Author: Stephen Miller

Quiet Riot: Pussy Riot’s Occupy Hypocrisy.


pussy riot perform 2

In 2011 when Dmitry Medvedev began the process of handing?political power back to Vladimir Putin, it not only sparked mass protests in Moscow, it led to the formation of an eccentric?all girl punk activist movement.

Pussy Riot and their protest music that also included staged theatrics such as dumping pillow feathers, holding colored smoke flares and shooting off fire extinguishers were now the masked face idols of Russian rebel youth and the anti-Putin movement.

Pussy Riot is more than a band that shows up on stage and plays provocative music and shouts provocative things. They are a small band of feminist activists masquerading behind?colorful masks as they storm symbols of what they view as patriarchal oppression and vanity or symbols of heavy handed religious and political nationalism. One of their first shows was a staged guerrilla flash show where they walked into a women’s boutique in Moscow and started shouting their lyrics from the sales floor. Their stunts, as head scratching as they might have been, were?certainly mischievous but for the most part nonviolent and simply meant to shock a Russian culture unfamiliar with westernized punk music or westernized protest tactics.

But it was in February of 2012 when Pussy Riot sparked international interest when they spontaneously tried to demonstrate on the Altar of the Christ the Savior Orthodox cathedral in Moscow. The members of the band were promptly shut down by security and arrested by police. If anything is puzzling about their performance and arrest, it’s that no incident spawned the motivation for it. It was just three girls showing up a place of holy worship because they wanted to protest the Orthodox church. They claimed they protested it because it represents the union of Church and State, which they disagree with.?It was a completely nonsensical but then again that’s mostly what punk music is.

There’s nothing more controversial in Pussy Riot’s songs as say there ever was in the Sex Pistols or Dead Kennedys, and nothing more mischievous about their antics than anything UK stencil artist Banksy does. It’s their methods however that draw attention. “Pussy Riot is a form of oppositional art” Maria Alyokhina (who also has a degree in journalism) declared during their trial in Moscow.

pussyjailNo one has to be a political dissident or even agree with Pussy Riot’s methods to see that they were the ones calling attention to Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian tendencies. Not the disappearance of political enemies, or the poisoning of journalists. It was a loud punk rock protest group that can barely play their instruments or actually sing their songs.

They have the advantage of being young ,attractive and very well spoken females which plays as a perfect antithesis to the strong, brooding overly-macho image projected by Vladimir Putin. “Their punishment must fit the crime” Putin told RT television when asked about their stunt at the cathedral.

How could American media and celebrity culture possibly ignore them now?

Madonna showed her support on stage by writing “Free Pussy Riot” on her body which immediately lit a spark under web and social?media. Suddenly people all over the world supported them, no matter the politics.

They were imprisoned for 6 months after their arrest without visitation rights and then sentenced to two years in a Russian penal colony, which is probably about as terrifying as it sounds. Yekaterina Samutsevich won a suspended sentence upon appeal.

Whatever opinion is formed on political feminist activists whose lyrics include “Kill all sexists. Kill all conformists. Kill all Putinites” and have titled their performances “Putin Pissed Himself”, no one can deny their treatment at the hands of Russian prosecutors has been heavy handed. In statements read in court, members of Pussy Riot warned of Vladimir Putin causing instability both within Russia and outside it’s borders.

They have been proven correct. Putin has ruled largely unchecked in the region and as a result is expanding his power the only way he knows how, with military force into Crimea and now Eastern Ukraine.

While imprisoned, Pussy Riot gained support from another group besides Hollywood millionaires – Occupy Wall St. Nevermind that Occupy Wall St. advocates for the same kind of government system that causes mass oppression that Pussy Riot was being jailed for. All that mattered was how loud the noise was and that they looked cool in their colorful masks. Pussy Riot members apparently got the message as they have now brought their anti-establishment (no matter what the establishment is apparently) to the States and along with it their gratitude for Occupy’s support and a PR support system intent on making them the face of the new feminist war of women.

clinton riotPussy Riot has been appearing?DC at press junkets for corporate media like the New Yorker, the White House Correspondents Dinner and posing for photos with Hillary Clinton. Last week in New York, as an act of solidarity with Occupy, they visited Occupy protestor Cecily McMillan at Riker’s Island who recently pleaded not guilty to assaulting a New York police officer, and was convicted when video tape evidence showed her cold cocking him with her elbow deliberately during an Occupy attempt to retake Zucotti park. Her defense was she thought she was being sexually groped and was acting out of pure self defense, which honestly, who could blame her.

