Real Genius: Feminism Leaves Science in the Dirt

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That was a tagline quote by Matthew McConaughey ‘s Cooper from the Christopher Nolan space epic Interstellar and ironically it became all too relevant last week. Science and all things thing sciency has enjoyed a pop culture love affair worthy enough of future VH1 “I Love the Twenty Teens” episodes and beyond. Science is in our movies, our television shows, our politics, our tumblr memes and reddit pages. It comes dressed in colorful bow ties, turtle necks and sometimes even fabricated quotes. Pop culture itself has become a science of its own. For example, Taylor Swift’s popularity can be easily explained with this simple scientific equation –   \hair{\$+x}{y-z^$$$}

Science in pop media is fun and it sure looks cool when Dr. Who whips out that glowy wand thingy and who doesn’t like time travel or ancient aliens. But the reality is real scientific accomplishments are few and often unheralded, which is why the whole of society collectively OOHS and AHHS when we land a rover on Mars or a probe on a distant comet, as the European Space Agency did last week. After a ten year journey, European scientists landed a robot on a comet. A moving comet.

Real science. Fuck yeah!

Tweets about the Rosetta mission actually broke the internet more than Kim Kardashian’s jelly glazed ass. These milestones inspire and remind us what we’re capable of as a species when we are at our very best and how far we’ve truly come in such a short amount of time. Like the moon landing we become humbled at our place in the universe and look inward at ourselves and our purpose. These are rare events we as a collective species can share in, all of us, as white people, brown people, old, youth, rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, male or female. That’s what makes the basic premise of a movie like Interstellar so relatable. It’s the inherent romanticism in our DNA to believe and see there’s hope for us all in things we once could not even fathom. Our humanity has the ability to travel beyond our atmosphere and to distant stars. Our dreams become palpable and in the end we are a beautiful hopeful species, not a doomed one and  if we keep looking up we can achieve anything.

And then progressive feminists decided they’ve had enough of that noise.

Suddenly we were reminded of why most ideas that push the brightest for humanity are perhaps truly science fiction and we are in fact doomed. Shortly after one of humankind’s signature scientific achievements, feminists trained their sights on the window dressing; Engineer Matt Taylor’s (awesome) shirt. Reddit and shortly Twitter blew up when they collectively took notice of  Taylor giving a livestream interview in a short sleeve custom designed bowling shirt which was basically no different than the fashion equivalent of a James Bond opening credit sequence. But the devoted members of the party that claims Dr. Who, Neil Tyson memes, Carl Sagan tumblrs and Bill Nye quotes wasn’t having any of it.

Within hours, the Naomi Wolf Fangirl Battalion in the media led by Rose Eveleth of The Atlantic were on high alert and pounding their keyboards furiously about what was really important about this monumental scientific achievement; the Fashion. A day later, Taylor, a broken man, was giving a tearful apology and Eveleth, whom apparently does not believe in equal opportunity sexism had her scalp. Progressive feminists, almost militant in their opposition to how women’s appearances are portrayed in mass media have shown all of humankind what’s really important about science; how it looks.

Matt Taylor is everything we’re told science shouldn’t be about or look like. Cigar chomping, greased hair, tattooed, bowling shirt wearing badass. He just didn’t land a robot on a comet, he throat punched science’s preconceived notions of what a rocket engineer is supposed to look like. He came off as a real life Chris Knight cracking whip smart comebacks against his corrupt professor Hathaway and his socially awkward, sexually frustrated, minion Kent and loving every single minute of it.

How could progressive feminist journalists not go after him? Outrage culture has become almost a weekly occurrence in the US. but to European engineers preoccupied with doing insignificant things like calculating the solar trajectory of a unmanned probe in outer space at the travel speed of 85,000 MPH, this was uncharted territory and that’s why Matt Taylor holds zero fault here for wearing his shirt or his weeping apology.

This is not a guy accustomed to Obama’s progressive outrage mob. He’s not an American tuned to the moral sensitivities of the Fluke brigade or the Brendan Eich lynch divsion. Feminists in media exploited this fact. They saw an easy target before he even knew what hit him. There was an interesting consensus on social media that if Taylor is going to don a shirt that bold that he should have the balls to stand up and defend it and there is truth to that. But to him it was no big deal. This was no different than our NASA’s Mohawk Guy meme but feminists found that guy cute and essentric, so he got a pass. Not only are progressives gleefully sicking mobs on all facets of American culture, but apparently they’ve developed a Hubris for what proper attire in Europe is now as well. For the past 40 years the feminist credo has been centered around transforming America into a more liberated and open sexual culture like Europe. Well, here was a liberated European Rocket Scientist displaying his fondness for sexuality, and they crucified him for it.

