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Real Genius: Feminism Leaves Science in the Dirt



That was a tagline quote by Matthew McConaughey ‘s Cooper from the Christopher Nolan space epic Interstellar and ironically it became all too relevant last week. Science and all things thing sciency has enjoyed a pop culture love affair worthy enough of future VH1 “I Love the Twenty Teens” episodes and beyond. Science is in our movies, our television shows, our politics, our tumblr memes and reddit pages. It comes dressed in colorful bow ties, turtle necks and sometimes even fabricated quotes. Pop culture itself has become a science of its own. For example, Taylor Swift’s popularity can be easily explained with this simple scientific equation –   \hair{\$+x}{y-z^$$$}

Science in pop media is fun and it sure looks cool when Dr. Who whips out that glowy wand thingy and who doesn’t like time travel or ancient aliens. But the reality is real scientific accomplishments are few and often unheralded, which is why the whole of society collectively OOHS and AHHS when we land a rover on Mars or a probe on a distant comet, as the European Space Agency did last week. After a ten year journey, European scientists landed a robot on a comet. A moving comet.

Real science. Fuck yeah!

Tweets about the Rosetta mission actually broke the internet more than Kim Kardashian’s jelly glazed ass. These milestones inspire and remind us what we’re capable of as a species when we are at our very best and how far we’ve truly come in such a short amount of time. Like the moon landing we become humbled at our place in the universe and look inward at ourselves and our purpose. These are rare events we as a collective species can share in, all of us, as white people, brown people, old, youth, rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, male or female. That’s what makes the basic premise of a movie like Interstellar so relatable. It’s the inherent romanticism in our DNA to believe and see there’s hope for us all in things we once could not even fathom. Our humanity has the ability to travel beyond our atmosphere and to distant stars. Our dreams become palpable and in the end we are a beautiful hopeful species, not a doomed one and  if we keep looking up we can achieve anything.

And then progressive feminists decided they’ve had enough of that noise.

Suddenly we were reminded of why most ideas that push the brightest for humanity are perhaps truly science fiction and we are in fact doomed. Shortly after one of humankind’s signature scientific achievements, feminists trained their sights on the window dressing; Engineer Matt Taylor’s (awesome) shirt. Reddit and shortly Twitter blew up when they collectively took notice of  Taylor giving a livestream interview in a short sleeve custom designed bowling shirt which was basically no different than the fashion equivalent of a James Bond opening credit sequence. But the devoted members of the party that claims Dr. Who, Neil Tyson memes, Carl Sagan tumblrs and Bill Nye quotes wasn’t having any of it.

Within hours, the Naomi Wolf Fangirl Battalion in the media led by Rose Eveleth of The Atlantic were on high alert and pounding their keyboards furiously about what was really important about this monumental scientific achievement; the Fashion. A day later, Taylor, a broken man, was giving a tearful apology and Eveleth, whom apparently does not believe in equal opportunity sexism had her scalp. Progressive feminists, almost militant in their opposition to how women’s appearances are portrayed in mass media have shown all of humankind what’s really important about science; how it looks.

Matt Taylor is everything we’re told science shouldn’t be about or look like. Cigar chomping, greased hair, tattooed, bowling shirt wearing badass. He just didn’t land a robot on a comet, he throat punched science’s preconceived notions of what a rocket engineer is supposed to look like. He came off as a real life Chris Knight cracking whip smart comebacks against his corrupt professor Hathaway and his socially awkward, sexually frustrated, minion Kent and loving every single minute of it.

How could progressive feminist journalists not go after him? Outrage culture has become almost a weekly occurrence in the US. but to European engineers preoccupied with doing insignificant things like calculating the solar trajectory of a unmanned probe in outer space at the travel speed of 85,000 MPH, this was uncharted territory and that’s why Matt Taylor holds zero fault here for wearing his shirt or his weeping apology.

This is not a guy accustomed to Obama’s progressive outrage mob. He’s not an American tuned to the moral sensitivities of the Fluke brigade or the Brendan Eich lynch divsion. Feminists in media exploited this fact. They saw an easy target before he even knew what hit him. There was an interesting consensus on social media that if Taylor is going to don a shirt that bold that he should have the balls to stand up and defend it and there is truth to that. But to him it was no big deal. This was no different than our NASA’s Mohawk Guy meme but feminists found that guy cute and essentric, so he got a pass. Not only are progressives gleefully sicking mobs on all facets of American culture, but apparently they’ve developed a Hubris for what proper attire in Europe is now as well. For the past 40 years the feminist credo has been centered around transforming America into a more liberated and open sexual culture like Europe. Well, here was a liberated European Rocket Scientist displaying his fondness for sexuality, and they crucified him for it.

Suddenly an activist culture railing against the social norms of how women are supposed to look had fangs out for someone defying social norms of how a scientist should look. This intolerable shirt-against-humanity, clad with images of illustrated women in super hero spandex and seductively brandishing laser blasters conjured memories of Aeon Flux or Trinity in the Matrix, or Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna and Beyoncé – All feminist icons.

The punchline of this whole infuriating and laughable situation? The person who designed his shirt was a woman.

Matt Taylor’s shirt was designed by an alternative pin up model named Elly Prizeman, as a gift. That’s right. Feminists went after a rocket scientist for a shirt he wore, designed by his friend, whom is a woman.  Prizeman designs fashion on her own dime, as a hobby, to make extra money on the side. So if feminists have taught her anything as well, it’s that women belong in the kitchen or at home instead of following their dreams of creating a small business or brand. Feminists were silent as liberals paraded t shirts wearing “Sarah Palin is a Cunt” and Beyoncé flaunted her laser guns in a music video. That’s the heart of all of this.

Feminists aren’t feminists at all. They are liberals first, feminists maybe second and scientists a very, very, distant third. I’m talking not even in the same galaxy distant third. It would be a laughable combination if their goal wasn’t to cause as much damage to people’s lives as possible, going so far as to falsely accuse journalists defending Taylor of criminal harassment and doing so from their verified media Twitter accounts.

Prizeman went on to write a post defending her friend and demands for her design have skyrocketed. If there is a moral victory in all of this, that’s it.

prizeman 2

Almost no singularity encapsulates the sheer pettiness and parody of what modern American feminism has actually become. It’s a pseudo-religion with no gravity that has chosen false prophets and pop idols to do their preaching, making up rules as it trots along to 2016 and the hobbled inevitability of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Much like what most of the progressive left believes today, It’s a religion and therefore cannot reconcile itself with actual science or real scientific achievements. Modern feminism has no real tangible accomplishments. From what I can gather it pretty much boils down to two things: Fashion and abortion.

It doesn’t matter that Beyoncé’s songs are written by a team of male collaborators, what matters is that she looks fierce. It doesn’t matter that a rocket scientist just landed a robot on a comet 300,000,000 miles from our Earth. As long as he does not look fierce.

Try telling a feminist what they can and cannot wear to a space launch and good luck with the lawsuit.

The upside in all of this is that there was real push back for once against this ghoulish, leftist cult of intolerance and it far extended the reach of internet subcultures. Actual members of the web news media stood up. Reddit promptly came to Taylor’s defense. Prizeman (pictured above) received  an outpouring of support on her Facebook page. Mainstream social media users scratching their heads this past month over what the hell Gamergate was finally understand that no one person and no one accomplishment is off limits. This was a big bang moment where perhaps feminists in media realize they are not above criticism nor is the lynch mob they send and the progressive past time of grievance hunting is coming to an exhaustive end, simply because they are running out of people to defend them. Matt Taylor, after working with a team that spent several years obsessing and caring on something, and celebrating an accomplishment no one in the history of human kind had ever done, had his head in the stars.

During his apology his head was bowed to the dirt.



– SM –


Read more about the absurdity of #Shirtstorm.

 Jon Gabriel @ Ricochet
Kemberlee Kaye @ Legal Insurrection
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Glenn Reynolds @ USA Today
Asche Schow @ Washington Examiner







Red Wedding: November Has Come.

Harry Reid
November has been coming for awhile. Specifically since October 1st of last year.

This electoral massacre was revenge. Revenge for failed promises of a President more concerned with his handicap than being a governing executive. It was revenge for cancelled health plans millions of people were promised they could keep… Period. It was revenge for being told repeatedly how great the economy is and how many jobs are being created, despite the lowest work force in 38 years. 38 years. It was revenge for Lois Lerner. It was revenge for the NSA. It was revenge for our dead veterans at the hands of the VA. It was revenge for not being about to play video games or watch football on a Sunday without a culture of protest screaming in our faces. It was revenge for a world spiraling beyond the control of President Hashtag’s celebrity PSAs. It was revenge for losing Iraq, negotiating with Iran and bringing Ebola to our shores for the first time since it’s discovery.

Barack Obama was re-elected largely on the cautious promises of the implementation of the policies yet to come in November of 2012. Namely Obamacare. He was elected and re-elected on the promise of efficient, cheap and nationalized healthcare. It was the focus of his first term and will be his undoing in his second. The country is angry at this President and his closest allies have paid the the price with their electoral lives.

November has come.


Beyond the failings of an extremely unpopular President was the subtle strength of the GOP candidates themselves. This election was arguably the first election the GOP has won in ten years. 2010 was not a national party victory. It was an insurrection.