The jury has since recommended that McMillan serve no further sentencing and that a felony on her record be enough punishment. Not exactly the kind of leniency?shown in Putin’s Moscow.

Pussy riot visited McMillan in prison and advocated for her release on Twitter, which included telling Americans to start their own Pussy Riot here, whatever that means. Pussy Riot’s English language Twitter account is run more like a hired PR person trying to sell T-Shirts with slogans. Pussy Riot in their own words are more up front and honest about what they want.

“We need to destroy the whole system. It’s rotten from head to tail. Only radical revolutionary action can change anything. Talk and compromise get you nowhere.” members of the band stated in the HBO documentary?A Punk Prayer which chronicles both the band of activists and their opponents in Russia.

Is Pussy Riot advocating that Americans rise up against an overbearing, Statist government? They tried and were promptly audited by the Internal Revenue Service and targeted by its top agents. Are they advocating the destruction of capitalism, the system that allowed the message of their imprisonment be spread via social media on iPhone, laptops and tablets? If Pussy Riot’s intent is to come to America and advocate for the elimination of a ruling capitalist structure, perhaps they can start by asking Madonna to refund the money people spent to see her write their band name on her back and arms and therefore spread awareness globally.

The protesters in Zucotti park had 3 months to prove that a communist, class-less society could flourish at the very foot of imperial capitalism and they self imploded. Pussy Riot says they sympathize with Occupy Wall St, the very individuals that want the kind of socialist class system that Vladimir Putin used to imprison and silence them.

riotquoteOccupy is not a pro-freedom movement. It’s a movement filled with sexual assault, black bloc, anarchy, discrimination, anti-semitism, property destruction and in McMillan’s case, endangering the safety of law enforcement who tolerated a barrage of daily insults for months in the shadow of the World Trade Center. McMillan’s case has nothing to do with political freedom. Pussy Riot was imprisoned for criminal mischief and trespassing while committing a victim-less crime against the Russian Orthodox church. McMillan’s admitted goal was to set out to illegally claim property and incite the same black bloc mob tactics that rendered Occupy politically insignificant. Occupy protesters are not political prisoners. They are convicted of crimes. Sexual assault, conspiracy to commit mass destruction (Bomb plots), and destruction of property. Of the three-thousand plus arrests in the Occupy movement, not one of them was a direct result of simply speaking of their anarcho-communist beliefs.

When they spoke upon exiting Riker’s island of their meeting with McMillan and voiced their support for her in person and online, were Nadezhda Tolokonnikova?and?Maria Alyokhina?hauled off in armored cars and put into a glass box?


sovietPRPerhaps all this is a mistake lost in translation and perhaps Pussy Riot simply believe in anarchy. Perhaps they truly are simply against any ruling form of establishment, which is fine also. If that is the case however, why is Pussy Riot posing for pictures with Hillary Clinton and only taking shots at Sarah Palin? Why do they accept invites from establishment media? Are they now simply lobbyists for a progressive ideology? Was this the goal worth spending two years in a Siberian penal colony? To be the young feminist mouthpiece for the Democrats and a corporate media complex until they are no longer needed? Can anyone picture Sid Vicious attending a Nerd Prom unless his sole intention was setting the room on fire and locking the doors?

Being punk and especially getting into trouble for being punk is fine; It’s encouraged. Kids see it and want to emulate it. Selling out to the ideologies that made them personally suffer is not. Spending two years in a Siberian penal colony and then posting a picture on social media of the Soviet flag with the slogan “Socialism without repressions” is either blatant hypocrisy or lacking perspective. Pussy Riot are too articulate to be this blatantly self unaware. They are being used.

If Pussy Riot really wanted to punk out in America, their first three songs would be about?an authoritarian and corrupt?IRS targeting conservative Americans, Barack Obama’s drone kill streak & the liberal tolerance police organizing and firing people for their free speech and they would do it wearing this T-Shirt?.

These are human rights causes they stood for in the sub zero temperatures of Moscow winters dressed only like anarchist Teletubbies. By not speaking out against true violations of human rights and choosing a DC photo op with Hillary Clinton, one of the most glorified establishment Wall St. backed politicians in 25 years, and sympathizing with a movement notorious for sexual assault, Pussy Riot just becomes another PR tool for the Democrat party, who currently controls 2/3 of our government. Pussy Riot can support Occupy Wall St. or they can support Hillary Clinton. Not Both.

