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Randolution: The Peoples Choice, For Now.

Engaging in any speculation of the 2016 presidential election is, for the most part, theater of the absurd. It keeps the media busy and preoccupied from focusing on their exhausted fad and current occupant of the Oval Office. On January 20th, 2017, a new President will take the Oath of Office and on January 21st the media will start pontificating on who the front runners are for each party in 2022. At this point in George W. Bush’s second term, Barack Obama was a still ?largely unknown outside of Bill Ayers’ living room.

However, something of note is happening right under the feet of the RNC and their massive rebranding effort that have larger implications then just the election in 2016. The party is being rebranded and they seemingly aren’t even aware of it.

This was evident this past weekend at CPAC 2014 (Conservative Political Action Conference) when Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky took the stage. This is certainly not an endorsement (no one should be tied by blood to anyone at this point), just an observation of the landscape a new generation of young conservatives is crafting. The waves Paul is making among? youth of all political parties have been growing for some time. Now they are becoming undeniable.


The RNC had better be paying attention. They claim to want to attract more youth voters. They should then listen to what they cheer for the most. They claim to want more minority voters. Look at what even the most ardent media critics with disdain for the GOP are saying. The RNC is taking giant steps to reach voters, finally catching up to Team Chicago on data mining. The question has to then become how to keep them?

Rand Paul thinks he has the answers. Young people crave rebellion. It’s in their DNA and they don’t care what political party that person stands for when they feel it, see it and most importantly hear it.

The only person they are hearing it from at this moment is Paul.

Marco Rubio is the best young conservative speaker since Ronald Reagan and is beginning to branch out but sweeping generalities don’t win elections at the moment in time that they are held, the issues at hand do. For all of the soaring grandiloquence?Barack Obama bellowed out in 2008, it was the financial crisis and the suspension of the McCain campaign that swept him into office.?There must be more than soaring rhetoric after 10 years of empty soaring rhetoric.

Rick Perry can cheer on a good old-fashioned Rebellion, but when anyone under the age of 30 sees Rick Perry in hipster glasses, they see a walking Cialis commercial and a return to Michael Bay-style politics of nuke first and ask later.

Scott Walker has the bruises, the record and the conservative appeal but whether or not it plays nationally is a mystery, as well as his intentions.

Chris Christie still has bridge issues and he will until the year 2038 (Ready For Chelsea!) if MSNBC has their way.


Ted Cruz has a firm grip on the hardcore base but not the support of the entrenched overall party. That doesn’t mean it’s fair and it’s not an excuse but that makes it hard to raise money and convince donors. The most personable Ted Cruz ever got was when he appeared on The Tonight show which allowed to him to show the country he was not the simple caricature?the media was making him out to be. He has proven himself an able and charismatic warrior but the question has to be asked is if he is ready or will he be pushed into a race before his time by a base frothing at the mouth for a Sarah Palin replacement.

The only person reaching into the deep well of conservative and libertarian youth at this moment in time is Rand Paul. But nothing Rand Paul is saying is unique to Rand Paul. Everyone remembers Rand Paul’s filibuster but what no one talks about is who joined him.

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

The RNC has to start listening to the applause and the GOP has to start paying attention to the crowds. None of the issues Rand Paul is addressing are issues that buck conservative and constitutional philosophies. It’s because he is the only one addressing them that the crowds flock.

The GOP can get behind Paul’s mandatory minimum sentencing legislation. This is the single most important policy change in decades for minorities regarding Republicans and one that would open the floodgates for minority voters and especially minority young voters. Not Amnesty. Reaching out to black communities doesn’t mean just telling them to work hard. It means showing them that someone is looking out for them when they enter an economy and a system that they already feel is rigged against them. They have been betrayed by Barack Obama’s great promises. Paul’s mandatory minimum legislation will do more for black communities than any single policy of Barack Obama’s in six years. This is the kind of forward thinking young people want and that makes progressive network media nervous, because they know they can’t oppose it.

The same goes for legalization of marijuana. In the same CPAC straw poll that crowned Rand Paul the people’s choice, an overwhelming amount of CPAC’ers voted in favor of legalization. If Marco Rubio can get behind Public Enemy, he can get behind this or at least not oppose it in overwhelming fashion and leave it as an issue for the States.


The entire party can pick up the issue of NSA domestic spying. The GOP, for all their posturing about the being the party of the Constitution, has remained largely silent on our privacy rights guaranteed under the 4th Amendment. There is a youth base out there that watches The Daily Show and Jimmy Fallon and reads Upworthy and Buzzfeed and also owns a cell phone that is being monitored by Barack Obama’s NSA. That’s right, Barack Obama’s NSA. Say it again and repeat it often.

It’s a slam dunk.

This issue is untouchable for the Democrat Party. To go against NSA spying would be rejecting Barack Obama. As of now they are not a party willing to do so. However, sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, when a 70-year-old Hillary Clinton is lagging behind with youth voters and college students, expect the loyalist media to?plant the idea of pardoning of hacker hero Edward Snowden in Obama’s head at the benefit of her. This is why jumping on this issue now and owning it is imperative.