What was also striking about this electoral massacre, is just how impervious to coordinated media hit jobs the candidates with an (R) after their name actually were. In 2012 Mitt Romney’s team sat quietly by while Team Chicago accused of him of killing people with corporate cancer, keeping women in a binder, a homicidal urge to murder a giant puppet, torturing his dog and permanently scarring a prep school classmate with a hair cut. The Romney team’s sluggish response to these childish attacks ultimately helped shape the image that calcified itself around him and the media ran with. The Romney campaign thought the election would be about big issues to America, but we’ve become a social media culture dominated by the hashtag which if left to fester, becomes the difference between being a President and the runner-up who just won’t stop talking.

Cory Gardner’s campaign team was exceptional in this regard. When Deadspin reported that Gardner was lying about his personal experience as an amateur football player in High School, Gardner’s social media team was on Twitter within minutes posting a picture of the newly elected Senator in his uniform and Deadspin got to spend the next two days formulating the greatest apology letter ever written to a candidate. Ever.

When liberal PAC American Bridge teamed up with Buzzfeed to produce a story about David Perdue signing a female supporter’s naked body, the Perdue campaign and the RNC responded with additional footage that showed Perdue was actually signing her diabetes pump. Within hours the Buzzfeed author and former Talking Points Memo writer Evan McMorris-Santoro was pointing fingers at their source as well while his editors offered a full mea culpa. American Bridge pulled the video and Perdue was left with a gift of a young woman telling the story of her debilitating disease and her rising medical costs post Obamacare.

Buzzfeed’s resident Reddit and cat expert Andrew Kaczynski, always dutiful in “Keeping people honest”, tried to bury Joni Ernst not once but twice. Accusing her campaign’s literature of plagiarism while also acknowledging it was pretty much standard practice. When Democrat Bruce Bailey threatened to sue his neighbor over their chickens, he took it upon himself as Honest Keeper to go after Ernst’s husband for trying to legally collect a debt from a contractor who never finished work on their home. Because really, who hasn’t had a bad experience with a contractor? Desperation arrived in the form of drunken Occupy frat boys the night before the election as they stormed her rally at the Iowa State campus. They found out very quickly the lesson Buzzfeed learned. Trying to shout down Joni Ernst is like a sherpa trying to out drink Marion Ravenwood. Media attempted to Palinize Ernst by portraying her as a hick farming pig castrater and failed.

November has come and the only pig that has been castrated is Harry Reid.


Now the country has a President who has never recognized the governing authority of the House since his party lost it in a historical wave in 2010. He is now going to act out the rest of his term not recognizing the Senate. He will threaten to use his pen to veto bills while simultaneously threatening to use it for executive action, threats that have tanked his popularity.

Barack Obama has never understood is that our system of checks and balances is supposed to be arduous and as FUBAR as it can be, it was never meant for one man to reshape the entire government in his image. Either on a conscious or subconscious level everyone but celebrities in Hollywood understand this. This is a President who has largely depended on the vanity of celebrity who the country feels is starring in fifth tired boring sequel. Obama has opted to constantly give campaign style speeches about his policies on college campuses to young people who haven’t felt five years of a stagnant economy and rising costs of living. No speech is going to give a family back the doctor they lost.

Obama has become the washed up hair metal singer past his prime and singing his old hits into a microwave amplifier at the mall, recycling the same jingles from his book that he put him on the stage at the 2004 DNC Convention. Barack Obama is a brand and therefore anyone associated with him become part of that brand. Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Mark Udall and and others can’t buy into Obama Cola for six years, pass a nationalized healthcare bill and then suddenly pretend they’ve hated the taste of it all along. It doesn’t work that way.

Obama is out of ideas and the country is out of patience. There is no war on women. There is no war on blacks and the age of Obama’s divisive Alinksy organizing tactics is over. This President’s lifeblood has always been conflict.Conflict of sex, race, wealth, race, race, race. His message of growing the power of the executive branch has largely resonated on top of an obstructionist “Do Nothing Congress” enabled by Harry Reid as Majority Leader. Blocking over 350 separate pieces of legislation has allowed Obama to run around threatening to use his pen with moderate success to his Presidential image.

All of that ends.


Obama is a man alone in a world far from healed. The lead Obstructionist and primary antagonist of progress in the United States Senate, Harry Reid has been dispatched. All indicators from the White House suggest Obama, once hailed as a great uniter (no red states, no blue states) is going to strike one last defiant tone against a country who sent him a resounding message. Obama can be a President from here on out or a community organizer constantly picking fights. The country trusted him with full control in 2009 and his disinterest in discourse has caused us to revoke it ever since.

The choice is his.

On Tuesday night, the Empire State building was bathed in blood red. Alerting the country to the electoral Red Wedding which has just occurred and as a beacon of a new majority. Finally there is hope and change.

November has come


– SM –

Ebol-a-Rama! It’s Here to Save Us.

If you’re reading then know there’s still hope for you, but for myself and the others, it’s already too late.

All I can hope is that whomever discovers this can learn from the mistakes we made and hopefully begin rebuilding toward a new and better world.  No one is really sure how the virus started. Some say it was spread among primates or bats. Others said it was Republicans. It is still a medical mystery how the new ruler of the western territories, Herr Pelosi, was the only member of our former government to survive the outbreak. But almost none of that matters now.

What matters is a timeline of events that led to the rapid demise of our population and way of life. We were warned by our elites in government that global warming and lack of birth control would lead to catastrophe but as it turned out, the real threats were more subtle and undetectable because of how long it took them to slowly develop. The virus was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. We as a society had been building toward hopelessness for a good five years prior to its ravaging outbreak. There were riots over race, which led to riots over pumpkins and sports teams.

Some say people’s eye balls were probably going to start bleeding regardless of the virus itself.

What I do know is that those of us that were fortunate (or unfortunate) to survive the viral plague of the 21st Century have a solemn duty to remember and record as much of it as possible as a warning to future generations about how exactly we got to this point. The most logical place to start would be the beginning. Patient zero. The original viral host that led to so much pain and despair. The scientific consensus among survivors is the viral spread started as far back as 1994. There is even reported video footage of the exact moment when it started:

It didn’t matter they said. It was just an innocent young child. We as a society had to show compassion we were told by forward thinking progressives. Travel wasn’t restricted and she was free to roam wherever she wanted. It was the humane thing to do we were told.

From that moment doctors believed the virus then began jumping from person to person (Or medically determined, going viral)  via televisions and cable news. Movie theaters became hot zones and the virus became exponentially more contagious it seemed during Michael Bay movies. Eventually it mutated right into the pockets of hosts via handheld devices. People were helpless to stop it. The rate at which it spiked was unlike any other virus scientists had ever seen. There wasn’t even an actual name for it. People just started referring to it as the VH1N1 virus, due to the highly infectious nature of those in the broadcast and internet media professions. It also targeted young people, who, operating under a theory of strength in numbers, began uploading and sharing photos of their symptoms to a thing called the instagram. It was believed that symptoms could be apparent upon examining the tongue.  The virus had infected most of society to the point where half the population refused to even go to work anymore, choosing self quarantine and keeping themselves as best informed as possible. We always thought no matter how bad things got, our leaders and government would always be protected. There would always be a plan that they would somehow be sealed off and quarantined from going viral. We were so naive. The worst possible thing happened. The unimaginable.

The virus somehow infected The White House.

It happened so fast that barely anyone really noticed. Dancing on Ellen, the cover of Rolling Stone. Some doctors believed the President already had gone viral when we elected him. Some thought he contracted it later on while recording a short skit for Funny or Die. Many who voted for him had already tested positive for the disease but it was still a staggering revelation when it was confirmed that he himself has actually contracted the viral plague. There were even Conspiracy theorists spreading rumors that the President himself was going viral on purpose to make it easier to sign executive orders instead of working with Congress. He was never properly quarantined or tested so we had no way of knowing if the virus was controlling his actions or had just simply mutated into something else, something we hadn’t ever seen before.

There were always whispers that something was affecting the behavior of the President. Late night talk show appearances, stubborn unwillingness to want to congregate around large crowds or hours spent alone with a close group of personal monitors on private golf ranges.  It’s so obvious looking back on it all now.


President Obama makes contact with sister of suspected patient zero.
It almost seems natural that this was how it was all supposed to end. Civilizations have met their demise at the uncompromising hands of plagues before. Throughout history as civilizations reach their peak, nature almost always restores the balance. Sometimes it’s a flood (global warming) or a volcano (global warming) or a giant meteor (more global warming). But what makes our viral plagued society different is our ability to stop it from happening. Never before in the history of cis-kind have we been able to reconize the symptoms of our decline, with the technology and ability to stop it from happening. They never had the opportunities to stop it from spreading, much like the one we were given in 2012, and rejected. Maybe it was a loss of hope, a sense of mortality that prevented us from turning things around. It became so much easier to succumb to those around us already infected. Ignorance was bliss and as demonstrated by our President, going viral became easier than dealing with the other problems ravaging our society; Rise in terrorism, high unemployment, wars in the Middle East, wars in Russia, Russell Brand.

But then something happened.

It was almost poetic justice how the cure for the viral plague and the very thing that stopped it all, giving us another chance to reboot civilization was itself, another virus. Not only just another virus but one we had known about for almost 40 years prior; Ebola. It was almost miraculous how it engineered and disguised itself from those trying to stop it. Ebola didn’t care about going viral. It wasn’t on Twitter, Facebook, instagram or Tinder.

Ebola didn’t file for a 501(c3) status, making it almost impossible for our government to track.

It was biologically adapted not to care about our political sensitivities or our media’s obsession with sex and race. With just a little perseverance, it managed to find a home in our country, a place where not a single person had reported having it previously for 38 years. It was uncanny how at the same time our society was being infected with a viral plague, another one was allowed to thrive. Our viral President even went so far as to assure us that Ebola was just some passing fad like ISIS or Vladimir Putin but as a precautionary measure he deployed the best placebos he had in the form of hashtags.

