Mission Statement: Into The Wilderness.

It’s where we are. It’s a fact that has to be accepted. And we should accept it with open arms. We have been relegated to the wilderness by both a dying media structure and establishment of Conservatives who either have no knowledge of how politics and media have changed, or are complicit in their demise. This is a good thing.

It’s time to embrace counterculture conservatism.

This is a good thing because we are free to experiment with under utilized practices in a new media. Reach out with fresh philosophies, and leave behind those that choose not to come along. Network media and?Liberal infrastructure want conservatives to believe thatprinciples and beliefs are outdated.

The very dinosaurs lecturing to us about outdated principles are right now fighting off extinction. Their demise is inevitable. The NY Times, Newsweek, CBS, MSNBC, CNN. These are organizations in no position to dictate what our narrative and brand must become. That is up to us and only us. This is the exact reason why progressive leftists do not understand us. Beliefs and principles do not have a born on date. They do not expire.

We have to be prepared and equipped to adapt or we die. That is the new reality in the Barack Obama created age of viral politics. This is where our President and his willing army of flying media monkeys have proclaimed we only exist now. It’s a proclamation we can use to our advantage and should. We have been playing catch up for two of the last three elections now. We cannot afford to play from behind on another. What they do not understand about us, as with most things, is that rarely do we exist and fight from a point of ideological weakness and never do we let them define who we are and what we believe.

The wilderness is a place of strength where extraordinary ideas and theories can gestate. The best place?to set off a batch of fireworks is not in the middle of the city. It’s out in the woods, where they will?shine brightest. It is an exciting time for us because we almost have nothing to lose…Almost.

We are now the counterculture and we should start behaving as such. We must continue to not be afraid. we must learn to laugh at ourselves a little bit more and we must be open to new ideas as we fight our way back.

The stated purpose of The Wilderness is to open Conservatives to new ideas in viral media and to broaden minds. With assistance from mainstream mass media, Barack Obama? has integrated deep into the psyche of modern day culture and the innumerable group think, hive mind. Not because of who he is as a man, but because of brilliant packaging. It is more important and easier to be cool and accepted than it is to be the minority in the counter culture. The new branding of cultural Liberalism needs to be fully absorbed to be understood and countered. Democrats in government and Liberals in media will snark from behind teleprompters and cue cards about the massive rebranding effort underway in the GOP. But it was not the GOP that underwent the most massive rebranding effort in the history of American political culture.

That was Barack Obama. He alone has created the new counterculture conservative and he did it by trying to silence us.

The new conservatives are men and women with families who never in their entire lives would think they would take to social media to express their opinions, frustrations and outrage at the country crumbling before their very eyes. They are hashtag warriors that don’t hesitate to hijack the vapid sloganeering of an empty marketing vessel. They are citizen journalists inspired by a titan who departed too early but left a single three letter word as instuction… “War”. They are teenagers on the precipice of voting for the first time and are daring us to defy web and network media to sell them a 70 year old woman with a bad penchant for pantsuits and a body count as the next definition of cool. New Conservatives are college students more concerned about a President overseeing their phone and internet data then they are the national debt, inspired by a 13 hour act of defiance. They are post graduates who left their college campus without an internship or career and with it their Shepard Fairey posters on the wall, disenchanted by a media appointed Demi-God they entrusted their futures and dreams to, only to have them cancelled. They are 28-35 year olds like yours truly forced to face a reality years ago and who are integrated into the culture of liberalism, tired of constantly being exposed to the hypocrisy of being called a racist and a sexist by the party with a long storied history of using women and standing in college doorways.

Everything has changed in viral media and politics and we must change with it.

With those stated goals in mind for readers, The Wilderness will present a feature piece focus driven from a point of dynamism and creativity to convey a conservative message in a different way on a weekly basis. Content will include interviews with underground artists and musicians in conservative counter culture, trends and online memes, ridiculing + exposing the leftist message of Pepsi Politics and unique perspectives on current events. 

My name is Stephen Miller. I am compelled to fight. The Wilderness is my blog. 

– S. Miller

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    I’ll read it. This seems to be something in your wheelhouse.?

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