Street Fight: Hillary Gears Up

When John Podesta, a notorious Clinton acolyte (think of him as Bill’s personal Rham) was brought into the Obama White House earlier in December we were told this was to shake things up and bring a fresh new tone to a flailing administration’s embarrassing and unpopular messaging as of late. He was an outsider in a room with one of the tightest inner circles in Presidential History and was there to offer ideas to Barack Obama he may not normally get from a corporate real estate agent or ACLU attorney.

Except that’s not why John Podesta was brought into that Oval Office in-particular at all.

After remaining mostly dormant for a year, giving sporadic speeches to private friendly gatherings where independent press were forcefully shut out, the press machine surrounding Madame Hillary fired up last week. So it begins. In the span of seven days we were treated to the beginning of Hillapalooza 2014, courtesy of Ron Fournier, a preening Huffington Post home splash and Barbara Walter’s ever so prestigious, Person of the Year. Never mind the fact that Hillary wasn’t even the most interesting Clinton this year.

Get used to it.

With CNN and NBC announcing films and documentaries, 2013 was the year where progressive media were attempting to slightly nudge us all toward the eventual inevitability of Hillary Clinton. 2014 is going to be the year they all go to ludicrous speed. The only problem for them is they’ve all tried this act once before. They tried it with success in 2000 and without it in 2004 and 2008. The progressive wing of mainstream media has been pushing Hillary Clinton on this country before her husband left the White House and during these past 15 years she has been aging away.

Sitting back and thinking the media will do enough to coronate her has never been enough and won’t be enough in 2016. Clinton’s team knows this.

hillaryartTeam Hillary is already adopting the same franchise building model professional sports teams implement. Look at what the people who win are doing and emulate it. Clinton knows that in order to have any measure of success, including fending off challengers from her own party of the activist left (Elizabeth Warren) she is going to have to adapt and then adopt the practices of the person that defeated her.

Barack Obama.

This doesn’t just include policy shifts. This includes modernizing and overhauling an image in social and web media.

Tapping into the same Obama design team, the goal is to appeal to a disenfranchised, radicalized, youth burned out on the idea of another modern icon of big government. The “independent” PAC Ready For Hillary has already brought on lead members of Organizing For America’s digital data mining team. Their goal is to have a foundation already built and ready to transfer over to her campaign team in 2015. But the most important thing that Team Hillary is going to adopt is the language of Barack Obama.

Enter John Podesta.

The rocky relationship between Barack Obama and the Clintons is widely known as being always two steps shy of a Maury Povich green room but it’s a relationship that has existed out of necessity and legacy. Bill Clinton does not campaign on behalf of Barack Obama out of some deep seeded friendship and John Podesta does not just get plucked randomly to suddenly sit on a perch in an Obama Oval Office.

Podesta’s last job for Barack Obama was acting as co-chairman of the Obama/Biden transition team into the White House in 2008. His new role is to be a chosen liaison to not only help lay a foundation for a rightful ascendance, in 2016, but to help keep team Hillary informed and up to speed about the inner most workings of the Obama White House. A White House that has been incredibly successful in demonizing and marginalizing all opposition.

The Clintons have always been ruthless in the back rooms. Podesta is there to teach them how to fight in the street using the tactics and knowledge given to him first hand by Barack Obama’s most intimate warriors. This is why he compared the GOP to a murderous cult just last week to Politico Magazine.

podesta quoate

Podesta issued an apology on Twitter, which was rightfully rebuked by John Boehner’s office because they know this is exactly what John Podesta thinks. What was most striking however was that this language was coming from someone who cut their teeth with the savvy Clintons and not typically known for using the blunt force trauma tactics of the Obamas.

This is the new tone.

Count on more soundbites like this coming from Clinton’s corner and expect Hillary to begin adopting Obama’s populist language of fairness long before the press has a chance to clamor any louder for someone to challenge her from the left, namely Elizabeth Warren. Clinton knows how Barack Obama beat her once before and has no plans to let a parrot like Warren swoop in again. She’s putting the hood over that cage.
Hillary Tweet
Besides John Podesta, the Obama administration already has key Clinton loyalists already in place to ensure a pain free enthronement. Former Secretary of State Clinton adviser Jake Sullivan, who currently holds that position with Joe Biden is expected to slide right into a national security adviser role with a Clinton presidency.

The Obama administration and a loyal PAC are doing its part to lay a smooth foundation for a newly crowned Hillary. How Hillary adapts to the street fighting campaign ways of Barack Obama remains to be seen but she knows, and her 20 year media following know this is it. Hillary never inspired a cult like devotion the way Obama did nor was she ever as popular while on a national campaign, hence the reason Barack Obama was able to challenge her machine in the first place. Obama defeated Hillary by tapping into the progressive obsession with mythical saviors. With every Buzzfeed faint inducing fanboy tweet, or every Shepherd Fairey imitation poster and every progressive network talking head screaming “It’s just time for a woman!”, those traits will become more evident.

What the GOP needs to realize is the more Hillary Clinton takes on the traits of Barack Obama, she will also be forced to take on his baggage. But simply presenting a handful of candidates to the country and saying “4 more years of Barack Obama” throughout a lengthy primary will not be enough. They need to understand, as they have failed to do so the past two elections, that this is a new game with new rules. Actually with no rules at all. Hillary will be a new candidate who will still rely on the press sheltering her fragile image?but will now be using every tactic her former rival, boss, mentor and soon to be campaign partner has taught her. Alinksy 101 in a pantsuit with the goal of bludgeoning the country into submission and accept the inevitability of it all, elections be damned.

If a 70 year old Hillary makes it through what’s sure to be a mesmerizing primary fight (Hello, Joe Biden), the gloves must come off. Nothing can be off the table. Not Monica, not Hillarycare, not Benghazi. A Clinton, someone who the GOP has never beaten, is going to take on the pop culture carpet bombing tactics of an Obama, someone else the GOP has never beaten.

Fortunately a politician, from the streets of Chicago has given the GOP the blueprint on how to beat her. The question is if the GOP itself is willing to become what Hillary Clinton is already becoming.

– SM-

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  1. Aruana Reply

    Excellent post! ?I’m actually a liberal, but it is good to see that you guys know what you are up against. ?Good luck.

  2. GrassMudHorsey Reply

    Cogent points all, but the one factor you touched on far too lightly was the inherent unlikeability of Hilary.
    I thought Slick Willie was a vile creature, but can’t deny he had a definite “roguish” (or perhaps rapish) charisma about him.
    The appeal of Earflaps the Lesser is also something that escapes me, but I’ll admit he’s got something that makes the eejit 52 go squishy.?

    But with Hilary…ah, not so much. She’s shrill, she’s grindy, she constantly has a look on her face like she’s smelling fresh flatulence.

    And worst of all, every time I see her she looks more and more like Ben Franklin.?

    Any candidate halfway decent can beat hilary (or even quarter way, given that soetero waxed her).
    The only question, and it’s a big one, is if the GOP can actually figure out how to put up a credible candidate.?

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