The only potential candidate willing to explicitly address NSA domestic spying is Paul. Why are so many voices on the deep bench of Republican hopefuls quiet on this? Why can’t Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or a handful of Governors of independent states, articulate the illegalities of a massive dragnet of surveillance of Americans is unconstitutional? Rubio would certainly be better than Paul at doing so. The silence of the GOP on this equals compliance in the minds of young voters. That is why Rand Paul’s line at CPAC, ?You may think I’m talking about electing Republicans, I’m not. I’m talking about electing lovers of liberty? resonated with so many in the audience and not boos. Revolution is more attractive to youth voters right now than Conservative rhetoric, because they have no idea what modern Conservatism actually ?is.

paul daily show

When Rand Paul speaks of Madison and the Constitution, people can smell gunpowder. They hear taps. When Rand Paul speaks of rebellion, people believe it, because they watched it happen already. They watched a Senator from Kentucky stand up for 13 hours and recite our?inalienable rights?to a President who feels he can drone any human being he feels like off the face of the Earth – Even those born under the country that elected him.?It’s doubtful that anyone has stood up to Barack Obama for 13 hours on anything in his entire life.??Voters who at the time of Barack Obama’s emancipation were 12-14 years old are now blooming into the defiance stages of their lives.

To them Barack Obama has always been the authority and Rand Paul is the most prominent face standing up to him. Gestures like the grandstanding on the Senate floor or suing the office of President, as ?symbolic as they only may be, resonate. The idea of an electoral revolution is palpable and Paul knows it. He knows when to pick his battles and with whom. He’s the only voice putting Bill Clinton in his rightful place in the war on women, a war the Democrat party will magnify tenfold in the coming two years. He pegged Hillary Clinton on arms trafficking through a consulate in Benghazi, long before reports surfaced. Good political instincts don’t assure Paul the Republican nomination. It doesn’t even mean he’s going to run (he is) but at the very least he’s showing the GOP where the fight can and should be. The crowds cheer for Rand Paul because GOP leadership gives them nothing to cheer about.

The Democrat party finds themselves defending very unpopular ideas all of a sudden. Obamacare, the NSA and the IRS (something both Paul and Cruz are in favor of abolishing altogether). Big government imposing it’s executive will with a phone and pen on a people, born free and protected by a founding document. This will become painfully evident to them in 2014 and Rand Paul will be right there reciting The Federalist Papers. Progressive media might roll their eyes at recollections of revolution. The new millennials thus far, are not.

Between now and 2016 there is going to be a passionate fight for the soul of the GOP. It’s already started. This is a good thing. Voters watching the theater unfold before them don’t want the docile unity of complicit group-think. Not this time. They want a street fight and for the strongest person to come out of it. What currently sets Rand Paul apart from the other potentials, and the GOP at large, is that he is actively recruiting a youth army to stand with him.

And they are ready to march.




– SM –


Just Be Joe: How he wins 2016

Hi Joe,

Can I call you Joe? Okay, Joey it is.

Listen, I’ll try to make this brief as I know you are short on attention span. Look, we’ve been here less than a minute and you’re already counting the seconds until you can play some more Flappy Bird..Oh… Oh you didn’t know.. Yeah no more Flappy Bird… Joey don’t cry. Come on.

Joey, focus.

This is important. It’s about your future. Yes, your future as the next President.

I saw you on the tv last week playing on the real life size choo-choo train, just like the one you have in your room, only bigger! You looked so happy, pushing all those buttons and playing conductor. You made us all so proud. You also told the nice lady with the microphone that you really want to be President. In fact that you can’t think of a good reason NOT to run for President. Neither can I.

But we have a problem. These field trips will be coming to an end soon.

See Joey, your friend Barack, whom you spoke so tall about at the convention circus in 2012 and your former friend Hillary are making other plans and those plans don’t involve you. In fact, the entire Democrat party, to whom you’ve dedicated almost half of your life promoting, defending and playing nice with are also making plans with Barack for Hillary. They are planning a great big party with balloons, confetti, parades and Santa Claus.

And you’re not invited to this party. I know Joey… I know you are.

I would be upset too. But you shouldn’t listen to them. They are just people who have used you as either assassination insurance or a photo op to further their own personal legacies and none of those people are a heartbeat away from being President like you are. So cheer up! You are the Vice President of The United States of America. That’s right you are! That should be you everyone is getting “ready” for. You’ve earned this. You have played the loyal friend and comrade to Barack for 7 years now. You are the Lennie to his George. You’ve gotten first hand experience on how an expert runs everything from the economy to healthcare. But your friend Barack is getting ready to turn you into the Fredo Corleone of the DNC Family. You don’t deserve to just be cast aside, overlooked and taken for a metaphorical boat ride. It’s time to start looking out for Numero Uno.. No, not the card game Joey. Pay attention. I’m going to tell you how you can become the President or at least come in a distant second behind a generic Republican. I know this isn’t just some Buzzfeed-like list with cat gifs and Saved By The Bell pictures..Yes Mr. Belding was my favorite also. Just bear with me. This will be easier than counting cards with Tom Cruise in Vegas. I promise.