It was no use.

The biological brilliance of the Ebola Cure was that it was able to spread as almost a Trojan Horse of sorts, spreading in the last place those ravaged by the VH1N1 would look, with doctors and nurses. The Presidential Administration, not taking the Ebola Cure seriously, stated there would be no travel restrictions from West Africa where the cure was developing. This allowed a select group of brave and selfless healthcare professionals to travel the country freely while attempting to spread the cure. Then the viral ravaged Obama administration, determined to stomp out the Ebola Cure which was making a mockery of their hashtag prescription strategy, reneged on their policy of no travel restrictions and set up airport screenings. That included JFK in New York City.

Once again, the cure traveled with a  a selfless heroic doctor, and entered the country undetected.  As he began spreading the cure among the brightest young people known to society; Brookyn hipsters. For a doctor risking everything, it was the logical choice. Choose the part of society already immune to the symptoms of gentrification. It was a desperate plan made for a desperate time, like something inspired out of the movie I A Legend and it worked.The administration was completely flummoxed. Ebola couldn’t be contained with speeches and hashtags.

Not even John Oliver and Jon Stewart could destroy it.

It was the perfect cure for the viral outbreak that had ravaged much of our society for far too long. For those few of you that were cured and survived, you weren’t left much but it’s a start. You stand now where so many others of humanity stood before you. Think of this as an opportunity to reshape and rebuild. Use the information I’ve left you to avoid future mistakes and identify future viral plagues in their early gestational stages. It took something as unexpected as Ebola to save us from what we had done ourselves.

We didn’t leave you with much, but at least we left you with Obamacare.


– SM –

Video footage of patient zero via Uproxx

Commie Con: The Climate Cult Abandons Science for Theatrics.

Hundreds of people gathered in New York, dressed in colorful, elaborate costumes and carrying comic banners of their favorite character. They were joined by super hero actors like Mark Ruffalo and Arnie Grape and among other figures of note, planet Earth’s very own Jor-El, Al Gore (The similarities in names is uncanny, like the X-Men) hoping to make a media spectacle and generate viral buzz of their latest movie or book.

Except this wasn’t about comic books and Game of Thrones.

Late last month, Hundreds of concerned cosplay activists, actors and entertainers, oil barons and apparently whats left of the Aztec empire crammed into Manhattan to protest the Earth on the eve of the UN climate summit under the hashtag #FloodWallSt and #PeopleClimateMarch, in the hopes of directing the world”s attention to the dangers of capitalism, the fuzzy perks of socialism, the people of Palestine and of course Global Warming.

The only thing missing were actual climatologists.

The climate cult has become an absurd theater of cartoonish smoke stack drawings, CGI ice shelves collapsing,  actors accepting awards, politicians accepting awards, bow ties and overly dramatic PSA’s and bogus predictions, none of which mind you have anything in the least to do with scientific climate data of the Earth which is as of late is showing the natural evolution of the Earth’s climate cycle. The growing problem with every argument modern leftists are making is they increasingly refuse to be honest about what their arguments are really about. Abortion for example, is not about women’s health but population control and is directly tied to their Climate stalling obsession, as written about by Eugenicist John Holdren, a man held in such esteem that he currently serves as President Obama’s Science Czar. Holdren believes in science so ardently, he went as far as suggesting in his book Ecoscience that the United States government in cases of over population and climate crisis, should be able to force mass sterilizations upon the larger poverty stricken parts of society, quoting directly from his book:

”. Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution  if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.

Of course Ecoscience was written in the 1977 and surely the progressive elite no longer believes this. Except that Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated as much just last month.

As the culture under a President obsessed with social upheaval and activism slides further and further left the more they realize their time in spotlight is becoming shorter and shorter, the true nature and motives for “Protecting the Planet” become revealed for what all protest movements of the past 5 years have been about. Wealth destruction and downfall of capitalism. Such as the Trayvon Martin shooting couldn’t simply a case of mistaken identity, it was a larger protest about race and class. Occupy Wall St. which made such a mockery of its own message, it was forced to die off and come back re-branded under the guise of occupying climate, with the same goal; institutionalized socialism. The climate cult has abandoned any claim they had on science in favor of political stunts, giant puppets, elaborate costumes and a message of anti-corporation and anti-capitalism. But because they are enabled by a commerce killing, activist President who boldly proclaims the science is settled and the debate is over, their motives become more obvious.

At the climate summit at the UN, Leonardo DiCaprio, addressing the governing body said ““I am not a scientist, but I don’t need to be, because the world’s scientific community has spoken, and they have given us our prognosis. If we do not act together, we will surely perish. Now is our moment for action.”

Republicans have used the “I’m not a scientist” line when asked about man made global warming and are ridiculed by the left, like for instance, Emily Atkin at Think Progress, who used this very line in a title to a piece that slammed “anti-science” Republican Senate candidates. But when Think Progress published a piece on Dicaprio donating  two million dollars to his own foundation, they used the very same quote from above.

Intellectual consistency is also a science.

None of what #FloodWallSt or Commie Con applies to climate science but that doesn’t matter. It’s the loudest voices and the brightest costumes that get noticed just as John Oliver demonstrated when he brought Bill Nye and his spinning bow tie out on his stage surrounded by actors in white lab coats to shout down another actor (The lab coats represents the Obama administration statistic of 97% consensus of climatologists). John Oliver unwittingly laid waste to the entire progressive argument as it applies to the climate of the planet. Climatologists aren’t the majority, but we progressives are.

This isn’t just educated hypothesis. This theory was demonstrated on the weekend of the climate march.

The same weekend as this costumed convention of the Hollywood absurd was dancing its way across Manhattan with their balloons and their puppets, a report surfaced from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration surfaced in the LA Times, stating the naturally occurring effects of climate warming:

“Changes in ocean circulation as a result of weaker winds were the main cause of about 1 degree Fahrenheit of warming in the northeast Pacific Ocean and nearby coastal land between 1900 and 2012, according to the analysis of ocean and air temperatures over that time.”

The story from the LA Times goes on to quote climatologist James Johnstone who contributed to the study for University of Washington’s Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, “Changing winds appear to explain a very large fraction of the warming from year to year, decade to decade and the long-term.”

Was this report widespread and embedded into tweets of reporters, media or facebook posts of Neil Degrasse Tyson’s own personal cult? No. It was ignored.
What the progressive left is attempting to do with some marginal success, is shift the scientific conversation away from continuing climate studies to people in wigs and Captain Planet costumes.

Here was an actual scientific argument being made about the natural warming of the planet, but it didn’t fit into their  political agenda of the Koch Bros and the evils of capitalism. The Earth’s own evolution of climate couldn’t overcome the hubris of a media cult in brightly colored spandex. Instead the focus was on a parade of people dressing up like the ancient Aztecs bowing to a giant plastic god in the middle of 5th avenue. That’s who got the attention.

John Oliver will not be OBLITERATING any dissent to that report.


It’s clear what’s happening inside the Climate Cult movement is not the methodology and practice of scientific climate theory. The Earth doesn’t adhere to the whims of the ever changing progressive vocabulary (Global warming, climate change, climate disruption), just like the Earth doesn’t care if 8 million people happen to reside in the path of a category five hurricane. If climate data has to be hidden, forged or enhanced in any way, it’s not science. That debate has actually been settled.  The question shouldn’t be why there are climate change deniers. No one denies climate change, and they know it. No matter what kind of word salad leftists and socialists try to create in dishonest attempts to paint anyone that raises an eyebrow when they are asked to don a cape or bow down to a tiki torch. We do however, very vehemently, deny the climate cult.

The Climate cult is a religion, complete with inquisitions, elaborate costumes, celebrations of the birth of their founding, doomsday prophecies and imaginary idols. It’s positively Jor-Ellian, the idea that a political ideology can stop the natural warming and cooling progressions of an entire planet.

Bzl0c21CIAE5v_9It’s a religion that is just over a hundred and thirty years old, trying to dictate to the rest of us that evolutionary patterns of a planet that is 4.5 billion years old are just a theory and a myth. They even have a power point presentation they like to impose on people with their own scientific beliefs.  They are Climate Evolution Deniers; the absolute rejection that the planet through its own natural behavior changes, adapts and evolves to the conditions inside it. The Earth changes and has changed naturally for billion of years, yet a small minority of cosplay activists believe the Earth should remain a static temperature at all times.

The rest of us are pro Earth and pro Climate Evolution. If the progressive left and Hollywood want to deny evolution, they’re free to try. If the climate cult wants to become a frothing seething imitation of Comic Con, they’re certainly welcome to It would not however be the scientific thing to do.

A better solution for Gore-El would be investing his millions in oil money into a Richard Branson designed rocket ship for him and his friends in Hollywood in search of a new planet to inhabit and leave the rest of us alone.

We’ll take our chances with the Earth.


– SM –

Hunger Game: Media Shames the Internet Culture They Created


Something very subtle and dangerous is happening. Media authorities, in pursuit of a faceless, criminal, hacker have turned their attention to shaming the whole of internet culture over leaked images of nude celebrities on the internet as though they are the ones that hacked them. Because both progressive and conservative media don’t understand who or what 4Chan actually is, they are choosing to now paint anyone with a pair of eyes as data rapists out to quench their primordial sexual instincts at the cost of private illegally obtained pictures and videos. It’s happening on both sides of the political spectrum and it’s terrifying.

