Homeland Bound: Obama’s Ego Creates Another Scandal



In the movie Wag the Dog, a skilled political operative (Robert DeNiro) and a famed movie producer (Dustin Hoffman) devise a plan to stage a POW rescue to keep the President’s sex scandal from torpedoing his re-election chances. Images of his face are held up with flags. They get Willie Nelson to write a song and citizens begin throwing “Old shoes” over power lines in support. The country comes together, united behind a brave hero. The only problem is POW Willy Schumann ( played by Woody Harrelson) whose release they secretly arrange, turns out to be a violent lunatic who loses control and causes the transport plane to crash, en route to the photo op with the President. Hoffman and DeNiro are left sitting in the burning, flamed-out wreckage of the plane trying to talk themselves up from impending doom.”This is nothing!” Hoffman proclaims, his catch phrase throughout the film as he deals with mounting crisis after crisis.On Saturday, Barack Obama, desperate to get a Veterans Affairs cover up scandal out of the news cycle and off Sunday morning shows, announced that the only remaining POW of the Afghanistan war, Bowe Bergdahl was coming home, in exchange for five high level Taliban commanders. He did so with the soldier’s parents, Bob and Jani Bergdahl at his side. Obama, bathed in warm afternoon sunlight, in a rose garden in full bloom, proclaimed “This is a good day.” and warmly embraced the elated couple. The VA cover ups were down the memory hole. Oprah was probably crying.

It took all of about 6 hours for the carelessly crafted narrative surrounding Bowe Bergdahl and dad to start crumbling.

It was revealed that Obama broke law by failing to notify congress of the intended prisoner transfer 30 days prior. The White House didn’t even pretend that no laws were broken, just that they felt they were in the right, as Jay Carney put it. The Obama loyalists in the media tried to play it up as a matter of oppostion perspective and failed. The law was broken. The administration just doesn’t care and they know mass media doesn’t care either.

This is nothing.

Several links turned up on Twitter and YouTube of Bob Bergdahl professing sympathies for the Taliban and in one tweet, promising divine revenge for the deaths of every Afghanistan child. Shortly after it went viral, it disappeared without explanation. In addition to tweeting regularly with at Taliban propaganda website and declaring western democracy a cult, he also made sympathetic web videos towards the Taliban on behalf of his son. Social media wondered if this was some Stockholm Syndrome by proxy. More than likely it was just a father reaching out to his son the only way he knew how. What matters is this was not the same man?the White House put in front of a Presidential podium. This was a man actively engaged in anti US propaganda who just shared an embrace with the leader of the free world.

This is nothing.

A semi-anonymous twitter user claiming to be part of Bergdahl’s unit began tweeting out the story of Bergdahl’s apparent desertion, blow by blow, including naming 6 soldiers of that unit killed while searching for him. Wikileaks documents on the web seemed to confirm what @codyFNFootball was recalling, as did a Pentagon report from 2010, stating they believe Bergdahl went AWOL. Comments began surfacing in Facebook groups of Bergdahl stating his disenchantment with the US Military and their cause in Afghanistan. The most social media savvy presidency in history apparently thought that people on social media would be so enamored at the return of Bergdahl, that they wouldn’t take 5 minutes and research just who exactly Bowe or his father are or the history of how he went missing or how the administration got him returned. The administration’s narrative that Bowe Bergdahl was a heroic combat veteran ambushed by Taliban commandos and held in captivity against his will was demolished.

This is nothing.

By Monday morning, members of Bergdahl’s former unit began breaking confidentiality agreements and opening up to willing ears in media, a day after Susan Rice once again made her way to Sunday Morning shows and said Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.” Apparently soldiers who didn’t abandon their post still take offense at participation trophies when it comes to their sacred oath and duty. The only person that could be found defending Bergdahl was an NBC reporter embedded with them at the time. By Tuesday liberal knives in both Congress and media had come out to discredit members of Bergdahl’s unit and those putting them in touch with anyone who would hear a story that directly contradicts the White House. Discredit and marginalize anyone who disputes the White House’s version of events, including soldiers who did not abandon their post or forfeit their duties. It doesn’t matter who or what Bowe Bergdahl believes or did. He’s an American. Except that he might not be. He’s a POW held against his will. Except that he might not be.