So here goes.

joe-biden-recommends-buying-a-shotgun-when-an-earthquake-strikesWhen you hosted a Google+ hang out and told people to run out and buy a shotgun, that’s exactly what Aaron Alexis, Karl Pierson and Darion Aguilar did. The country needs a President guy who connects with people again, just as you did in those situations. People respect and listen to you. When you tell someone to do something. They do it.

You have shown that you have special skills necessary to communicate with people on the most basic levels. Much like how whales communicate with stomach bellows or the South American Tapir with nasal whistles. You have the lovable every man qualities of Homer Simpson but with the quick wit and instincts of Forrest Gump. What most people consider to be failures of all basic cognizant brain functions, our media considers to just be lovable goofs on your part. You have a hands on way of doing things. A very, very hands on way of doing things.

You’ve also managed to somehow remain completely in the closet and secluded from Barack’s scandals, probably because you were literally locked in a closet. But all those hours in the dark waiting to be found were a good thing. A beneficial thing for you. Americans aren’t going to want to vote for someone associated with 8 years of the IRS, NSA Spying, Obamacare or Benghazi, which brings us to our next point:

hillary2This is as not as a formidable problem as people around you and the media are making it out to be. Hillary is expecting you to step aside and be her waterboy as she ascends to the rightful nomination of your party. Yes YOUR party, Joey. But Hillary has a couple problems which you can easily capitalize on.

Like Benghazi.

For 18 months we still don’t have the full story about what happened when our Embassy in Benghazi was burned down on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on our nation. We have Barack on record saying it was a video. We have Hillary on record saying it was a video (Also that it doesn’t make a difference anyway) but no explanation from you. No incredulous excuses about not reading cables, or lack of security or preparedness or You Tube video makers.

No one is asking where Joe Biden was on the night of September 11th, 2012 and what orders he gave.

You have wisely and surprisingly managed to distance yourself as far away from this as humanly possible and for the most part so has your friend Hillary. But she can’t ignore the consequences of that night and an Ambassador being killed on her watch forever. Eventually, some time in the early Spring of 2016, there will be a debate, or several debates, and during these debates Benghazi will be raised.

When Hillary’s friend, debate moderator and?This Week host, George Snuffleupagus attempts to throw his old boss a lifeline, your answer is simple;

benghazi quote

Game. Set. Match.

Or as you noted above…UNO!

You now have accomplished two goals. You have irreparably damaged Hillary’s nomination chances (at least until Chelsea 2028) and forced Barack, a man less qualified than you, to either admit to his own unanswered absence that night or endorse your comment by agreeing that he was with you in the situation room or hiding under the bed in the residence. For the rest of those debates just laugh like a crazy madman or bark like a dog and the media will do the rest, just like 2012.

policyFixing Obamacare won’t be your strong suite but that’s okay because by January 20th, 2017, no one will have healthcare anyway. Also you somehow miraculously managed to stay away from the line “You can keep your healthcare plan, period”. In fact, the only time you’ve ever really gone on record about Obamacare is when you called it a “Big Fucking Deal.” Politifact rating: Mostly True.

So you’re probably in the clear. More so than some people we won’t mention again


an_ass_and_a_camelBut let’s face it. Your real expertise is foreign policy. You sat at the head of the Foreign Relations Committee and at the time recommended that instead of a great troop surge, that the country of Iraq be broken up into three separate states based on religion, which eight years ago sounded completely insane but now looks fairly reasonable. Sure you voted against the first Gulf War in 1991 but you voted for the second one in 2002, so those votes cancel themselves out.

Thanks to your friend Barack losing the Iraqi city of Fallujah to Al Qaeda insurgents, not to mention the whole nations of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria and in three years time Turkey and just guesstimating here but probably the entire continent of Africa and LaGuardia Airport, our challenges will be uniquely suited to your comprehension level of expertise.

Really, who else will be able to rebuild our relationship with long time ally Iran, which George W. Bush destroyed. Also by allowing them to park warships off the United States Eastern seaboard, you will now have extra security against the threat of Israel. Barack is basically teeing up relationships all around the world for you to swoop in and take command of and finish off. All Hillary has is a dead ambassador and a Russian “Recharge” button.

So you see Joey, despite everything your party is telling you, you are not Fredo. You are not just some goofy guy wandering the halls of the White House looking for your baseball. You have brilliantly shielded yourself from all of Barack’s scandals. You have worked your way up to this moment. You have the support of the unions and were a pioneer on gay marriage

It doesn’t matter how or why you stumbled into the Vice Presidency. All that matters is that you’re there, and you’ve earned the rightful place that Barack and Hillary and their loyal mob of media guards are all now trying to deny you. They are practically begging you not to complicate things but it’s your patriotic duty to complicate things.

Run Joey Run.

Listen to your gut, your heart and most importantly, your brain.



– SM –