A columnist from the guardian proposed this exact kind of measure shortly after the massive leak:

“Actors and other entertainers may certainly offer their image to public consumption as their professional practice, but what they are not trading is their intimacy. There are suggestions that prosecution may result not only for the hacker of the photos, but for those who view and share them. Good.”

The prosecution of those that view images online.

We live in a time where everyone’s private data is compromised daily. People are well aware of the NSA program named Prism that listens in on their dirty phone chat or has access to their webcams broadcasting?intimate moments. The celebrity obsessed culture that produces the same curiosity over their nude bodies is run by a media complex more interested in Barack Obama’s tan suit than this massive invasion of privacy or war breaking out all over the world.

Yet no one notices these great offenses when it’s done to the public at large or people they ideologically agree with, or just happen to really like their movie. Why is Jennifer Lawrence’s private data any more important than say Donald Sterling, or Mitt Romney, or more importantly, yours or mine?

Here’s the thing, and the moral betters in the media at large are really going to hate this; People are going to look at the leaked pictures. There’s no grandiose explanation of a larger culture of sexism or war on women and “rape culture” at work here. People are going to look at the pictures because it’s a familiar face, they’re free and it’s one or two clicks. Real issues of sexual abuse however are more complicated than one image of breasts and can’t be explained in listicles or gifs. To contrast, currently in Rotherham, England, there is an actual culture of rape. But because that doesn’t involve the actress from The Hunger Games, the media ignores it. Who has less say in their rights being violated? An actress uploading nude pictures with technology they’re unfamiliar with or a child repeatedly and physically brutalized in unimaginable ways while the world at large ignores it because of political correctness?

A culture of celebrity obsession has been created through an infinite amount of media glorified selfies on websites and magazines, and then they shame the public at large when their itchy mouse finger steps out of bounds.

It doesn’t work that way.

People are going to look at the photographs out?of curiosity. Some out of sexual desire or fanaticism, on accident, on purpose, one time or several and it doesn’t make them moral monsters. They’re going to look at them because friends and co-workers are now talking about them. People are going to look at them on laptops, iPhones and tablets and with the rate that progressive culture is degenerating, they will probably be scribbling the images on cave walls by torch light in a couple years.

What’s happening in the UK is a horrendous atrocity of morality. Not a kid in a dorm room with a Reddit account and a crush on Kate Upton.

Viewing leaked pictures on the internet does not make someone a person devoid of ethics. Saving IP content, uploading it, sharing it and profiting from it however does, something websites like Buzzfeed have done in the past. Several times.



No amount of moral posturing and shaming from the left or the right is going to stop people’s curious eyes, no matter how hard they try to turn that person into the hacker or 4chan itself. Right now, a conservative battle against 4Chan is futile and pointless, because little to no one in conservative media understands what 4Chan is. 4Chan users don’t care if anyone is offended. They don’t care about religious objections, or moral sensitivities. They thrive on it and exploit it. They live to shock and grief. 4Chan does not play by popular media’s rules and the best way to describe it is by using a quote by Michael Cain’s Alfred from The Dark Knight in reference to The Joker:

“…some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

That’s 4Chan in as basic as a nutshell as I can give it without going into what mudkips are or what “Pool’s Closed” means. There will be a coming debate on whether or not 4Chan should or will be shut down altogether. Count on it. But the casual social media user is not 4Chan and they are not a hacker. They are for the most part, a normal human being, doing things like looking at pictures they shouldn’t be looking at or taking them.

quagmiremuscleMost people participated in “The Fappening” as it was tilted for the value of the internet meme, which is to say not much value other than a slight chuckle. I’ll happily leave the scolding of posting pictures Quagmire from Family Guy to others. Clicking on the Twitter hash tag doesn’t lead to an illegally obtained array of female nudity. It leads to reaction gifs, vines and memes. The media en masse is in no position to judge anyone and their moral relativism does not trump yours or mine.

These are the same people who happily rummaged through Sarah Palin’s garbage and raised no objection to a leaked, illegally created and obtained video of Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser talking about the 47%.

An illegal videotape that arguably decided a Presidential election.

There wasn’t a lot of moral chest thumping?when George W. Bush’s emails were hacked. Several web news publications ran to publish that information and images, without permission.

Twitter users posting humorous reaction vines won’t be profiting off any of any of this, but the people judging their behavior will.

The actresses and actors involved will book appearances on late night talk shows, all who will be fighting over and possibly offering up sums of money on who gets their appearances first. The networks will promote highest paid sponsors during peak prime time hours and drive extra revenue during later hours of the night.

Jon Stewart will probably destroy a few things.

Websites will embed clips from those shows, which will drive web traffic from Twitter and Facebook resulting in more?revenue. Paparazzi will take photographs of them and sell them to magazines like People and US Weekly for astronomical amounts of money, and people will buy those magazines, which will encourage them to keep buying those photographs. Journalists paid by the click will pontificate on the larger meaning of online security and objectification and lets face it, probably blame conservatives for it.

dunst_tweetThe actresses involved will almost certainly and rightfully file lawsuits against Apple and anyone else responsible and stand to benefit financially due to personal, professional and emotional damage. Jennifer Lawrence in a fairly short amount of time has rocketed to stardom with roles of brave, strong, independent women overcoming dark times and adversity. This will be no different.

These women (and men) are victims. Full stop. There is no dispute that a crime was committed unless new information is released. They deserve justice and the hacker deserves to be put in prison. But because there isn’t much argument about that, the moral elite at large decide they will find something else to argue about. That’s what drives revenue.

Taking it out on the people have committed no crime and who stand to gain nothing from any of it is wrong.




Rough Start: President Romney Parties While Ferguson Burns

Two Years ago, the country did what at the time seemed to be he unthinkable. It made Barack Obama, our first African American President a one term, lame duck and elected Mitt Romney. Despite a long and often times petty campaign, the country came together and rallied around the guy who made his career on Wall St. based on the promise of a new and brighter America, tired of empty soaring rhetoric. It was a similar promise George W. Bush made just one President ago. Romney vowed to be a different kind of Conservative. More moderate and someone who could reach across the aisle.

However only two short years in it’s becoming more and more tragically clear every day that this is George W. Bush’s third term.

The economy is on the verge of recession, again. He has yet to carry through on his campaign promise of overturning Obamacare but has passed out waivers and taken action to delay parts of the law that could benefit millions. Vladimir Putin, who at the time candidate Romney called America’s number one geopolitical foe, has gone ignored and unchecked, most recently with pro Putin rebels shooting a passenger airliner out of the sky killing 295 innocent people. Romney’s response was tepid at best. Just last week, Not President Bush announced new airstrikes in Iraq. Even though this is the President who blamed his predecessor for removing troops in the first place, Romney made it clear that this is not a new war and that there will be no ground troops. Experts disagree.

And now there’s Ferguson, Missouri.

A community was torn apart and racial tensions boiled over when an unarmed teenager named Michael Brown, about to start college, was shot by a police officer in an incident reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin’s shooting. It has all but erupted into a symbolic conflict of the current state of poverty,race and the militarization of local police forces. Shortly before the 2012 election, Barack Obama urged calm and unity surrounding the death of Martin, urging protesters to allow the system to work. The country rejected him for it. Now we have another Republican President and another dead youth of color and a national community angry and searching for answers.

Hurricane Ferguson.

This was the last thing a new President dealing with a world unraveling needed, especially after allegations of voter fraud and election rigging by the Koch Bros and the protests that followed, or “Kochtests”as they were referred to by former Majority Leader Harry Reid. President Romney is already running out of chances.

Most Presidents would realize the bad optics from a situation like election protests and apply them to the similar protests in Ferguson. Apparently, Mitt Romney hasn’t learned. While police officers were firing off tear gas canisters and arresting reporters (more on that later), Romney was not in the White House situation room, or meeting with Attorney General Portman or Vice President Ryan (Who is halfway across the world meeting with Netanyahu). No, the President who overcame his image as an out of touch one percenter was having dinner at a golf club on Martha’s Vineyard.

Let that sink in.

shultz tweet
To make matters worse, as President Romney partied with the richest 1% and people marched under the threat of sniper rifles, a White House Deputy Press Secretary sent out a tweet about what a good time was ‘being had by all’. It was a staggering failure of juxtaposition for the White House still learning the ropes of social media savviness, something the Obama White House mastered.

Romney of all people should have realized how this might look. While he is busy dancing to every song and dining on lobster, businesses were being torched and innocent people being targeted.

This was the President we were told would not be the evil money burning Gordon Gecko clone he was made out to be by the Obama campaign, yet at almost every chance he gets he goes out of his way to prove that he is in fact looking out for Wall St. and not citizens who did not vote for him. Romney is a President who doesn’t understand how hanging out with celebrities like Jimmy Fallon or riding bikes around Nantucket looks to people struggling to find jobs, or in cases like Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, walk down the street without being shot.

But it’s not just unarmed black teenagers being targeted in Romney’s America.

romney-clintonx-largeEarlier in the day, as police geared up in Missouri, Fox News was more focused on the anticipated meeting at Martha’s Vineyard between Hillary Clinton and President Romney. Mrs. Clinton recently made remarks endorsing Romney’s strategy on Syria and the handling of ISIS in Iraq. Right Wing pundits however seemed perplexed wondering why Romney would be seen at what Sean Hannity dubbed a “Hug Summit”.

The President seemed to be calcifying his reputation as a liberal loving Massachusetts Moderate that can’t please his base, despite deporting 7 million immigrants and expanding the police state while preaching transparency.

