Red Wedding: November Has Come.

Harry Reid
November has been coming for awhile. Specifically since October 1st of last year.

This electoral massacre was revenge. Revenge for failed promises of a President more concerned with his handicap than being a governing executive. It was revenge for cancelled health plans millions of people were promised they could keep… Period. It was revenge for being told repeatedly how great the economy is and how many jobs are being created, despite the lowest work force in 38 years. 38 years. It was revenge for Lois Lerner. It was revenge for the NSA. It was revenge for our dead veterans at the hands of the VA. It was revenge for not being about to play video games or watch football on a Sunday without a culture of protest screaming in our faces. It was revenge for a world spiraling beyond the control of President Hashtag’s celebrity PSAs. It was revenge for losing Iraq, negotiating with Iran and bringing Ebola to our shores for the first time since it’s discovery.

Barack Obama was re-elected largely on the cautious promises of the implementation of the policies yet to come in November of 2012. Namely Obamacare. He was elected and re-elected on the promise of efficient, cheap and nationalized healthcare. It was the focus of his first term and will be his undoing in his second. The country is angry at this President and his closest allies have paid the the price with their electoral lives.

November has come.


Beyond the failings of an extremely unpopular President was the subtle strength of the GOP candidates themselves. This election was arguably the first election the GOP has won in ten years. 2010 was not a national party victory. It was an insurrection.

What was also striking about this electoral massacre, is just how impervious to coordinated media hit jobs the candidates with an (R) after their name actually were. In 2012 Mitt Romney’s team sat quietly by while Team Chicago accused of him of killing people with corporate cancer, keeping women in a binder, a homicidal urge to murder a giant puppet, torturing his dog and permanently scarring a prep school classmate with a hair cut. The Romney team’s sluggish response to these childish attacks ultimately helped shape the image that calcified itself around him and the media ran with. The Romney campaign thought the election would be about big issues to America, but we’ve become a social media culture dominated by the hashtag which if left to fester, becomes the difference between being a President and the runner-up who just won’t stop talking.

Cory Gardner’s campaign team was exceptional in this regard. When Deadspin reported that Gardner was lying about his personal experience as an amateur football player in High School, Gardner’s social media team was on Twitter within minutes posting a picture of the newly elected Senator in his uniform and Deadspin got to spend the next two days formulating the greatest apology letter ever written to a candidate. Ever.

When liberal PAC American Bridge teamed up with Buzzfeed to produce a story about David Perdue signing a female supporter’s naked body, the Perdue campaign and the RNC responded with additional footage that showed Perdue was actually signing her diabetes pump. Within hours the Buzzfeed author and former Talking Points Memo writer Evan McMorris-Santoro was pointing fingers at their source as well while his editors offered a full mea culpa. American Bridge pulled the video and Perdue was left with a gift of a young woman telling the story of her debilitating disease and her rising medical costs post Obamacare.

Buzzfeed’s resident Reddit and cat expert Andrew Kaczynski, always dutiful in “Keeping people honest”, tried to bury Joni Ernst not once but twice. Accusing her campaign’s literature of plagiarism while also acknowledging it was pretty much standard practice. When Democrat Bruce Bailey threatened to sue his neighbor over their chickens, he took it upon himself as Honest Keeper to go after Ernst’s husband for trying to legally collect a debt from a contractor who never finished work on their home. Because really, who hasn’t had a bad experience with a contractor? Desperation arrived in the form of drunken Occupy frat boys the night before the election as they stormed her rally at the Iowa State campus. They found out very quickly the lesson Buzzfeed learned. Trying to shout down Joni Ernst is like a sherpa trying to out drink Marion Ravenwood. Media attempted to Palinize Ernst by portraying her as a hick farming pig castrater and failed.

November has come and the only pig that has been castrated is Harry Reid.


Now the country has a President who has never recognized the governing authority of the House since his party lost it in a historical wave in 2010. He is now going to act out the rest of his term not recognizing the Senate. He will threaten to use his pen to veto bills while simultaneously threatening to use it for executive action, threats that have tanked his popularity.

Barack Obama has never understood is that our system of checks and balances is supposed to be arduous and as FUBAR as it can be, it was never meant for one man to reshape the entire government in his image. Either on a conscious or subconscious level everyone but celebrities in Hollywood understand this. This is a President who has largely depended on the vanity of celebrity who the country feels is starring in fifth tired boring sequel. Obama has opted to constantly give campaign style speeches about his policies on college campuses to young people who haven’t felt five years of a stagnant economy and rising costs of living. No speech is going to give a family back the doctor they lost.

Obama has become the washed up hair metal singer past his prime and singing his old hits into a microwave amplifier at the mall, recycling the same jingles from his book that he put him on the stage at the 2004 DNC Convention. Barack Obama is a brand and therefore anyone associated with him become part of that brand. Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Mark Udall and and others can’t buy into Obama Cola for six years, pass a nationalized healthcare bill and then suddenly pretend they’ve hated the taste of it all along. It doesn’t work that way.

Obama is out of ideas and the country is out of patience. There is no war on women. There is no war on blacks and the age of Obama’s divisive Alinksy organizing tactics is over. This President’s lifeblood has always been conflict.Conflict of sex, race, wealth, race, race, race. His message of growing the power of the executive branch has largely resonated on top of an obstructionist “Do Nothing Congress” enabled by Harry Reid as Majority Leader. Blocking over 350 separate pieces of legislation has allowed Obama to run around threatening to use his pen with moderate success to his Presidential image.

All of that ends.


Obama is a man alone in a world far from healed. The lead Obstructionist and primary antagonist of progress in the United States Senate, Harry Reid has been dispatched. All indicators from the White House suggest Obama, once hailed as a great uniter (no red states, no blue states) is going to strike one last defiant tone against a country who sent him a resounding message. Obama can be a President from here on out or a community organizer constantly picking fights. The country trusted him with full control in 2009 and his disinterest in discourse has caused us to revoke it ever since.

The choice is his.

On Tuesday night, the Empire State building was bathed in blood red. Alerting the country to the electoral Red Wedding which has just occurred and as a beacon of a new majority. Finally there is hope and change.

November has come


– SM –

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  1. Aaron Reply

    This was amazing. Nicely done. Brought a tear to my eye.

  2. @Potamoose Reply

    Why am I still on this page trying to think of a more eloquent way to communicate, “Booyah!!”?
    After all, The Red Wedding has just been simulcast to the galaxy; reactions will either be those of fright
    – or those of “you’re g.d. right the message is clear.”

    There’s also a goldmine in analyzing MSM in all this; they’ve been portraying the idea that #EverythingIsAwesome and
    the only ones rocking the boat are the Koch Palinbaggers.
    “Yeah, well, consider the boat rocked – but do it from over yonder; you’re in my seat” – every blue-flipped-red [R].

    Great piece, once again, SM.

  3. ChiefNavyTim Reply

    Spot on.   A must read to understand the how the last six years have been a failure.  Your mention of the Romney campaign is also a great analysis.

  4. Slam1263 (@IKnowBO) Reply

    Sweet article. I hope the enjoy their winter of discontent.

  5. Joan of Argghh! Reply

    Fine, fine corollaries here, and a keen finger on the pulse of the nation. Well done!

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