MOBZILLA. The Purging of Brendan Eich


It was revealed last week that in 2008, Mozilla’s CEO donated over $1000 to a political campaign that was staunch anti same-sex marriage.

The CEO’s name is John Lilly

According to Open Secrets, John Lilly made a political contribution to candidate Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in the amount of $2,300. Lilly quietly stepped down under his own accord as Mozilla’s CEO in 2010. So why was Lilly, who donated money to an anti same-sex marriage campaign, not singled out, but incoming/outgoing Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced to resign when it was revealed that he donated to Proposition 8 in California in 2008, the exact same year Barack Obama stated he believed marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman.

Why did Mozilla spare John Lilly but sacrifice Brendan Eich at the altar of rabid progressive mob who claims to be all inclusive and tolerant of free speech?

Because this has nothing to do with gay rights or gay marriage.

This is about Barack Obama and his culture of activism. This is about advancing progressivism ideology and no person, regardless of their contribution to the planet can be left standing if the perception exists that they stand in the way of that agenda. This is why our President has remained silent in the wake of recent rash of progressive mob tactics.


This is a president whose personal action army stands on street corners with handmade signs, confronts representatives at their offices, attends climate camps, lays down in traffic and throws birthday parties for their leader.

When a group of spoiled but well organized anarchists overtook Zucotti Park in Lower Manhattan, Obama simply said they were expressing overall frustrations. That was the end of the discussion and Occupy was encouraged to continue for weeks?despite health code violations and assaults on law enforcement. No one spoke out for the dozens of affected businesses or people who were harassed daily just trying to get to and from work.

Cambridge police detained a black Harvard professor in his home on a suspected breaking and entering response call when he refused to provide ID. This was a local incident that somehow demanded a presidential proclamation that the police had ‘acted stupidly’. Without a full report of the facts, Barack Obama spoke out against what he perceived to be a great injustice and used the most powerful office in the world to play chief activist.

Barack Obama opposes Florida gun laws, therefore a comment on the shooting death of one black teenager is warranted and out comes a mob. Pro-life protection laws signed in Texas. Out comes a mob. Presidential proclamation on equal pay for women? Out comes a mob. Debating climate change, immigration, entitlement reforms? Out comes a mob.

Barack Obama thinks his job is to lead the mob, not the country. When the mob dishes out justice, as they did with Brendan Eich, there’s nothing more for him to say.


Obama only speaks out when he sees something he disagrees with. That’s what progressive activists do. He doesn’t take to stage or podium and remind people of the protected First Amendment right of all Americans and that Eich’s contribution to political causes is important to the free political process of participation. As the Democrat Party binges on a Koch Brothers fueled narrative about millionaires owning elections with their wallets, they remained deftly silent about one private citizen, donating a mere one thousand dollars to the cause of his choice, a choice protected by the Constitution and upheld, repeatedly by the Supreme Court.

brendan_eichThis isn’t about getting money out of politics or support for anti-gay marriage legislation almost an entire decade ago. This is about intimidating, punishing, and ultimately eliminating conservative donors, no matter who or where they are. This is a war of attrition being conducted against any target, at no matter the personal to the target, their accomplishments, contributions to society or family.

Brendan Eich’s head has been placed on a pike at the gates to serve as a warning to anyone with any measure of personal or professional capital at stake to rethink their personal beliefs, and challenge Barack Obama.

By purging Eich and satisfying the liberal mob, Mozilla has stated they themselves are no longer a company driven by innovation, technology and source coding. They are a company driven by the ideological segregation of political beliefs; the idea that an individual is not welcome, no matter their education, expertise or accomplishments unless they fall in line with a certain set of ideological attributes.

Mozilla retweeted Credo Mobile’s defense of their decision to part ways with Eich. Is there any doubt where Credo stands ideologically? Are Credo Mobile and Barack Obama and his mob now going to decide who is best suited to run Mozilla? These are the people who believe Brendan Eich isn’t competent to serve as the head of his industry position but Kathleen Sebelius is competent to serve at the head of hers.

Mozilla now believes their sole responsibility is limited to those who are ideologically aligned with them. Just like Barack Obama. Mozilla is no longer a web software corporation. They are a progressive liberal company, specializing in the development and advancement of liberal ideas. This conversion occurred the moment they pushed Brendan Eich out the door and wrote their epitaph of inclusion on their website blog, which as it turns out was so inclusive and open that the posting was closed to comments.

None of Brendan Eich’s accomplishments or qualifications matter anymore.


Brendan Eich is not a political activist. This is a man who has constructed his life around data and code. Data has no political agenda. Software coding for web software technologies is about as apolitical as it gets.

If you browse just about any webpage on the internet today, Eich’s fingerprints are on it. Brendan Eich created something called JavaScript, a dynamic web language of commands, nodes and functions. As someone who studied web interaction technologies for three years and struggled to understand hard JavaScript coding, I have many personal reasons to despise Brendan Eich. His political donations are not one of them.