Pussy Riot should come to the United States. They should bring their message of the dangers of Vladimir Putin and in doing so should realize that our capitalist country might be the only hope in stopping him. Anti-Fascist punk music has to be rooted in principle, otherwise they are simply just another Sandra Fluke with guitars. Supporting the whole of an Occupy movement long concerned with rape tents and assaulting police may work to satisfy the image of a PR department and enrich their wallets for giving speeches on college campuses, but it does nothing for real political prisoners around the globe.

Punk activism in Russia means speaking out against the state no matter the costs. While stateside, Pussy Riot apparently believes punk activism means cozying up to it and in doing so, losing all credibility.


– SM –


Why So Serious? Louis CK Doesn’t Think Common Core is Funny


Admittedly I’ve never paid much attention to Common Core. I’ve read about it sparsely and clicked the links on social media but it has never by all means been a cornerstone issue of focus. The reason why is it honestly has never affected my every day life as I do not have kids in the public school system. This is exactly the paradox that just about every young politico must eventually face as they come to terms with the consequences of getting older and hopefully wiser.

This was the case when the arguable reigning king of comedy in the country, Louis CK, took to Twitter to vent his frustrations regarding his 3rd grade daughter’s Common Core homework. Almost instantly Common Core was no longer just some federally implemented standardized testing curriculum (Supporters would take issue with the word curriculum, but I don’t care) that was being fought by parents in suburbs and away from the stage.

math tweet2One of the most popular and recognizable comedians in the country was now asking questions about it and he wasn’t the only one. Indie songbird Regina Spektor joined CK in opposition to Common Core standardized testing. At the center of their argument is that Common Core robs teachers of the very able job of teaching and forces them to focus on federally implemented standards and tests. Common Core handcuffs teachers and impairs students. What Common Core is or isn’t, is something left to those who have better researched the subject. What’s fascinating is who has come out against CK in defense of Common Core.

It has now officially become a celebrity issue and Louis CK isn’t laughing. CK now finds himself standing face to face with the progressivism he has supported in the past. It’s almost a revelation. One almost wants to say to him “Why yes Mr. CK, why an overbearing federal government that you supported and voted for doing these things?” except for the fact that he’s being completely dead honest about how he feels about it. No snark is needed.

He’s just the latest in a recent line of celebrities accidentally arguing for common sense conservative solutions.The problem for Common Core defenders in the media here is Louis CK is not a Fox News personality or a conservative talk show radio host. He’s one of the most popular and highest selling stand up comedians in the country with a popular television show and a loyal fan base bordering on cult-like. He also just happens to really love Barack Obama. Most of CK’s best routines revolve around the frustrations of being a parent while desperately and ?simultaneously trying to love his kids.

It started with a generalized shot at Common Core and almost immediately the media push back started. ?Who is this stand up comic to criticize a federal standardized educational curriculum that we elitists fully support because of all the words and numbers it has, think he is???More importantly, why is this comedian whose stand up they love and whose politics they agree with suddenly turning on their precious?

Here’s the problem with the media taking Louis CK to task over his common core criticisms; none of his harshest critics have a kid in the public school system. CK isn’t making an observation from the St. Regis Hotel bar in Washington DC, he’s making it as a parent who looks at his daughter’s homework and feels like trying to flush his head down a toilet.

Libby Nelson from explanatory flashcard site Vox took her shots at CK with a piece titled “What Louis CK gets wrong on Common Core” and somehow manages to make it more about George W. Bush (shocking).

Nelson then attempts to walk CK through a Common Core problem?when CK’s entire argument is not about whether or not a writer for Vox can explain Common Core to him, but?that he can’t explain it to his daughter. This concept is apparently completely foreign to Nelson. CK doesn’t care about the steps of the problems, he cares that his 3rd grader doesn’t understand it and is losing the will to learn, a concept apparently completely alien to her. Nelson has nothing personally invested in Common Core except her argument and showing off her brain. Louis Ck has a daughter who has to do the actual work. Nelson graduated with her BA in 2009?according to her Linked-In profile?which presumably makes her still too young to have a child in the public school system. Her profile on even states she covers all different types of education.

But she doesn’t cover parents.