Suddenly an activist culture railing against the social norms of how women are supposed to look had fangs out for someone defying social norms of how a scientist should look. This intolerable shirt-against-humanity, clad with images of illustrated women in super hero spandex and seductively brandishing laser blasters conjured memories of Aeon Flux or Trinity in the Matrix, or Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna and Beyoncé – All feminist icons.

The punchline of this whole infuriating and laughable situation? The person who designed his shirt was a woman.

Matt Taylor’s shirt was designed by an alternative pin up model named Elly Prizeman, as a gift. That’s right. Feminists went after a rocket scientist for a shirt he wore, designed by his friend, whom is a woman.  Prizeman designs fashion on her own dime, as a hobby, to make extra money on the side. So if feminists have taught her anything as well, it’s that women belong in the kitchen or at home instead of following their dreams of creating a small business or brand. Feminists were silent as liberals paraded t shirts wearing “Sarah Palin is a Cunt” and Beyoncé flaunted her laser guns in a music video. That’s the heart of all of this.

Feminists aren’t feminists at all. They are liberals first, feminists maybe second and scientists a very, very, distant third. I’m talking not even in the same galaxy distant third. It would be a laughable combination if their goal wasn’t to cause as much damage to people’s lives as possible, going so far as to falsely accuse journalists defending Taylor of criminal harassment and doing so from their verified media Twitter accounts.

Prizeman went on to write a post defending her friend and demands for her design have skyrocketed. If there is a moral victory in all of this, that’s it.

prizeman 2

Almost no singularity encapsulates the sheer pettiness and parody of what modern American feminism has actually become. It’s a pseudo-religion with no gravity that has chosen false prophets and pop idols to do their preaching, making up rules as it trots along to 2016 and the hobbled inevitability of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Much like what most of the progressive left believes today, It’s a religion and therefore cannot reconcile itself with actual science or real scientific achievements. Modern feminism has no real tangible accomplishments. From what I can gather it pretty much boils down to two things: Fashion and abortion.

It doesn’t matter that Beyoncé’s songs are written by a team of male collaborators, what matters is that she looks fierce. It doesn’t matter that a rocket scientist just landed a robot on a comet 300,000,000 miles from our Earth. As long as he does not look fierce.

Try telling a feminist what they can and cannot wear to a space launch and good luck with the lawsuit.

The upside in all of this is that there was real push back for once against this ghoulish, leftist cult of intolerance and it far extended the reach of internet subcultures. Actual members of the web news media stood up. Reddit promptly came to Taylor’s defense. Prizeman (pictured above) received  an outpouring of support on her Facebook page. Mainstream social media users scratching their heads this past month over what the hell Gamergate was finally understand that no one person and no one accomplishment is off limits. This was a big bang moment where perhaps feminists in media realize they are not above criticism nor is the lynch mob they send and the progressive past time of grievance hunting is coming to an exhaustive end, simply because they are running out of people to defend them. Matt Taylor, after working with a team that spent several years obsessing and caring on something, and celebrating an accomplishment no one in the history of human kind had ever done, had his head in the stars.

During his apology his head was bowed to the dirt.



– SM –


Read more about the absurdity of #Shirtstorm.

 Jon Gabriel @ Ricochet
Kemberlee Kaye @ Legal Insurrection
Heather Wilhelm @ The Federalist
Glenn Reynolds @ USA Today
Asche Schow @ Washington Examiner







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  1. EndOfPatience Reply

    Everybody remember all the public shaming and demands that people be fired for making this, that, or the other Leftist victim group have a bad feel?  Everybody on board with the idea that “turnabout is fair play”?

    Rose Eveleth.  Atlantic magazine.  Here:

  2. Übermensch Reply

    This article is almost perfect, and the linking of this and Gamergate really shows how people everywhere are seeing ‘feminists’ for what they really are, a rabid, cultish hate group. Just one thing, these people are NOT progressives. Progression isn’t one step forward, two steps back, but this is what they do. Except the steps forward are theirs, and the steps backwards are anyone else’s.

  3. Mark Stewart Reply

    The only thing wrong with this whole affair is Taylor didn’t tell his detractors to F*ck off.  I don’t understand why he gave a damn about the feminist outrage.  Perhaps it was pressure from his employer.