If you use an online web browser, you are using the language that Brendan Eich created. If you own a Mac or a Windows PC, you use JavaScript. If you use an iphone, Droid, Samsung or any other mobile phone application, you use JavaScript. If you use a tablet or ipad, you use JavaScript. If you play a video game, you use JavaScript. If you use design software tools such as Adobe Suite, Photoshop or Illustrator, you use JavaScript. And if you are a Mozilla employee who took to Twitter to demand Brendan Eich’s resignation, you did so using JavaScript. The modern internet and web-based software designed around it, as we know it, would not exist if notfor Eich. This is a man who has transformed the world and how technology is used to communicate and bring people together using a language they don’t even know they are speaking. Hundreds of thousands of developers owe their job, or start-up to Eich. Millions more work with his creations every single day. OkCupid, the website with the brilliant marketing idea that resulted in Eich’s scalp cannot function without his contributions.

Mozilla as a company, does not exist without Brendan Eich as he was also the co-founder of the company and it’s foundation.

And this is, meaningless to progressives.

Mozilla employees were so eager to participate in the activist society (Even going so far to refer to themselves as Mozillians) that Mozilla’s purpose as a web technology company no longer mattered.?The very same employees that owe their career to Brendan Eich were demanding he step down.?Brendan Eich’s contributions to the world and their lives do not matter. His $1000 contribution to a political campaign 8 years ago does. Data according to Mozilla and the way it communicates with us is now politically biased and therefore no longer allowed to exist under liberal societal law and their company philosophy.

Upon Eich’s resignation, he posted a brief statement on his personal website explaining what he hopes to accomplish moving forward. Mozilla posted a statement of their own on their official blog

Mozilla proclaimed the need for openness and inclusiveness, stating:

“Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech.
And you need free?speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at
the same time can be hard.”

Eich stated the need to advance and protect user data on the web:

Can we do better with client-side and private-cloud tiers, zero-knowledge proofs?and protocols, or other ideas?
In the end, I asked these four questions:

Can a browser/OS ?unionize its users? to gain bargaining power vs. net super-powers?
To create a data commons with ?API to me? and aggregated/clustered economics?
Open the walled gardens to put users first?
Still be usable and private-enough for most?

Personally, I know which one I prefer with my information as it relates to web technology and the growing questions of net neutrality and user data as it affects functionality of applications. Mozilla is content to placate a liberal mob and the ramifications of these decisions will linger long after Barack Obama leaves office and his unicorn riding mafia grows up and thins out. Brendan Eich will continue to pursue challenges posed by the innovations of web technologies where he can but certainly not in an arena dominated by the thought police.

The progressive liberal mob is in the process of resegregating society and ‘otherizing’ anyone that does not agree with them and they are being led by a President is not only encouraging it, but who has given them the blueprint for their tactics.

The question then becomes who isn’t a target?

This is no longer about coexisting with others of diverse beliefs and values. This is about revenge. If the country shifts toward same-sex marriage via ballot measures, so be it. Punishing anyone and everyone who exercises their free dissenting opinion delegitimizes the entire movement for which a valid legal case can be made. Some of the gay rights movement’s most vocal supporters agree with that assessment.

People who thought they would never be on the receiving end of the activist society are having their lives turned upside down. A pair of wealthy brothers involved in the political process of social welfare and philanthropy are targets just as much as a private citizen who donates a mere thousand dollars. If Brendan Eich can be marginalized, persuaded and ultimately intimidated into submission, who can’t be?

This country has always inherited the traits of our leaders and the culture is guided by it. When Lois Lerner can use the taxing authority of the IRS to target private citizens by either leaking their information to opposition groups, or stopping them from participating altogether, free of legal consequences and aided by the hyper-partisan motivations of the chief executive, progressive scalp hunting on a massive scale will be allowed. It will be encouraged,

And it will continue.



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  1. Comrade J Reply

    Side note:
    In firing Eich Mozilla violated CA Labor Code:

    1101. ?No employer shall make, adopt, or enforce any rule,?regulation, or policy:
    ? ?(a) Forbidding or preventing employees from engaging or?participating in politics or from becoming candidates for public?office.
    ? ?(b) Controlling or directing, or tending to control or direct the?political activities or affiliations of employees.

    1102. ?No employer shall coerce or influence or attempt to coerce or?influence his employees through or by means of threat of discharge?or loss of employment to adopt or follow or refrain from adopting or?following any particular course or line of political action or?political activity.

    • Lyle Petersen Reply

      That would only apply if Eich had forced them to actually fire him. By “resigning”, he let his former employers off the legal hook.

  2. Emma Reply

    A great commentary, I especially liked the ‘unicorn riding mafia’ comment!

  3. alessandrareflections Reply

    Very nice article. Any person with an ounce of a brain is appalled at what happened here. The good this is that this episode clearly showed the true ugly colors of LGBTs who want to normalize homosexuality. They are a mafia and they won’t stop with Eich. Especially because many social conservatives never react against them.

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