legacy survives on the short term memory of the people that voted for him and one that is shaky at bestThere is a universe of differences between how Barack Obama rolls out a product that affects the lives of millions of people and how Steve Jobs did it. Jobs unveiled a product when he was absolutely sure it was perfect. Obama unveils a product because he’s President and he won.

Als-Steve-Jobs-2007-der-staunenden-Welt-das-iPhone-vorstellte-meinte-er-voller-Stolz-Apple-hat-das-Telefon-neu-erfundenIs there a serious person that actually thinks Steve Jobs would not have user tested his product before unveiling it, especially with a 3 year head start. Is there a serious person that thinks Steve Jobs would take to the stage in a black turtle neck in front of customers, workers and investors and unveil a product that was not ready? Would Steve Jobs put the reputation of thousands of Apple developers on the line with an excuse like “Well see the reason it doesn’t work is because so many people are buying the iPhone right now?”


But that’s who Barack Obama is, grandstanding and comparing his healthcare website to exactly those things. Implement, release and publicize. Nevermind if it works. Nevermind if it’s good for people, it’s easy to understand or if people even want it.?

It’s the law.

Steve Jobs couldn’t roll out a defective product that didn’t work because he knew if he did his company stood to lose millions of dollars. Barack Obama can roll out a nonfunctional website because he knows by the power of IRS mandate that we don’t have a choice. It’s basically the living code of the Federal Government. – “We’re shitty because we can be. “

This past Monday, as a Government Shutdown loomed, Obama stood at a podium in front of an eager panting press core and couldn’t recite two lines of his speech about his signature legislation without referring to his notes and stumbling. It wasn’t the first time. When Steve Jobs gave a presentation unveiling a new product, he didn’t line up a bunch of hipster software engineers behind him. He didn’t prop himself up with people that his PR department found that really loved him personally. He stood alone with his product and he talked about it without the aide of a teleprompter or notes. He knew the product inside out. He knew what to showcase. He knew what people wanted.?He was able to clearly articulate why someone needed an iPhone. Obama can articulate the benefits of Healthcare.gov about as well as a low level call center employee.

He compared the failures of Healthcare.gov’s database technology to a glitch in an iPad and iPhone. A glitch is Angry Birds crashing. This was the equivalent to turning on an iPhone and having the device give you an error message for 3 hours. People wait in line and buy Apple’s products because they work. Not because they are forced to by Apple’s product enforcement security team.


This could have been a real historic event for this President. Agreeing or disagreeing with the Affordable Care Act is irrelevant. Tuesday was a chance for him to confidently make his case for his signature legislation by clearly and concisely rolling out a product and describing exactly what it could do. He could have taken questions. He could have faced down opposition to these “Glitches” by demonstrating it live. But once again Barack Obama is a man who serves a shit sandwich and then becomes defensive when we complain about the taste. Instead of standing on a stage confidently, he shouted out a phone number and told us how cool magnets are. This was not a President emulating Steve Jobs. This was President Sham Wow. Obama and his administration rolls out a product 3 years in the making and then when it doesn’t work, compares it to a company who understands the value of functionality and design by taking 2 1/2 years to get the iPhone right before unveiling it.

He uses words like “Apple”, “iPad” and “iphone” because they buzz well. Not because he has the first clue about why people buy them and that’s ultimately the biggest disconnect about what Barack Obama’s philosophy about federal government being the driving economic engine of the US Economy.

He believes the United States Federal Government is the driving force of the economy. Democrats believe this and the network media complex falls in line with it.Yet on the same day Obama went on TV and threatened that Republicans were ready to destroy the economy by assisting in a government shutdown, American Airlines announced plans to hire 1,500 additional pilots. ?At the same time he was lamenting the need to close national monuments, World War II Veterans were showing the entire country just how much they needed an economy run by Obama Inc, despite the administrations best efforts.

Obama believes the “entire economy” is dependent on the Federal Government remaining open. Apple stock disagreed.

