Defiance and Defeat: What We Learned.

It took five years but the network media complex has finally found their new boogeyman. With assistance from Barack Obama Inc, they were able to marginalize Cruz (at least for now) the very same way they were able to Palin during the 2008 election and ever since. Radicalize him, belittle him and discredit him by marginalizing him (Saul Alinksy 101)?If ten people were stopped on the street, they would tell you they hate Ted Cruz but would not be able to say why. This is the same mission team Obama accomplished with the constant chipping away at Sarah Palin over two years.?With the help of a bully media, Palin became little more than a caricature of herself to the public eye but in doing so also became one of the most influential figures in the conservative movement.

The same will happen to Ted Cruz. There are both advantages and pitfalls to this.

Cruz_with_Palin_Barack Obama read the children’s story “Where the Wild Things Are” to a group of children which left puzzled photographs any other politician would be laughed at for. During his marathon 21 hour filibuster, Ted Cruz read Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham to his daughters who were watching on television. Both examples are poignant moments. Only one was ridiculed as a political sideshow. Ted Cruz should understand that against the media, for now, he is a man alone.

The problem for Democrats and liberal activists? Ted Cruz is going to be a Senator with influence for a very long time and therefore because he holds very real senatorial power, will not be someone the media can ignore. From the CR/Shutdown battle on, Cruz will get the focus and will become the defacto head of Tea Party Republicans. ?No one since Palin has evoked such a visceral reaction on the Left as Cruz, to the point of even creating a new birther movement in progressive media to discredit him. The first time the left tried this tactic, the person they used it against became the 44th President of the United States.

The current goal of Obama’s network media coming out of the CR/Shutdown fight is to radicalize and marginalize Ted Cruz as much as possible and as fast as possible. For this reason alone it’s imperative to stand with him, regardless of how conservatives feel about the Shutdown.

Media is terrified of Ted Cruz and not because he is going to destroy the country or is?committing economic treason.. It’s because he clearly articulates a message and by Washington standards is a very young guy. Cruz is now a member of the coming youth movement in conservative politics that already includes a very deep bench. ?Cruz would be wise to study the path of Sarah Palin, both the good and bad.

Palin today has become one of the best public trolls of network media in the country. She has embraced the characterization of her by the them and has used that effectively as firepower against them. Cruz, being an elected official does not have that kind of bombastic freedom but he is new breed of Conservative that understand the ideological war being waged by Barack Obama now and most certainly will be by Hillary Clinton. Cruz’ strength is he is going to have plenty of time to sharpen his knives long after John McCain has left the Senate.

It’s more painfully apparent even after 6 years – GOP leadership ignores who Barack Obama really is and even worse, who he would become after winning reelection. I don’t begrudge John Boehner for the position he finds himself in. But John Boehner is a cut from the cloth of a professional and polished politician. He comes from a world where people make deals with handshakes over a drink in a back room. The problem is the country is faced with a President who is constantly positioning himself as an outsider of Washington, not the guy in charge of it. Raising your voice above room level once a week in front of the press doesn’t cut it.

Politicians like John Boehner do not know how to stand toe to toe with a political opponent that doesn’t care about negotiation. What’s frustrating about this is John Boehner is not a stupid man. One would think that after being punked during the fiscal cliff, punked during the sequester and now thoroughly punked during the CR stand off, he would eventually learn that a President who orders his party to use the language of extremism is not a President acting in “Good Faith”. ?Its a fundamental flaw of the the older generation of all politicians. They aren’t involved in the debates happening on Twitter and social media and now in the streets. That’s where Obama machine was built. The McCain campaign didn’t understand it. The Romney campaign tried but failed to understand it.

This is not just the usual legislative bickering between political parties that holds us all over until election season. This is a bare knuckle street fight and the GOP still does not understand this. Right now GOP Leadership is the guy who keeps sticking his hand out for a shake and gets slugged between the eyes instead. This is ideological warfare, not politics and it’s exhausting trying to defend it.