But the euphoric mood the media had over the meeting of two people universally opposed to Barack Obama‘s policies quickly turned sour when the almost unthinkable happened in America in 2014.  Two reporters were arrested and water boarded (allegedly) by police in Ferguson. Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post and Ryan Reilly of The Huffington Post were forcefully removed from a Ferguson McDonalds without the unnamed officer asking them to leave once.

Members of media, who already feel targeted by the Romney Administration took to Twitter to alert their followers of what was happening. What followed was a firestorm of journalists uniting unlike anything seen since Occupy Wall St. Reporters facing tear gas were somehow still miraculously able to tweet and some bravely blocked tear gas with their bodies.

Mic News editor Stefan Becket took it upon himself to remind Ferguson Police and the Romney Administration of special rights and protections journalists are provided under the Constitution that don’t apply to ‘average citizens’. A spokesperson for the DOJ hailed the loyalty?of reporters (4th Estate anyone?) to the admin before being rudely chastised by hack puppet Jake Tapper.

Michael Brown’s tragic death and the circumstances surrounding it no longer matter. An increasingly hostile administration has clearly set their eyes on members of the media.

One thing is clear. The optics coming out of the Romney Administration are disastrous and arresting reporters certainly won’t help. They are bound to turn on the President. An American city up in flames from 3 days of rioting and looting while he golfs and parties. Another white Republican President who “Doesn’t care about black people”.

Remember why Mitt Romney was elected in the first place.

He promised to heal the country after seven long years of depression and division and just two years in already seems out of touch and exactly what critics warned about. He could cancel his vacation and board Air Force One tomorrow. He could be in St. Louis in a matter of hours. Instead, just as Bush opted, he chooses a flyby. A man who claims to be humble despite the size of his bank account could bring the country together and ask that we seek truth, not anger. But this is the kind of situation that calls for the deft touch of someone familiar with organizing communities. A community organizer if you will. Someone with experience dealing with the harsh realities of being poor and black and afraid for your life in America. Someone who could empathize with African American communities dealing with Michael Browns every day. This is 2014 not 1965.

If only there was someone like that the country could have elected in 2012.

Instead, just like the last Republican President, Romney chooses to release cryptic statements in between rounds of golf and commenting on the tragic loss of Hollywood comedians. What is it going to take to get this President to interrupt his precious vacation schedule, a vacation schedule during his campaign he promised he would not take.

Perhaps media should have done more due diligence to find out who Mitt Romney really was. Perhaps a more down to earth candidate who understands real urban struggles will emerge in 2016. Elizabeth Warren or Cory Booker come to mind. But for now, we’re stuck.

As the world and more importantly the country plunges deeper into chaos that seems to be above Mitt Romney’s pay grade, the recent tragedy in Ferguson only reinforces recent polls that suggest the country made a mistake in 2012. Hypotheticals and ‘what ifs’ are meaningless at this point.

It’s just too bad we can’t go back in time.

– SM –

On Their Own: Israel Can No Longer Count on the United States


In 2002, current UN Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power appeared on a public access show called Conversations with History hosted by Harold Kreisler, a UC Berkeley professor. Power at the time was a policy director for Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights. In a clip from that session that briefly became viral, Kreisler asked Power to participate in a thought experiment regarding recent uprisings in the region regarding Palestine, Israel and the Gaza Bank:

“Let me give you a thought experiment here, and it is the following without addressing the Palestine Israel problem. Let’s say you were an adviser to the President of the United States, how would, in response to current events, would you advise him to put a structure in place to monitor that situation, at least if one party or another be looking like they might be moving toward genocide.”

Her answer is striking, considering that just about every pro Palestinian news outlet sympathetic to to the current conflict in Gaza believes that’s exactly what Israel is trying to accomplish:

“What we don’t need is some kind of early warning mechanism there, what we need is a willingness to put something on the line in helping the situation. Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import; it may more crucially mean sacrificing or investing, I think, more than sacrificing billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine, in investing the billions of dollars it would probably take, also, to support what will have to be a mammoth protection force, not of the old Rwanda kind, but a meaningful military presence.”

Power continued:

“It seems to me at this stage (and this is true of actual genocides as well, and not just major human rights abuses, which were seen there), you have to go in as if you’re serious, you have to put something on the line.Unfortunately, imposition of a solution on unwilling parties is dreadful. It’s a terrible thing to do, it’s fundamentally undemocratic. But, sadly, we don’t just have a democracy here either, we have a liberal democracy. There are certain sets of principles that guide our policy, or that are meant to, anyway. It’s essential that some set of principles becomes the benchmark, rather than a deference to people who are fundamentally politically destined to destroy the lives of their own people. And by that I mean what Tom Freidman has called “Sharafat.” I do think in that sense, both political leaders have been dreadfully irresponsible. And, unfortunately, it does require external intervention.”

Power was forced to clarify this statement at her congressional confirmation hearing and in her defense. If she has changed her mind about Israel, she wouldn’t be the first Ivy League, voxplaining intellectual to do so. Nonetheless here we are 12 years later. Her answer may have just been a case of the gears grinding out but it offers more clarity into why Barack Obama chose her for the important position she has and a rare glimpse into why the Obama Administration distances itself from our solemn vow more and more each day in support of an almost unattainable, pro-Hamas, two state solution at the expense of long standing relationships.

Seemingly random quips, past sound bites and actions once shrugged off as hypotheticals by people in this administration have become strikingly relevant and the Obama preferred modus operandi of governing by forcing opponents into the corner he wants is becoming more evident as it pertains to marginalizing Benjamin Netanyahu’s influence. Suddenly brain storms about Israel returning to pre-67 borders and a missing videotape of a dinner featuring a young Barack Obama toasting Rashid Kahlidi, a preeminent head of the PLO, aren’t just clues only wacky tea party conspirators are using to energize fringe elements. They become real, genuine questions about the motives on an administration that far too many in this country question already.

The LA Times buried a tape and buried a story, deeming it irrelevant to the public’s decision making process when picking a President who might one day have to broker a deal between our ally and those inspired by Kalidi. Network media at large did very little due diligence on the forgien policy intellects candidate Obama was surrounding himself with and we are now seeing the ramifications of this.

The little things add up.

Now as a country we’re not only dealing with another foreign crisis but witnessing a similar defensive posture with web and network media take hold. Israel is the 1% bully, Hamas and Palestine are the little guys. And no one fights harder for the little guys than Barack Obama. It’s that simple. This is the ingrained media narrative for almost seven years in this country now. Why would it be any different with media and celebrities with Israel?


Individually when Huffington Post, Mashable, Gawker, NPR, Politico, Vox, CNN or MSNBC runs Hamas approved propaganda, it doesn’t amount to much but lunatics with black bandanna’s on their twitter accounts shouting accusations of death to Zionism. But together it adds up to an almost insurmountable wave of public influence especially among younger generations. It doesn’t matter if it’s “Israel is committing genocide against children” or “I can see Russia from my house!” Obama progressives have always relied on winning the soundbite war first. This is no different.

And then of course there is Hollywood.

Everyone from Tom Cruise’s ex fake girlfriend and her husband, to pop and aged grunge stars. People like Eddie Vedder and Rihanna don’t speak out on social media or on stage because they actually understand the conflict in Gaza. They speak out because the silent complicity of Barack Obama allows them to do so.

Rihanna picks sides in Middle East conflicts about as well as she picks her boyfriends.

Rihanna tweetBut none of that matters. Does anyone above an 8th grade education level actually believe Rihanna understands the nuances of Middle East policy as it pertains to the Gaza Strip? If you asked Rihanna what a blood libel is, would she offer any sort of coherent response beyond a twerk induced moan? No. She tweeted out #FreePalestine because it’s the cool thing to do.

With a single tweet, she can wield more damage to Israel’s reputation with young people than any NY Times columnist. It’s easy for anyone with any remote interest on the motivations of Israel to ingest a 140 character tweet from a pop star or read a graph featuring an imaginary bridge from flash card site. Researching the brutality of Hamas, who they are and what their motivations are is much more tedious.

This is how it’s done. Progressive media pundits fueled by Ivy league classroom sentiment slowly erode away generational support for Israel and the Obama Administration sits idly by and allows the narrative to take hold.

It’s a dangerous mix of ideology colliding with ineptitude. The price of having a “Liberal democracy”

We as a country avoided the ineptitude part in 2004. When the administration needs to sacrifice a victim to the never ending news cycle, no one is off limits. Not even our allies. John Kerry has been as ineffective at brokering a ceasefire as just about everyone suspected he would be ten years ago.

Mediating an international conflict is hard. Yelling about the ocean is not.

Yet President Participation Trophy thinks we are a country that should applaud him for at least trying, going so far as to chastise the media and the citizenry for not doing more cheer leading in his annual pre-vacation press conference last week. John Kerry, who is apparently also a 12 year old soccer player, cannot be the failure here because Kerry represents Obama’s judgement. Therefore someone else has to be the problem; Netanyahu.

tapper_tweetEven as Israeli communities are being shelled daily by enemies hiding in civilian zones, it’s just not fair that Israel is the more powerful country and therefore it becomes the job of the Obama Administration to even out the playing field.

Instead of demanding Hamas lift themselves up, this administration has decided to pull Israel down.

This is the administration that is attempting to ease sanctions on Iran, the main weapons supplier of Hamas. This is the same administration who reneged on their promise not to negotiate or fund Hamas, a group our State Department has declared a terror organization.

This is community organizing on a global scale. Israel is the haves. Hamas is the have-nots. It’s just not fair. Pro-Obama commentators in the media admit it as much. As does a former President.