Alexander Nazaryan from Newsweek, and who doesn’t appear to have a child in public school either was so personally offended by CK’s parental inquisitiveness that he resulted to petty insults and concern trolling on Facebook?. When Nazaryan called CK “trite and shallow” for his parental observations, CK dispatched him just about as fast as he would a heckler at a club. Louis CK deals with insults like that for a living. What exactly did Nazaryan think he was going to accomplish besides embarrassing himself? He was no different then the asshole in the club shouting from the dark. Professional comedians are rarely caught off guard by this on stage much less when the very best of them have a few minutes to think about how to respond.

nazarynA writer from Newsweek and an expert from Vox aren’t going to convince a single person that Louis CK isn’t funny or that he isn’t a parent. It is an absolute losing proposition for them to engage with him, yet they tried and will keep trying.

Louis CK is coming at Common Core from the POV of an uneducated parent and is fully admitting it. ?He his hiding absolutely nothing about his lack of knowledge regarding the program, except that he knows it’s hurting his child. Louis CK isn’t playing the part of an elitist with an ideology. He’s having to reconcile progressive ideologies he supports with his parental values.

Nazaryan and Nelson don’t have to make that choice.

The only answer those attacking him for it are people that are throwing years of statistics, numbers, percentages at him. No amount of Voxplaining will get a well balanced kid to suddenly understand something they don’t understand, which is the root of CK’s frustration. Here is a parent wondering why their kid is crying over their homework and Vox thinks a flashcard presentation will somehow make that all better.

Louis CK reminded them that he’s a parent and that’s where “the rubber meats the road”. And they simply don’t get it. It’s no different than CK’s routine about his 3 year old and “Pig Newtons”. It’s not that they aren’t allowed to their opinion, it’s the “fucking arrogance”. His daughter could be replaced with the name of any reporter at Voxdotcom and the routine would still play almost perfectly.

Louis CK has to actually voxplain what being a parent is like except there aren’t any amount of flashcards that can do that.

All they can do is kneel down and in passive voice explain why his kid and your kid just isn’t that smart, which is essentially what Obama admin Education Secretary Arne Duncan did in 2013 to concerned parents when he said, “It’s fascinating to me that some of the push back is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who all of a sudden their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were..” No one denies that education standards are failing in the US. No one wants to examine why that is, especially those in the Obama administration.

Louis CK isn’t a suburban mom. He is a moderately wealthy, born and raised, urban New Yorker, who does happen to really love being white.

CK quote
Progressives don’t understand this. Progressive media especially doesn’t understand this. CK is not making a political ideological argument. His argument over his daughter’s public school curriculum isn’t rooted in OFA hashtag activism or Tea Party rallying. Progressive media’s politics have been so entwined with an activist culture of us versus them for so long, that when someone who is making a completely non political argument and does it in a frustratingly humorous way, they short circuit and shut down. CK wasn’t being combative. He was even contrite to average Twitter users who disagreed with him and defended them from a mob. CK was expressing his frustrations as a parent, nothing more and the only reaction Vox and other progressive media could muster was to look at him like he just stepped off a spaceship from another planet.

CK has to come to terms with his own accidental conservatism. The belief that states should control education and not a federally mandated word salad. No one is arguing that he will be marching to the polls in November with a Gadsden flag but this is how culture battles are won. Very rarely do culture swings happen because someone like CK gets yelled at on Twitter by someone with a Benghazi ribbon on their picture and suddenly the likes of Keanu Reeves has a “Whoa” moment. More people over night will examine the faults of Common Core because of Louis CK’s tweets than they will defend it over Jeb Bush’s comments. Celebrities and especially young celebrities with a social media microphone have to come to these realizations of their own, through their own experiences. Imagine if say public school advocate Matt Damon actually took his kids out of private school and subjected them to Common Core.


The problem for outlets like Vox, Politico and Newsweek is Common Core opponents now have a face they can apply to their campaigns, and it happens to be a face most parents can relate to, and millions other love to laugh with. It’s not Thomas Piketty or Paul Krugman sneering down their glasses at them. It’s an overweight, bald, self deprecating insecure comic that looks as miserable as any other every day parent. This is no longer a grassroots, ground swell the media can write off as a bunch of fringe white people. CK has put a light on Common Core, and all of it’s possible problems. Big problems. Louis CK has made a career out of getting up on stage and saying the things every parent thinks but wouldn’t dare say. Louis CK probably won’t be putting any of his thoughts on Common Core into any of his stand up routines.

But he may not have to.

– SM –

MOBZILLA. The Purging of Brendan Eich


It was revealed last week that in 2008, Mozilla’s CEO donated over $1000 to a political campaign that was staunch anti same-sex marriage.

