Rough Start: President Romney Parties While Ferguson Burns

Two Years ago, the country did what at the time seemed to be he unthinkable. It made Barack Obama, our first African American President a one term, lame duck and elected Mitt Romney. Despite a long and often times petty campaign, the country came together and rallied around the guy who made his career on Wall St. based on the promise of a new and brighter America, tired of empty soaring rhetoric. It was a similar promise George W. Bush made just one President ago. Romney vowed to be a different kind of Conservative. More moderate and someone who could reach across the aisle.

However only two short years in it’s becoming more and more tragically clear every day that this is George W. Bush’s third term.

The economy is on the verge of recession, again. He has yet to carry through on his campaign promise of overturning Obamacare but has passed out waivers and taken action to delay parts of the law that could benefit millions. Vladimir Putin, who at the time candidate Romney called America’s number one geopolitical foe, has gone ignored and unchecked, most recently with pro Putin rebels shooting a passenger airliner out of the sky killing 295 innocent people. Romney’s response was tepid at best. Just last week, Not President Bush announced new airstrikes in Iraq. Even though this is the President who blamed his predecessor for removing troops in the first place, Romney made it clear that this is not a new war and that there will be no ground troops. Experts disagree.

And now there’s Ferguson, Missouri.

A community was torn apart and racial tensions boiled over when an unarmed teenager named Michael Brown, about to start college, was shot by a police officer in an incident reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin’s shooting. It has all but erupted into a symbolic conflict of the current state of poverty,race and the militarization of local police forces. Shortly before the 2012 election, Barack Obama urged calm and unity surrounding the death of Martin, urging protesters to allow the system to work. The country rejected him for it. Now we have another Republican President and another dead youth of color and a national community angry and searching for answers.

Hurricane Ferguson.

This was the last thing a new President dealing with a world unraveling needed, especially after allegations of voter fraud and election rigging by the Koch Bros and the protests that followed, or “Kochtests”as they were referred to by former Majority Leader Harry Reid. President Romney is already running out of chances.

Most Presidents would realize the bad optics from a situation like election protests and apply them to the similar protests in Ferguson. Apparently, Mitt Romney hasn’t learned. While police officers were firing off tear gas canisters and arresting reporters (more on that later), Romney was not in the White House situation room, or meeting with Attorney General Portman or Vice President Ryan (Who is halfway across the world meeting with Netanyahu). No, the President who overcame his image as an out of touch one percenter was having dinner at a golf club on Martha’s Vineyard.

Let that sink in.

shultz tweet
To make matters worse, as President Romney partied with the richest 1% and people marched under the threat of sniper rifles, a White House Deputy Press Secretary sent out a tweet about what a good time was ‘being had by all’. It was a staggering failure of juxtaposition for the White House still learning the ropes of social media savviness, something the Obama White House mastered.

Romney of all people should have realized how this might look. While he is busy dancing to every song and dining on lobster, businesses were being torched and innocent people being targeted.

This was the President we were told would not be the evil money burning Gordon Gecko clone he was made out to be by the Obama campaign, yet at almost every chance he gets he goes out of his way to prove that he is in fact looking out for Wall St. and not citizens who did not vote for him. Romney is a President who doesn’t understand how hanging out with celebrities like Jimmy Fallon or riding bikes around Nantucket looks to people struggling to find jobs, or in cases like Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, walk down the street without being shot.

But it’s not just unarmed black teenagers being targeted in Romney’s America.

romney-clintonx-largeEarlier in the day, as police geared up in Missouri, Fox News was more focused on the anticipated meeting at Martha’s Vineyard between Hillary Clinton and President Romney. Mrs. Clinton recently made remarks endorsing Romney’s strategy on Syria and the handling of ISIS in Iraq. Right Wing pundits however seemed perplexed wondering why Romney would be seen at what Sean Hannity dubbed a “Hug Summit”.

The President seemed to be calcifying his reputation as a liberal loving Massachusetts Moderate that can’t please his base, despite deporting 7 million immigrants and expanding the police state while preaching transparency.

But the euphoric mood the media had over the meeting of two people universally opposed to Barack Obama‘s policies quickly turned sour when the almost unthinkable happened in America in 2014.  Two reporters were arrested and water boarded (allegedly) by police in Ferguson. Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post and Ryan Reilly of The Huffington Post were forcefully removed from a Ferguson McDonalds without the unnamed officer asking them to leave once.

Members of media, who already feel targeted by the Romney Administration took to Twitter to alert their followers of what was happening. What followed was a firestorm of journalists uniting unlike anything seen since Occupy Wall St. Reporters facing tear gas were somehow still miraculously able to tweet and some bravely blocked tear gas with their bodies.