This is nothing.

Barack Obama was hoping for a swift end to the VA cover up scandal and was convinced a prisoner transfer and show would give him a week’s worth of good news. Except the mystery of Bowe Bergdahl is just beginning. Four days into a bizarre and evolving scandal with possible bigger ramifications than a secretary resigning,?we are left with a deserter and possible defector or worse, more Susan Rice untruths and a progressive media complex desperately trying to stop the bleeding on another Obama Administration self-inflicted wound, the direct result of President Selfie’s own ego and hubris.

Standing next to one terrorist sympathizer in a living room launched his political career. Perhaps he thought standing next to another in the Rose Garden would save it.

BB_TweetThe issue however is not Bob Bergdahl. It’s not even Bob Bergdahl’s facial hair, or what language he spoke or what words he said in Arabic that made Obama smile. It’s that he was given the opportunity to say them at the Presidential podium. Bob Bergdahl is an American, free to hold any beliefs about this country he so desires, even if those views are un-American. That’s what makes us great.

The concern should lie with a President and his handlers who feels the need to leap at a photo op so cavalierly that they either didn’t know who he was standing with, or they just didn’t care.

Either Barack Obama and the White House knew of Bob Bergdahl’s sympathies toward the Taliban and chose to ignore it, thinking it would just be washed away by a complicit media to caught up on the heroic POW narrative, or the most social media savvy presidential administration in US history didn’t do background on him that regular people with Twitter accounts did in under thirty minutes. This isn’t of course the first time White House Comms ignored background on a possible crazy before putting the most important person in the world within feet of them.

Both scenarios are frightening.

Bob Bergdahl’s views are irrelevant. What is relevant is that a terrorist group not only has five really bad guys back under their wing, but a Presidential photo souvenir the entire world saw to go along with it.

The question then has to be asked of Obama about the justification of the deal itself. If the Taliban is not a designated terror group, and if they are reluctant to name Boko Haram a terror group, then who is a terror group? The only two groups Obama has publicly declared to be terrorists are Al Qaeda and Republicans.

Obama is a President who recognizes the Taliban’s governing authority enough to broker deals with them, but does not recognize the governing authority of duly elected representatives with an (R) after their name in this country. He has chosen to simply not recognize Republican’s elected rights to govern.

The debate is settled.

The only actual terror group Barack Obama has ever given that designation to is Al Qaeda. The Obama administration believes they have to keep a face of success on at all times. Obama views victories and losses like a playoff series in sports, hence why it took so long for incompetent secretaries like Sebelius and Shinseki to be held to the even smallest degree of responsibility. Because Barack Obama viewed those losses as personal skewers. He feels he lost a couple games.

By openly designating that Al Qaeda is somehow the only terror group on the entire planet, the administration can continuously run victory laps around the corpse of Osama Bin Laden and their claim that he has decimated their core leadership. Leaving groups that kidnap hundreds of young girls or blow up Buddhist statues and suicide bomb almost at will off that list gives the administration precious maneuvering abilities when it comes to breaking congressional law and brokering deals. By engaging with the Taliban and the Haqqani Network, instead of the Karzai government, Obama is signaling that the White House believes the Taliban is a controlling authority in Afghanistan and legitimatizing who they are and what they stand for. Why does he believe this? Does he believe the Taliban was usurped by the United States in an unjust war? Does he believe the Taliban has legitimate claims to Afghanistan and other countries as say someone like Vladimir Putin does to Ukraine?

This isn’t as simple as creating a hashtag, retrieving a man in uniform and then telling Ryan Seacrest about it. Almost six years into his Presidency and Obama is still afraid to tell the American people what he really believes. Why? These questions matter because Barack Obama seems intent on proving true every single radical progressive cliche people have about him and modern liberals. Appeasement of our enemies at any cost and isolation of our allies no matter any price.

So despite creating another situation from his own naive haste, Obama cannot be wrong about Bergdahl. Something else must now be responsible. Even after sending Susan Rice out (again) to prop up a narrative they know not to be true. Even after doubling down in Poland when asked if he was aware of Bergdahl’s anti-American beliefs. That “thing” is going to be war itself, more specifically, Bush’s war. The Bush war that Obama has vowed to end and seemingly any cost necessary.