If the GOP wants to figure out Barack Obama, they need to stop looking at his time as President or as Senator and start looking more into who he was as a community organizer and State Senator in Chicago. Obama doesn’t care about handshakes. He doesn’t care about word of honor. He is seeking the unconditional elimination of the political opponents that costed him the House in 2010. Any more assumptions of “Good faith” should have been thrown out the window long ago. If the GOP is going to play brinkmanship they must be willing to take the fight to places he won’t. They’ve had five years and two elections to do so and have failed.

The question must be asked from here on out then –  What are they prepared to do?


anarchists1As a candidate in 2008, Barack Obama was all about healing and uniting. No Red States or Blue States. Today as President Obama uses the language reserved for terrorists to describe people who disagree with him. Bomb throwers, Hostage takers, Arsonists & Suicide bombers. These were all terms Obama’s White House used to describe Republicans, even as Obama’s twitter account, run by OFA changed the avatar to represent something far more anarchistic in nature. He will not negotiate, he will not compromise and anyone who tries will be dealt with brutally. The gloves are off.

Get used to it.

Barack Obama is governing from a position of mandate, now strengthened by a perceived fractured GOP. His attitude is simple. I won the 2012 election. The 2012 election was a referendum on me and my policies. He knows there won’t be another election and he’s not a President running for legacy. His legacy is secure with his heritage and a phalanx of media guards. He – Does – Not – Care. It’s why he was able to say he would not negotiate on a Congressional CR and call political opponents arsonists and anarchists. He wasn’t going to lose the PR battle in the media. NY Times, Washington Post, NBC/CBC/ABC all carried the exact narrative he wanted and they will continue to do so until he leaves office.

Get used to this incarnation of Barack Obama.

ETNObama Pretend for a moment, that the GOP controlled both the Senate and the House during this CR/Shutdown. Can anyone envision Barack Obama acting or doing anything differently? That’s why even with a GOP controlled Senate in 2014 these fights will continue. The country is faced with a President who believes he has nothing to lose and is insulated by a media bent on protecting their reputations as well as his. The best path forward is to expose Obama for who he really is. During the shutdown we saw a petty, uncivil tyrant who told the people in his cabinet to “Make it hurt”

Obama presides by fear and implements his policies through causing pain. ?Want people driving more fuel efficient vehicles? ?Don’t rely on market economics. Hit people in their wallets. Choke them off oil with $8.00 gasoline. Want healthcare? Nationalize 17% of the US economy, forcing people off healthcare plans with the eventuality that they will settle for single payer in the future. Gun Control? Flood Mexican cartels bent on lawlessness to increase the amount of violence. Shutdown his government? Barricade memorials, private monuments and kick people out of their homes. ?It’s presiding by breaking the opponents arms, then telling them they are glad they finally see things his way. The Mafia operates the exact same way.

This President was elected on the premise of public outrage and the only way he will be contained is when his own tactics backfire.



From a tweet from Ace of Spades blogger John Ekdahl,as Veterans ignored White House OMB barricades to enter a memorial they bled for, it was the simplest and most elegant explanation for an inspiring single act of insurrection.

When the Missouri Honor Flight veterans pushed through unnecessary, theatrical barricades it was a direct assault against Barack Obama and the media narrative. The Obama Administration decided to spend money during a government shutdown to barricade American war heroes out of an open air memorial. The administration’s weak denial was later followed by not even trying to deny these orders came directly from the White House Office of Budget and Management. They owned this and the Missouri Honor Flight weren’t having any of it. Obama’s network of journalists openly mocked and snarked but eventually were put down.

These guys are untouchable.


They openly defied the same Presidential authority that they loyally followed 69 years ago and it will be one of the last memories of their lives. It took a group of guys in their seventies and eighties to make the rest of us realize that punk is not dead, and it most certainly does not belong to the progressive left who controls the media and a government majority. The right can learn from this. Everyone. People who agree or disagree with Ted Cruz or John Boehner.

Defiance against unnecessary tyranny is a good thing. Defiance against an unnecessary healthcare law that will wreck havoc on peoples lives is a good thing. But that defiance won’t be successful because a Senator filibusters and participates in a shutdown of the government and wins or loses a PR battle.

It will be successful when it comes from the people, as the guys who stormed Normandy and barricades rightly showed.

– SM –


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