We as a country have witnessed this for six years now.

Barack Obama has applied his economic theories to an international conflict and naturally it has emboldened Hamas and undermined our allies. At the same time the Press Secretary reiterates Israel’s right to defend itself, the very same woman who advocated for armed intervention on behalf of Palestine sends a harshly worded letter of rebuke, in a tone she doesn’t dare use with Hamas as they use their entire population as a human shield. The civilian deaths in Gaza are the fault of the country with better means to defend itself.  Not the people launching the rockets, which leads to bogus voxaching narratives about balance of casualtiy inequality and twitter memes. Barack Obama chose Samantha Power for the influential position she holds and somehow wants us to also believe both his past actions and her past words are inconsequential to current events.

Hamas’ human rights violations will be ignored by the media and passified by the administration. Celebrities will continue to tweet nonsensical musings to relate to young people who will pay to see their movies. The world will continue to grow more dangerous.

Benjamin Netanyahu is now experiencing first hand with the Obama administration what we as a country experienced with Fast & Furious, the government shutdown and most recent of all the flooding of immigrants across our southern border. That in order to get his way, Obama will bend or break any systematic structure to get the outcome he wants. His administration via Eric Holder flooded the border with weapons hoping to stir gun control legislation, just as he has done with illegal aliens and immigration. Over the course of his Presidency, Obama has has called on or and praised regime changes in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey (All countries that border or surround Israel) has failed to address the growing threat of ISIS in Iraq and is agreeing to ease sanctions on a strengthened Iran; policies that all point to backing our only democratic ally in the region into a corner.

From the time he was a popular candidate to the present where he is now a unpopular President in the twilight of his term, he is making one thing clear to Israel; they are on their own. Fortunately for them, they have leadership that already realizes this.

And they will not submit.


– SM –



Cover image credit -Amir Cohen / REUTERS

The GOP Creates a Squirrel for Hillary


As Hillary Clinton kicked her book tour/campaign off last week, everything was laid out perfectly for her and the coming media coronation. Her book would go on sale, she would do several prime time interviews and that would be it – Election over already. We might as well just swear her in and cancel the 2016 primaries and general election.

Except that’s not how it went.

In a series of head scratching, laughable gaffes, Hillary Clinton instantly reminded everyone of the flawed candidate she was in 2008, and certainly will be in 2016. From saying how poverty stricken her family was after leaving the White House, to stating unequivocally the Taliban 5 the Obama Administration released from GITMO are no threat to the United States, defending giving other countries pool filter buttons is somehow good foreign policy. It all culminated on NPR when she couldn’t defend her or her husband’s anti-gay marriage position and lashed out with a medium and network (NPR) that she should own.

Her campaign bus even broke down.

Friendly news outlets and her media defenders standing at the ready were questioning her preparedness and twisting themselves into knots trying to defend her. This was just a trial run. No *** really ****, trial run. Except this wasn’t a trial run. This was an unmitigated disaster. With audio and documents surfacing of her trial work from 1975 featuring her character assassination of a 12 year old rape victim, and sagging book sales, this week was shaping up to be just as catastrophic.

And then the RNC created a squirrel.

The RNC managed to distract the media from Hillary’s bad week by rolling out an intern in a giant orange squirrel suit accompanied by bad ESPN mascot style promo videos ( No, I’m not linking to it). Every counter culture, Alt-Con nightmare came to life. An idea so bad it looks like it came straight out of a Gary Busy brainstorm session on The Apprentice. David Lynch was probably off somewhere thinking “WTF is this crap?”

Yet someone thought this was a good idea. Someone at the RNC, after two devastating election losses at the hands of viral media campaigns, thought this was just the perfect adequate response to a Hillary Clinton campaign. Someone thought that hearts and minds or be swayed by a giant orange squirrel making nut puns on Twitter. Someone thought using money people donated on a $400 mascot outfit would be a successful strategy. Your donation dollars at work.


This was the best rapid response to Hillary Clinton the RNC could think of. The GOP unnecessarily inserted themselves into a media tour from hell and now become the story. The media desperate for any distraction were handed a nut on a silver platter.

Is this what voters really have to look forward to? Is this what donors and good soldiers have to look forward to in 2014 and 2016? The same tired gimmicks from the same tired leadership?

These are not the actions of a political party who has lost two easily winnable presidential elections in a row and is trying desperately to learn why. This is the kind of campaign that summer interns come up with at a marketing slam camp before breaking out for a team building session with a parachute and beach ball. Apparently the RNC felt they needed to make up ground with the coveted 6-12 Chuck E. Cheese demographic they’ve been lacking. This is a great idea if your only audience are the morning hosts of Fox and Friends who lets face it, are creepy mascots in their own right.

What block of voters exactly is this kind of thing supposed to attract? Certainly not youth or college students who are becoming more and more concerned about civil liberties and the NSA in their phone. It’s the kind of stunt that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hold up as representative evidence of what conservatives have become at a time when their audience is beginning to listen to Rand Paul & Marco Rubio who are making up serious ground on college campuses and in communities who have long felt ignored.

Why is the RNC making arguments with a giant orange squirrel that can be just as easily made without one? If the case can be made that Hillary Clinton would be another 4 year disaster after 8 years of Barack Obama, they can make it without cheap tricks.





If this gag seems old and dated it’s because it is.

The RNC used this costume and same gimmick in 2008 as a cutting edge viral wordpress campaign. The same RNC leadership who has promised to be forward thinking and expand its base with fresh outreach and digital tactics is decided to dig around the basement and dust off an old mascot costume they used during an election cycle they lost. ACORN wasn’t taken out by an intern in a squirrel suit. It was taken out using guerrilla viral tactics and alternative media that couldn’t be ignored.

If this is the deep well of creativity the RNC is digging from, then it should both terrify and enrage people in 2014 and looking ahead to 2016.

A terrifying furry is great for photo ops. Kids will love it and the T-Shirt design isn’t bad but it’s not great for converting disconnected young voters practically begging for any excuse to not vote for a 70 year old establishment politician with a Visiting Angel as a running mate.

But when the other option is represented by a creepy walking furry, they run as fast and as far away as possible.

The squirrel managed to make the RNC look dated, childish and desperate and then Hillary Clinton managed to put the final nail in the coffin of this horrific viral strategy when she exited her car and presented the intern with her book. Hillary came off affable, polished and good humored. The squirrel nodded and shook her hand and gave her the thumbs up. It’s not hard to make Hillary look bad. It’s hard to make her look?good. The RNC managed to do it anyway; effortlessly.

At least they got a souvenir out of it.


So now the RNC with no explanation on what exactly a mascot costume was supposed to accomplish that they couldn’t accomplish without it is stuck holding Hillary’s book and she enjoy’s a flock of good humorous press that she wasn’t enjoying last week as she gaffed her way from one appearance to the next without the RNC’s help.

Is that what this is all about? One big game to them? There is more at stake here than hashtags and furry costumes. Someone has to step up and be the adult party. This was the official response to Hillary’s own narrative, a narrative that itself was imploding in the media without their help. Hillary’s ludicrous comments about being dead broke become about how charming Hillary was with the RNC’s crappy gimmick.

People are tired of being laughed at and losing elections.

The RNC has the first genuine opportunity in decades to rob the Democrat party of their two major crutches – The party of being young and the party of being culturally cool.

Marco Rubio during a Buzzfeed interview declared how big of a fan Public Enemy he is and was instantly ridiculed by progressives. When voters (especially black voters) see a candidate say he’s a fan of Public Enemy, they instantly relate to that and the people ridiculing him instantly find themselves on the outside of the culture sphere looking in. The Democrat party is welcome to defend the Clintons who are still trying to cling to the glory days of Fleetwood Mac. Are modern pop bands like Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars and Imagine Dragons really going to go out to college campuses and try to convince kids to vote for a woman that looks like their grandmother?

The key to defeating Hillary Clinton aren’t furry costumes and ridiculous puns.. It’s showing the country for the old, out of touch establishment politician she is. With possible serious health and mobility issues. There are good people doing good work and using the trolling tactics that Stewart and Colbert have used for years against the Democrat Party and their ancient would-be candidate. It’s frustrating seeing all that undone by party leadership willfully ignorant in favor of something they got an idea for at their 8 year old’s birthday party.

The Democrat party, who for so long under the stewardship of celebrities and entertainers are able to plug themselves into the youth culture of America, is automatically ceding their ground by all but declaring a senior citizen a presidential primary coronation. The RNC war room should be dedicated to pin pointing online trends and using big data to target voters. A giant creepy furry accomplishes none of that.

Cost of crappy squirrel costume – $400 dollars (Of your money)
Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat – All Free.

Throw the mascot costume in the dumpster and let Hillary be Hillary. Along with Hillary Clinton’s Senior AARP Tour from hell, there are Al Qaeda linked militants slaughtering?their way across Iraq, Ukraine is worsening and there’s a crisis in Israel. The IRS announced that it had two years worth of Lois Lerner’s emails were somehow magically lost in a hard drive crash. There are serious consequences to Barack Obama’s election. The country wants alternatives, not childish pandering.

If this is really the best the RNC can do, then it would be nuts for voters to show up in 2014 and 2016.