The CEO’s name is John Lilly

According to Open Secrets, John Lilly made a political contribution to candidate Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in the amount of $2,300. Lilly quietly stepped down under his own accord as Mozilla’s CEO in 2010. So why was Lilly, who donated money to an anti same-sex marriage campaign, not singled out, but incoming/outgoing Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced to resign when it was revealed that he donated to Proposition 8 in California in 2008, the exact same year Barack Obama stated he believed marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman.

Why did Mozilla spare John Lilly but sacrifice Brendan Eich at the altar of rabid progressive mob who claims to be all inclusive and tolerant of free speech?

Because this has nothing to do with gay rights or gay marriage.

This is about Barack Obama and his culture of activism. This is about advancing progressivism ideology and no person, regardless of their contribution to the planet can be left standing if the perception exists that they stand in the way of that agenda. This is why our President has remained silent in the wake of recent rash of progressive mob tactics.


This is a president whose personal action army stands on street corners with handmade signs, confronts representatives at their offices, attends climate camps, lays down in traffic and throws birthday parties for their leader.

When a group of spoiled but well organized anarchists overtook Zucotti Park in Lower Manhattan, Obama simply said they were expressing overall frustrations. That was the end of the discussion and Occupy was encouraged to continue for weeks?despite health code violations and assaults on law enforcement. No one spoke out for the dozens of affected businesses or people who were harassed daily just trying to get to and from work.

Cambridge police detained a black Harvard professor in his home on a suspected breaking and entering response call when he refused to provide ID. This was a local incident that somehow demanded a presidential proclamation that the police had ‘acted stupidly’. Without a full report of the facts, Barack Obama spoke out against what he perceived to be a great injustice and used the most powerful office in the world to play chief activist.

Barack Obama opposes Florida gun laws, therefore a comment on the shooting death of one black teenager is warranted and out comes a mob. Pro-life protection laws signed in Texas. Out comes a mob. Presidential proclamation on equal pay for women? Out comes a mob. Debating climate change, immigration, entitlement reforms? Out comes a mob.

Barack Obama thinks his job is to lead the mob, not the country. When the mob dishes out justice, as they did with Brendan Eich, there’s nothing more for him to say.


Obama only speaks out when he sees something he disagrees with. That’s what progressive activists do. He doesn’t take to stage or podium and remind people of the protected First Amendment right of all Americans and that Eich’s contribution to political causes is important to the free political process of participation. As the Democrat Party binges on a Koch Brothers fueled narrative about millionaires owning elections with their wallets, they remained deftly silent about one private citizen, donating a mere one thousand dollars to the cause of his choice, a choice protected by the Constitution and upheld, repeatedly by the Supreme Court.

brendan_eichThis isn’t about getting money out of politics or support for anti-gay marriage legislation almost an entire decade ago. This is about intimidating, punishing, and ultimately eliminating conservative donors, no matter who or where they are. This is a war of attrition being conducted against any target, at no matter the personal to the target, their accomplishments, contributions to society or family.

Brendan Eich’s head has been placed on a pike at the gates to serve as a warning to anyone with any measure of personal or professional capital at stake to rethink their personal beliefs, and challenge Barack Obama.

By purging Eich and satisfying the liberal mob, Mozilla has stated they themselves are no longer a company driven by innovation, technology and source coding. They are a company driven by the ideological segregation of political beliefs; the idea that an individual is not welcome, no matter their education, expertise or accomplishments unless they fall in line with a certain set of ideological attributes.

Mozilla retweeted Credo Mobile’s defense of their decision to part ways with Eich. Is there any doubt where Credo stands ideologically? Are Credo Mobile and Barack Obama and his mob now going to decide who is best suited to run Mozilla? These are the people who believe Brendan Eich isn’t competent to serve as the head of his industry position but Kathleen Sebelius is competent to serve at the head of hers.

Mozilla now believes their sole responsibility is limited to those who are ideologically aligned with them. Just like Barack Obama. Mozilla is no longer a web software corporation. They are a progressive liberal company, specializing in the development and advancement of liberal ideas. This conversion occurred the moment they pushed Brendan Eich out the door and wrote their epitaph of inclusion on their website blog, which as it turns out was so inclusive and open that the posting was closed to comments.

None of Brendan Eich’s accomplishments or qualifications matter anymore.


Brendan Eich is not a political activist. This is a man who has constructed his life around data and code. Data has no political agenda. Software coding for web software technologies is about as apolitical as it gets.