This is the disconnect. Apple makes a product people want and people will buy not because they have to be mandated into doing so. Our nation’s cherished memories of blood and treasure do not exist at the whim of a federal turnstile.

Obama went even further to compare Healthcare.gov to Amazon and Kayak. Amazon’s traffic hits up to 79 million people a month and handles them all with ease. The question is if Obama applauds Amazon as a service (A service born of private sector ingenuity and demand) why not employ the same people to database Healthcare.gov?

What we are witnessing before our very eyes is the federalization of not only our healthcare system but the federalization of ideas. The federalization of ingenuity. Anything you can do Government can do better. See, Federally mandated healthcare is just like Apple Corporation..We both have glitches! The problem with this analogy is Steve Jobs never told his friends and investors that not only do they not need an iPhone, but that he would issue them a waiver from ever having to buy one. If you like your Samsung, you can keep your Samsung.

The biggest logical fallacy to Obama’s Apple analogy is that he genuinely expects Healthcare.gov to run better and smoother in the future. How is that philosophy working out for the United Postal Service? The USPS has become little more than a coupon delivery service and it is the failure to adapt to changing technologies that they have had to resort to begging and lobbying it’s way into staying in existence. Instead of recognizing competition and adapting to suiting societies needs, the USPS has instead been reduced to online petitions to keep it on life support, with an online petition ironically enough.

Barack Obama himself stated, and echoed by his media darlings, that the reason the website crashed is because of overwhelming demand and Healthcare.gov is supposed to just level out once it’s not flooded with people looking for health insurance. How does this philosophy work for the DMV? Are there ever any slow days at the DMV because hey, no one needed a licence and the volume of people that received license’s has leveled out? No. Never.

Remember this was a President elected on a technology and social media platform. He rode into office on the backs of Facebook and Twitter users in 2008. He was re-elected with a massive data mining operation unparalleled in the history of campaigns. It was revolutionary. His team is supposed to be young, hip and technically savvy, when it serves Barack Obama’s interests. Much to its credit, The Obama Administration has streamlined the design of almost every .Gov website but much like this President himself, it turns out when the hood is opened, there’s not much there to the functionality. The excuse the Obama Administration is leaking to trusted media palace guards is that Healthcare.gov would work great if no one was using it. Extraordinary technologies are great for Team Barack Obama during campaigns. Not so much when it comes to running healthcare online for the rest of us. Why should we have to tolerate a product that simply does not work?

The answer is simple. Because we have no choice.

Government is historically inefficient at attempting to capitalize on services the private sector offers. It will be no different with Healthcare.gov but the second a company like Fed Ex or Apple or Amazon releases a statement demanding you use their product or face a financial penalty and possibly jail time, Eric Holder and the DOJ would be on the scene with federal antitrust charges.

No one uses Apple because they are forced to. No one chooses Fed Ex or UPS or DHL or bike messengers over a federal mail delivery foot soldier because they are forced to. People choose these services over Government because they work better. This is the fact that is lost in the entire Obamacare/Shutdown fight. Not if the service is offered or mandated…But does it even work better?

This is the detail up until now the GOP and the media have conveniently let Obama skate by on. Once again the RNC leadership has been astonishingly docile on the web when reaching out to this niche of voters. More people side with Apple than Democrats. Reince Priebus and the RNC would be wise to realize this and make the case that forcing people into Healthcare.gov exchanges that do not work is nothing like Apple products that stores cannot keep in stock. When a consumer is given a choice, they are right every time.

Obama called the government the “largest employer in America” and stated that the “entire economy” would come to halt if in fact the Federal Government was shut down. On the same day he said that, and on the same day that Healthcare.gov told a million or so visitors to wait or give them 404 errors, I was able to book a dentist appointment in under 6 minutes on my private carrier’s website and order cat food from Amazon.com.

I was also able to do both these things from my iPhone without any glitches.

– SM –