– SM –





Homeland Bound: Obama’s Ego Creates Another Scandal



In the movie Wag the Dog, a skilled political operative (Robert DeNiro) and a famed movie producer (Dustin Hoffman) devise a plan to stage a POW rescue to keep the President’s sex scandal from torpedoing his re-election chances. Images of his face are held up with flags. They get Willie Nelson to write a song and citizens begin throwing “Old shoes” over power lines in support. The country comes together, united behind a brave hero. The only problem is POW Willy Schumann ( played by Woody Harrelson) whose release they secretly arrange, turns out to be a violent lunatic who loses control and causes the transport plane to crash, en route to the photo op with the President. Hoffman and DeNiro are left sitting in the burning, flamed-out wreckage of the plane trying to talk themselves up from impending doom.”This is nothing!” Hoffman proclaims, his catch phrase throughout the film as he deals with mounting crisis after crisis.On Saturday, Barack Obama, desperate to get a Veterans Affairs cover up scandal out of the news cycle and off Sunday morning shows, announced that the only remaining POW of the Afghanistan war, Bowe Bergdahl was coming home, in exchange for five high level Taliban commanders. He did so with the soldier’s parents, Bob and Jani Bergdahl at his side. Obama, bathed in warm afternoon sunlight, in a rose garden in full bloom, proclaimed “This is a good day.” and warmly embraced the elated couple. The VA cover ups were down the memory hole. Oprah was probably crying.

It took all of about 6 hours for the carelessly crafted narrative surrounding Bowe Bergdahl and dad to start crumbling.

It was revealed that Obama broke law by failing to notify congress of the intended prisoner transfer 30 days prior. The White House didn’t even pretend that no laws were broken, just that they felt they were in the right, as Jay Carney put it. The Obama loyalists in the media tried to play it up as a matter of oppostion perspective and failed. The law was broken. The administration just doesn’t care and they know mass media doesn’t care either.

This is nothing.

Several links turned up on Twitter and YouTube of Bob Bergdahl professing sympathies for the Taliban and in one tweet, promising divine revenge for the deaths of every Afghanistan child. Shortly after it went viral, it disappeared without explanation. In addition to tweeting regularly with at Taliban propaganda website and declaring western democracy a cult, he also made sympathetic web videos towards the Taliban on behalf of his son. Social media wondered if this was some Stockholm Syndrome by proxy. More than likely it was just a father reaching out to his son the only way he knew how. What matters is this was not the same man?the White House put in front of a Presidential podium. This was a man actively engaged in anti US propaganda who just shared an embrace with the leader of the free world.

This is nothing.

A semi-anonymous twitter user claiming to be part of Bergdahl’s unit began tweeting out the story of Bergdahl’s apparent desertion, blow by blow, including naming 6 soldiers of that unit killed while searching for him. Wikileaks documents on the web seemed to confirm what @codyFNFootball was recalling, as did a Pentagon report from 2010, stating they believe Bergdahl went AWOL. Comments began surfacing in Facebook groups of Bergdahl stating his disenchantment with the US Military and their cause in Afghanistan. The most social media savvy presidency in history apparently thought that people on social media would be so enamored at the return of Bergdahl, that they wouldn’t take 5 minutes and research just who exactly Bowe or his father are or the history of how he went missing or how the administration got him returned. The administration’s narrative that Bowe Bergdahl was a heroic combat veteran ambushed by Taliban commandos and held in captivity against his will was demolished.

This is nothing.

By Monday morning, members of Bergdahl’s former unit began breaking confidentiality agreements and opening up to willing ears in media, a day after Susan Rice once again made her way to Sunday Morning shows and said Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.” Apparently soldiers who didn’t abandon their post still take offense at participation trophies when it comes to their sacred oath and duty. The only person that could be found defending Bergdahl was an NBC reporter embedded with them at the time. By Tuesday liberal knives in both Congress and media had come out to discredit members of Bergdahl’s unit and those putting them in touch with anyone who would hear a story that directly contradicts the White House. Discredit and marginalize anyone who disputes the White House’s version of events, including soldiers who did not abandon their post or forfeit their duties. It doesn’t matter who or what Bowe Bergdahl believes or did. He’s an American. Except that he might not be. He’s a POW held against his will. Except that he might not be.

This is nothing.

Barack Obama was hoping for a swift end to the VA cover up scandal and was convinced a prisoner transfer and show would give him a week’s worth of good news. Except the mystery of Bowe Bergdahl is just beginning. Four days into a bizarre and evolving scandal with possible bigger ramifications than a secretary resigning,?we are left with a deserter and possible defector or worse, more Susan Rice untruths and a progressive media complex desperately trying to stop the bleeding on another Obama Administration self-inflicted wound, the direct result of President Selfie’s own ego and hubris.

Standing next to one terrorist sympathizer in a living room launched his political career. Perhaps he thought standing next to another in the Rose Garden would save it.

BB_TweetThe issue however is not Bob Bergdahl. It’s not even Bob Bergdahl’s facial hair, or what language he spoke or what words he said in Arabic that made Obama smile. It’s that he was given the opportunity to say them at the Presidential podium. Bob Bergdahl is an American, free to hold any beliefs about this country he so desires, even if those views are un-American. That’s what makes us great.

The concern should lie with a President and his handlers who feels the need to leap at a photo op so cavalierly that they either didn’t know who he was standing with, or they just didn’t care.

Either Barack Obama and the White House knew of Bob Bergdahl’s sympathies toward the Taliban and chose to ignore it, thinking it would just be washed away by a complicit media to caught up on the heroic POW narrative, or the most social media savvy presidential administration in US history didn’t do background on him that regular people with Twitter accounts did in under thirty minutes. This isn’t of course the first time White House Comms ignored background on a possible crazy before putting the most important person in the world within feet of them.

Both scenarios are frightening.

Bob Bergdahl’s views are irrelevant. What is relevant is that a terrorist group not only has five really bad guys back under their wing, but a Presidential photo souvenir the entire world saw to go along with it.

The question then has to be asked of Obama about the justification of the deal itself. If the Taliban is not a designated terror group, and if they are reluctant to name Boko Haram a terror group, then who is a terror group? The only two groups Obama has publicly declared to be terrorists are Al Qaeda and Republicans.

Obama is a President who recognizes the Taliban’s governing authority enough to broker deals with them, but does not recognize the governing authority of duly elected representatives with an (R) after their name in this country. He has chosen to simply not recognize Republican’s elected rights to govern.

The debate is settled.

The only actual terror group Barack Obama has ever given that designation to is Al Qaeda. The Obama administration believes they have to keep a face of success on at all times. Obama views victories and losses like a playoff series in sports, hence why it took so long for incompetent secretaries like Sebelius and Shinseki to be held to the even smallest degree of responsibility. Because Barack Obama viewed those losses as personal skewers. He feels he lost a couple games.

By openly designating that Al Qaeda is somehow the only terror group on the entire planet, the administration can continuously run victory laps around the corpse of Osama Bin Laden and their claim that he has decimated their core leadership. Leaving groups that kidnap hundreds of young girls or blow up Buddhist statues and suicide bomb almost at will off that list gives the administration precious maneuvering abilities when it comes to breaking congressional law and brokering deals. By engaging with the Taliban and the Haqqani Network, instead of the Karzai government, Obama is signaling that the White House believes the Taliban is a controlling authority in Afghanistan and legitimatizing who they are and what they stand for. Why does he believe this? Does he believe the Taliban was usurped by the United States in an unjust war? Does he believe the Taliban has legitimate claims to Afghanistan and other countries as say someone like Vladimir Putin does to Ukraine?

This isn’t as simple as creating a hashtag, retrieving a man in uniform and then telling Ryan Seacrest about it. Almost six years into his Presidency and Obama is still afraid to tell the American people what he really believes. Why? These questions matter because Barack Obama seems intent on proving true every single radical progressive cliche people have about him and modern liberals. Appeasement of our enemies at any cost and isolation of our allies no matter any price.

So despite creating another situation from his own naive haste, Obama cannot be wrong about Bergdahl. Something else must now be responsible. Even after sending Susan Rice out (again) to prop up a narrative they know not to be true. Even after doubling down in Poland when asked if he was aware of Bergdahl’s anti-American beliefs. That “thing” is going to be war itself, more specifically, Bush’s war. The Bush war that Obama has vowed to end and seemingly any cost necessary.

It’s been on the tip of the tongue of Democrats for the past couple of years to start saying the Afghanistan war was unjust all along. This was not something they could causally say so soon after the Twin Towers collapsed. They smiled and played along. But in time and Bowe Bergdahl they finally now have that excuse. He shouldn’t have even been in Afghanistan to begin with. Bush’s fault. If Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell are the proud faces of war on the right, Bowe Bergdahl will become the antithesis for the left.. This brave young man and future senatorial candidate, who stood up to his commanders in?an unjust military occupation. The soldiers who died as a result of Bergdahl’s dissidence?will become nothing more than #memes. It’s already starting.

Deserter Bergdahl will become the conscientious objector to Bush’s unjust war that Barack Obama is valiantly ending.

This begs the question of Barack Obama, a question no journalist thought to ask him during the 2008 coronation tour. How would he have handled the nation’s response to 9/11? Does he believe the demands made of the Taliban to turn over Al Qaeda commanders by George W. Bush to be unjust? If so does he believe the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were not the fault of Al Qaeda terrorists, but of the nation they felt was invading their Muslim holy lands? The only reference found on record of Barack Obama’s response to 9/11 was published in the Hyde Park Herald on September 19th, 2001:

“We must also engage, however, in the more difficult task of understanding the sources of such madness. The essence of this tragedy, it seems to me, derives from a fundamental absence of empathy on the part of the attackers: an inability to imagine, or connect with, the humanity and suffering of others. Such a failure of empathy, such numbness to the pain of a child or the desperation of a parent, is not innate; nor, history tells us, is it unique to a particular culture, religion, or ethnicity. It may find expression in a particular brand of violence, and may be channeled by particular demagogues or fanatics. Most often, though, it grows out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair.