Mic News editor Stefan Becket took it upon himself to remind Ferguson Police and the Romney Administration of special rights and protections journalists are provided under the Constitution that don’t apply to ‘average citizens’. A spokesperson for the DOJ hailed the loyalty?of reporters (4th Estate anyone?) to the admin before being rudely chastised by hack puppet Jake Tapper.

Michael Brown’s tragic death and the circumstances surrounding it no longer matter. An increasingly hostile administration has clearly set their eyes on members of the media.

One thing is clear. The optics coming out of the Romney Administration are disastrous and arresting reporters certainly won’t help. They are bound to turn on the President. An American city up in flames from 3 days of rioting and looting while he golfs and parties. Another white Republican President who “Doesn’t care about black people”.

Remember why Mitt Romney was elected in the first place.

He promised to heal the country after seven long years of depression and division and just two years in already seems out of touch and exactly what critics warned about. He could cancel his vacation and board Air Force One tomorrow. He could be in St. Louis in a matter of hours. Instead, just as Bush opted, he chooses a flyby. A man who claims to be humble despite the size of his bank account could bring the country together and ask that we seek truth, not anger. But this is the kind of situation that calls for the deft touch of someone familiar with organizing communities. A community organizer if you will. Someone with experience dealing with the harsh realities of being poor and black and afraid for your life in America. Someone who could empathize with African American communities dealing with Michael Browns every day. This is 2014 not 1965.

If only there was someone like that the country could have elected in 2012.

Instead, just like the last Republican President, Romney chooses to release cryptic statements in between rounds of golf and commenting on the tragic loss of Hollywood comedians. What is it going to take to get this President to interrupt his precious vacation schedule, a vacation schedule during his campaign he promised he would not take.

Perhaps media should have done more due diligence to find out who Mitt Romney really was. Perhaps a more down to earth candidate who understands real urban struggles will emerge in 2016. Elizabeth Warren or Cory Booker come to mind. But for now, we’re stuck.

As the world and more importantly the country plunges deeper into chaos that seems to be above Mitt Romney’s pay grade, the recent tragedy in Ferguson only reinforces recent polls that suggest the country made a mistake in 2012. Hypotheticals and ‘what ifs’ are meaningless at this point.

It’s just too bad we can’t go back in time.

– SM –

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  1. John K. Reply

    Funny, spot-on, a real gut puncher too. I enjoy following your tweets and posts. I have remarked before that there is a real need to match the Left with the kind of bite you bring to the issues. And, even more importantly, to do it immediately but without being clumsy. For too long the Left has had a near monopoly on Cool and Satire and Rebelliousness. As it has risen to penetrate the societal institutions it has become the Establishment it derided just a generation or two ago. The void left behind eas filled by nothing more than younger, more entitled versions of themselves who wouldn’t know a real conflict or struggle if it gun-stocked them in the face. You seem to get it, in more than just a few meanings of the phrase. Now maybe the young Right ( not trying to label you or your associations) can elbow those types aside and become a force that drives people who are open to your message and delivery to a better way for our culture. You seem to keep it up at a relentless pace – I encourage you to continue.

  2. askeptic Reply

    Too Funny!
    Those that the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.
    There is a lot of madness within government these days.

  3. smokeybehr Reply

    If only Barack Obama had been elected to a second term. He’d fly right down there in AF One and have a beer with the Police Chief and the parents of the murdered child. Justice would be served, and calm would immediately return.?

  4. Dave Willmore Reply

    If Obama had been elected that poor child would never had been shot in the first place. ?There would be perfect peace and harmony, and not just in Ferguson, but around the world. ?The economy would be booming and the seas would be receding.

  5. Hepcat Reply

    The article was not realistic. Not at all. There was no mention of a ballet horse or a dog strapped to the top of a station wagon.

  6. Obama Bott Reply

    You ought to cross post your work at The Federalist. All the swanky conservatives and libertarians hang out there. We could do with your snark and wit, and rip liberals gut at will and with relish. It’s fun!

  7. Mike Reply

    That’s as:untrue as it could be…… if Romney had been elected he would have turned the economy around. Strengthen out military… our foes would respect us.?

    On the other hand, Obama is FAILING. ?Putin, Iraq, the economy .

  8. Phil Reply

    Actually I just arrived from an alternate time line where Obama and Romney dead tied and congress and the supreme court acted with pressure from the people to make both president at the same time. Free of half their work load Obama began walking around the middle east and taking weapons from all terrorists, Romney walked into every single business and made it successful. Their wives worked together and fed all the starving people in the world and all their children decided to go the science route and cure every disease known to man. With political peace and accord 90% of media pundit’s heads exploded as there was nobody left to criticize. But strangely 99% of America went to work, fed their kids, checked on their grandparents, prepared for college and found life to be exactly the same as it had been for the previous heads of state’s terms.

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