    • John Morris Reply

      Yup. Guy spent most of his adult life on a project entirely funded by the EU and instantly realized that grovelling was the only way he would have even a chance of keeping his job long enough to see the end game on his project.

  4. PBJ5959 Reply

    What is hilarious is that Feminists got mad at Mark Zuckerberg because they claimed he said they care more about fashion than science and technology (he didn’t). Then they literally showed that they care more about fashion than science or technology.

  5. Octopus Reply

    There’s a little something hanging out of the girl’s nose, there.  No biggie, it’s the cold and flu season.  Other than that, this whole piece is killer-diller.  

  6. Mitch Reply

    Feminist [hurr-durr-durr]
    Life support for a limbic system.

  7. LC Reply

    Thanks for linking to my article. Feel free not to ever refer to anything I write ever again- I don’t think it suits you. 

    • S. Miller Reply

      I linked to your post and your site for a very specific purpose. Did not just Google and scroll.

  8. LyAnne Reply

    I have to say this is fairly ridiculous. If someone wants to be a feminist, they should be able to wear what you want, yes, but the door swings both ways. Men should also be able to wear what they want and not be persecuted for it. 

    If you are for feminism, you should be looking for equal opportunity/equal requirements as men have, not acting like they are better. If you have a social media understanding of feminism, feminism does not work in the way people make it out to be. If someone thinks they are better for being female, they are not a feminist. There is a difference between feminists and feminazis. 

    Feminists look for equal rights. Pure equal rights. The same consequences as men and vice versa. 

    Feminazis is a term created in the 1970s to describe feminists who wanted equal rights, but wanted to be treated higher than men rather than equals just because of their gender.

    Use the article as an example then information from  popular events. 

    Matt Taylor landed a space craft on a comet increasing our knowledge in scientific research, into the unknown, and in humanity as a whole. He and his team managed to do something no one has ever been able to do in the entirety of human existence. Who cares what he wore? 

    It’s a piece of cloth with images on it. If you break down a Hawaiian shirt, you get cotton or cotton dobby. This shirt was created by a female friend and if you look at his tattoos. You see he has a tattoo of the project with the word “Rosetta”. The female is not many females, it’s one patterned. Anyone remember what fighter pilots did to their planes in world war II? They would name the plane then paint a girl on the side of them which would represent the plane but also remind them what they were fighting for. So could it possibly be that that is his representation of the rover?

    Truth of the matter, the shirt compared to what they did as scientists is not important AT ALL. He probably just through it on because it was clean and he was excited or it could be a representation of the rover. 

    Has anyone seen what photographers have done as far as pin up photography, artistic nudes, and nudes or artists? Where is the hate for these or is it only those who make it on a social media?

    Now lets go to the walks which appear online from Feminazis. Clothing is clothing. Don’t want a guy touching you at the club with what you wear? Guy touches you, it has now become self defense. Punch the guy. Too drunk? Go with a friend who is the designated driver and Im sure they will take care of it or get someone to do it for them. Picketing in little to no clothing while asking to not be objectified will not get the message across. 

    You want to make a statement, look at Lady Godiva. She rode nude on horseback then made a speech at the end to fight oppressive taxes. His taxes were actually effecting people. He did not wear a shirt which the towns people found offensive. She was willing to be hanged and lose everything. If people are willing to lose all for a cause including life and liberty, then you will draw attention. There has to be something that is actually threatening your life. A shirt does not make that list. 

    I find nothing offensive with the guy’s shirt. Did he say anything about the women on the shirt or down grade women in general? Ladies wear male superhero and actors on their shirts all the time. Should women apologize to men for wearing shirts as well? 

    If you want equal rights, make sure they are equal. We’ve successfully evolved for billions of year. Let’s act like it!

  9. ashten whited Reply

    Well done sir. S&M by Rihanna is another good pic to include- a video featuring bubblegum bondage. But no feminist outrage there. #WhereIstheFeministOutrage? For a while I tried to make sense of this, but I think Robert Tracinski at the Federalist nailed it when he said  “there are no inconsistent rules” (, in order to enable them to be whimsically abusive, a la O’Brien in 1984. 

    Wasn’t Interstellar so refreshing? I thought of the same analogy when I saw it, people who are so myopic, and focused on trivial offenses, vs people who dream big. Ah well, the solipsists won’t leave their mark, and the dreamers will… we can hope.

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