It’s the typical vague speech of platitudes that never reveals what he truly believes, the same kind that had people scratching their heads in front of West Point graduates last week as he pledged to send them off to the corners of the planet to fight the real terror threat – global warming. Obama wants us to believe Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction when there is almost indisputable evidence he abandoned his unit in war time. Instead of simply telling the American people the truth about Bowe Bergdahl, we got more photo op theater that now creates another scandal he himself will inevitably have to separate himself from and blame on the other team that he refused to consult in the first place. In doing so, honorable men and women who did not abandon their post and did not walk off their base will inventively be smeared by this President’s dwindling band of loyal defenders.

As the mystery of Bowe Bergdahl unravels itself and as hearings undoubtedly come regarding the administration’s actions, Obama will be sifting through what’s left of the wreckage of the situation he himself created, trying to convince himself that once again, this is nothing.

– SM –




American Psycho: Hollywood Makes a Monster

That’s a quote from Brett Easton Ellis’ novel “American Psycho,” and Patrick Bateman, a fitting analogy that has been made more than once already about alleged killer Elliot Rodger who brutally murdered six people by various methods before swallowing a bullet of his own this past weekend. Pro-feminist, premature hashtags erupted on Twitter. Michael Moore, Piers Morgan did their usual NRA distraction dance, with Albert Brooks joining in. Most vocal were Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen who were compelled to defend their livelihood when Hollywood, along with the NRA, was blamed.

The problem for Hollywood is that Elliot Rodger not only committed these crimes in their backyard, the farthest place in the country from NRA influence as possible, but he is a direct product of the industry and the lifestyle of glamorized excess it creates. His father is a writer, photographer and assistant director on studio films. His mother worked for several production companies and had a relationship with a studio head that Elliott Rodger hoped she would marry so he could inherit his wealth and not have to work.

Mom Dating
Rogen and other Hollywood personalities are in the right to defend their films. Elliot Rodger was not so much a product of violent film and cited very little influence on him from movies other than his love of the Star Wars prequels, which alone should have been reason enough for a psychological evaluation. Seth Rogan’s movies didn’t drive an individual with severe social anxiety to murder anyone. Not this time at least.

Hollywood culture and millennial fame addiction pushed by the media did.

We are in midst of unparalleled media influence and unfortunately a Hollywood media complex is using this influence to do everything in its power to climb into the heads of young millennials. With celebrity culture comes a perception of entitlement. When football stadiums are filled to capacity with young people over a glorified karaoke contest, it’s not because they are there to interview for a job. It’s because they are owed the fame that Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus all have. Nobody is walking away from Miley Cyrus’ concerts with costumes made from?blinging dollar signs and stage props of giant inflatable penises talking about good the music is. They walk out wondering if they ended up in one of the Instagram selfie videos she takes from the stage. Justine Tunney of Occupy fame snarked on Twitter, “If the goth scene was still around, this kid would’ve actually gotten laid and not gone on a rampage.”

This weekend, as people on social media fought their battles and victims families tried to make sense of the crime the only way?they knew how, the pro-feminist hashtag #YesAllWomen was the top of national trends on Twitter. The second highest? #KimyeWedding, a reference to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s celebrity hyperventilation fest. Twitter once again creating the perfect dichotomy for what our vanity-obsessed culture has become with Entertainment Tonight having to wrestle itself between covering both unfortunate tragedies.

He wrote of work being beneath him and the importance of an expensive material image. Elliot Rodger was, as blogger Amy Otto from PFOL said on Twitter, Patrick Bateman Bieber. Every bad impression people from prior generations have about current youth.

“It doesn’t make sense. I do everything I can to appear attractive to you. I dress nice. I’m sophisticated. I’m magnificent. I have a nice car, a BMW. Nicer than 90% of the people at my college.” Rodger laments to a video recorder he’s placed on the car dashboard. He’s somewhere in the canyons, alone, where no one will hear him or see this performance – and it is a performance. In his manifesto, he describes his inability to approach girls going back to high school, even terrified to go to parties or talk to one in class. Spoiler alert: Every guy is terrified of talking to girls. Not every guy manifests this terror into a homicidal monster. Somewhere along the twisted timeline of his life he became wired to believe that simply showing up would be enough to experience joy, sex, love and happiness. He believed that just by walking into a room he would somehow have a part to play in Scarlett Johansson’s life. This is Hollywood culture, not gun culture.

“This is why I immersed myself in online games. I felt safe there,” he writes about his junior high school years, which again, were miserable for just about everybody.
He became obsessed with possessions and status and when he is preening in his car to George Michael and filming himself driving to Whitney Houston, or speechifying in a tone right out of “Days of Our Lives”. He isn’t rehearsing how he would treat a girl on a date or trying to work up the nerves to talk to one. He’s putting on a performance for himself, a scene right out of The Informers.

Elliot Rodger became every bad clich? in a Brett Easton Ellis novel.

Excessive narcissism as a result of severe social anxiety and depression combined with almost unlimited financial resources. He followed the “E! Entertainment Bible of Fame and Fortune” to the letter. It was enough to get him onto red carpets but not into bed?with Paris Hilton.

This is what was intolerable to him. He was a narcissistic celebrity in his own mind wondering why no one was worshiping him. He believed?he did everything right to attain celebrity idol perfection and couldn’t handle it when it didn’t start raining Lohans. He couldn’t take it out on the Kardashian sisters who go everywhere with armed security, so he directed his rage at those who were defenseless.

It’s easy to write all of that off and suggest the killer isn’t being held accountable for his actions. He is viciously accountable. However, the problem for Hollywood (and others who want to ignore the growing effect of celebrity culture rot on young brains) is that with this Rodger, there’s a very meticulous paper trail. Take away the seven bodies he left at three different crime scenes and it’s nearly impossible to separate him from thousands of vanity Twitter accounts, YouTube channels or obsessed fans screaming to leave Britney alone. He is one of the first mass shooters of the millennial generation that is a direct product of it. He knew how to form relationships with material possessions but not make connections with people. At his darkest moments, as he recorded his last video titled “Day of Retribution” his performance is still shallow, rehearsed and unauthentic. He wants the viewer to believe he’s talking to every girl that’s ever wronged him but he’s just talking to himself and he artificially laughs to remind himself of this. ?Elliot Rodger was a really bad actor in his own life story.

He represents a narcissistic trend in media addiction where YouTube leads to instant fame and self-improvement through hard work is obsolete. Fame media’s only message today is you’re nobody if you don’t identify personally with One Direction or Taylor Swift. There is a cas ?here to be made for the feminist hashtag activists of #YesAllWomen. Unfortunately, they’re too self-absorbed at the moment to make it.

The MTV show “Made” was about teenage high school makeovers. In one episode, MTV took a geeky girl in glasses and dragon shirts and made her into a beauty contestant and prom queen. At the end of the episode she goes on about how many new friends she had made. “Pimp My Ride” is a show about how your car isn?t good enough. You’re a nobody with a POS ride in high school. Here, have some gold plated rims and ground effects; now you’re popular and loved. Being pregnant leads to a lucrative career in the entertainment industry. Punching a woman, repeatedly in the face? Great if you can dance. Same goes with night clubbing. MTV has gone as far as to literally tell teenagers that they must physically alter their appearance to look like the celebrities on their network. Here’s some plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence’s ear! All fixed! Kids and young adults see a hobbled little dwarf named Honey Boo Boo with the IQ of a potato on TV and wonder how in the hell of everything unholy it’s not them.

The message that it’s okay to be an imperfect, awkward individual is completely non-existent and it’s not just fame media pushing it, as Obama Administration Labor Secretary, Tom Perez proved.


This is the lifestyle Elliot Rodger became cocooned in. Money, cars, status, women, love fixes everything and sex is easy to get. It’s a life that is all but mandatory the spawn of a Hollywood movie director. In his boring, privileged life in the Beverly Hills, Rodger never suffered some great social injustice. He didn’t lose a job because of his race. He didn’t come back from war with PTSD. He never states in his manuscript that he was bullied to any great lengths. He claims he saw a boy kiss a girl and he snapped. He goes on to lament, “Where’s the justice? Why couldn’t I have been born into that life?” when describing a teenager he saw with a girlfriend. The “Born Lucky Few” is a message we, as a country and a society, have been bludgeoned over the head with now for going on six years. Life’s unfair, you’re not good enough, you deserve things and you should not just envy those that have what you don’t, you should take action.

Sound familiar? It should.

Progressives in this case, are?desperate to a pin a non-existent gun control narrative on the NRA because everything Patrick Bateman Bieber believed was right out of an OFA mailer. Fairness, entitlement, deserves. You’re not good enough and just unlucky. Perpetual victim-hood that those better than you are specifically out to get you. All?things that have been pounded into our heads repeatedly. Rodger complained on page upon page and in video after video about how unfair life is for being rejected by imaginary starlets. He was seemingly never told that life is unfair – for everybody. Instead of being taught the values of self worth, hard work & uncompromising individualism, his complaints were met instead with a free BMW, a Nordstrom shopping spree, a $1500 laptop and a $900 month apartment with rent paid.

Elliot Rodger believed he was entitled to money, fame and girls. The need to fit in, be popular, get famous, get laid. The problem for Hollywood is none of those things are found in an NRA brochure.

All of them are found on MTV.



– SM –