It’s been on the tip of the tongue of Democrats for the past couple of years to start saying the Afghanistan war was unjust all along. This was not something they could causally say so soon after the Twin Towers collapsed. They smiled and played along. But in time and Bowe Bergdahl they finally now have that excuse. He shouldn’t have even been in Afghanistan to begin with. Bush’s fault. If Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell are the proud faces of war on the right, Bowe Bergdahl will become the antithesis for the left.. This brave young man and future senatorial candidate, who stood up to his commanders in?an unjust military occupation. The soldiers who died as a result of Bergdahl’s dissidence?will become nothing more than #memes. It’s already starting.

Deserter Bergdahl will become the conscientious objector to Bush’s unjust war that Barack Obama is valiantly ending.

This begs the question of Barack Obama, a question no journalist thought to ask him during the 2008 coronation tour. How would he have handled the nation’s response to 9/11? Does he believe the demands made of the Taliban to turn over Al Qaeda commanders by George W. Bush to be unjust? If so does he believe the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were not the fault of Al Qaeda terrorists, but of the nation they felt was invading their Muslim holy lands? The only reference found on record of Barack Obama’s response to 9/11 was published in the Hyde Park Herald on September 19th, 2001:

“We must also engage, however, in the more difficult task of understanding the sources of such madness. The essence of this tragedy, it seems to me, derives from a fundamental absence of empathy on the part of the attackers: an inability to imagine, or connect with, the humanity and suffering of others. Such a failure of empathy, such numbness to the pain of a child or the desperation of a parent, is not innate; nor, history tells us, is it unique to a particular culture, religion, or ethnicity. It may find expression in a particular brand of violence, and may be channeled by particular demagogues or fanatics. Most often, though, it grows out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair.

It’s the typical vague speech of platitudes that never reveals what he truly believes, the same kind that had people scratching their heads in front of West Point graduates last week as he pledged to send them off to the corners of the planet to fight the real terror threat – global warming. Obama wants us to believe Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction when there is almost indisputable evidence he abandoned his unit in war time. Instead of simply telling the American people the truth about Bowe Bergdahl, we got more photo op theater that now creates another scandal he himself will inevitably have to separate himself from and blame on the other team that he refused to consult in the first place. In doing so, honorable men and women who did not abandon their post and did not walk off their base will inventively be smeared by this President’s dwindling band of loyal defenders.

As the mystery of Bowe Bergdahl unravels itself and as hearings undoubtedly come regarding the administration’s actions, Obama will be sifting through what’s left of the wreckage of the situation he himself created, trying to convince himself that once again, this is nothing.

– SM –




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  1. OldmanRick Reply

    The country had been searching for the brat’s legacy. Now we have it – failure at all levels.

  2. Kevin Reply

    Nice article.
    What this president represents is the quality of disconnect that something close to half of the United States is deluded with as well. That is what is scary. This guy should have never made it to office, period. I blame public school.

  3. I. C. Nielsen Reply

    ? ? ?Thank you. Spot on, researched, powerful. Your piece tells me we are at a danger point more menacing than all the others that our brave and glorious leader has brought us to in the past. Time to double the guard for two years is far to much time for this malevolence to have.
    ? ? ?Personally I hope profilers and psychologists take pen to paper and get busy. Theres a queasy, broken tick tock sound emanating out of D.C., straight out of the People’s house that MUST be fixed, or at least shackled. Too much blood (fast and furious, allowing no-knock warrants, despicable ROE’s, Benghazi and now the Bergdahl rescuers) is on his hands and he lust .Does’t. Care
    ? ? ?Thank you again for a solid, tart screed and hopefully the Pen will be mightier than the Sword. ??

  4. Tired of Liars & Idiots Reply

    Excellent article–very well written, full of truth and also some sharp jabs at the idiocracy that has befallen America.

    (BTW, please leave alone the standard format for a webpage instead of messing around with basic mechanisms like the scroll bar. Thanks.) 😀

  5. Stephen M Reply

    Excellent read. ?Looking forward to the follow-up. Way to go, Stephen.

  6. Mike F Reply

    ?This is nothing? reminds me of the phrase from my two fun filled years in Sunny Southeast Asia: ?Don?t mean nothin? – drive on.? Except it usually did!?

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