If you browse just about any webpage on the internet today, Eich’s fingerprints are on it. Brendan Eich created something called JavaScript, a dynamic web language of commands, nodes and functions. As someone who studied web interaction technologies for three years and struggled to understand hard JavaScript coding, I have many personal reasons to despise Brendan Eich. His political donations are not one of them.

If you use an online web browser, you are using the language that Brendan Eich created. If you own a Mac or a Windows PC, you use JavaScript. If you use an iphone, Droid, Samsung or any other mobile phone application, you use JavaScript. If you use a tablet or ipad, you use JavaScript. If you play a video game, you use JavaScript. If you use design software tools such as Adobe Suite, Photoshop or Illustrator, you use JavaScript. And if you are a Mozilla employee who took to Twitter to demand Brendan Eich’s resignation, you did so using JavaScript. The modern internet and web-based software designed around it, as we know it, would not exist if notfor Eich. This is a man who has transformed the world and how technology is used to communicate and bring people together using a language they don’t even know they are speaking. Hundreds of thousands of developers owe their job, or start-up to Eich. Millions more work with his creations every single day. OkCupid, the website with the brilliant marketing idea that resulted in Eich’s scalp cannot function without his contributions.

Mozilla as a company, does not exist without Brendan Eich as he was also the co-founder of the company and it’s foundation.

And this is, meaningless to progressives.

Mozilla employees were so eager to participate in the activist society (Even going so far to refer to themselves as Mozillians) that Mozilla’s purpose as a web technology company no longer mattered.?The very same employees that owe their career to Brendan Eich were demanding he step down.?Brendan Eich’s contributions to the world and their lives do not matter. His $1000 contribution to a political campaign 8 years ago does. Data according to Mozilla and the way it communicates with us is now politically biased and therefore no longer allowed to exist under liberal societal law and their company philosophy.

Upon Eich’s resignation, he posted a brief statement on his personal website explaining what he hopes to accomplish moving forward. Mozilla posted a statement of their own on their official blog

Mozilla proclaimed the need for openness and inclusiveness, stating:

“Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech.
And you need free?speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at
the same time can be hard.”

Eich stated the need to advance and protect user data on the web:

Can we do better with client-side and private-cloud tiers, zero-knowledge proofs?and protocols, or other ideas?
In the end, I asked these four questions:

Can a browser/OS ?unionize its users? to gain bargaining power vs. net super-powers?
To create a data commons with ?API to me? and aggregated/clustered economics?
Open the walled gardens to put users first?
Still be usable and private-enough for most?

Personally, I know which one I prefer with my information as it relates to web technology and the growing questions of net neutrality and user data as it affects functionality of applications. Mozilla is content to placate a liberal mob and the ramifications of these decisions will linger long after Barack Obama leaves office and his unicorn riding mafia grows up and thins out. Brendan Eich will continue to pursue challenges posed by the innovations of web technologies where he can but certainly not in an arena dominated by the thought police.

The progressive liberal mob is in the process of resegregating society and ‘otherizing’ anyone that does not agree with them and they are being led by a President is not only encouraging it, but who has given them the blueprint for their tactics.

The question then becomes who isn’t a target?

This is no longer about coexisting with others of diverse beliefs and values. This is about revenge. If the country shifts toward same-sex marriage via ballot measures, so be it. Punishing anyone and everyone who exercises their free dissenting opinion delegitimizes the entire movement for which a valid legal case can be made. Some of the gay rights movement’s most vocal supporters agree with that assessment.

People who thought they would never be on the receiving end of the activist society are having their lives turned upside down. A pair of wealthy brothers involved in the political process of social welfare and philanthropy are targets just as much as a private citizen who donates a mere thousand dollars. If Brendan Eich can be marginalized, persuaded and ultimately intimidated into submission, who can’t be?

This country has always inherited the traits of our leaders and the culture is guided by it. When Lois Lerner can use the taxing authority of the IRS to target private citizens by either leaking their information to opposition groups, or stopping them from participating altogether, free of legal consequences and aided by the hyper-partisan motivations of the chief executive, progressive scalp hunting on a massive scale will be allowed. It will be encouraged,

And it will continue.



The Hangover: Obama Loses His Cool

A great philosopher once said “There’s nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster.” Ok, that was Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. However, the aging hipster that occupies the Oval Office is certainly living up to that observation.?The Obama White House, in several desperate attempts, is shamelessly squeezing every last ounce of magical Hope and Change they have left in a final push to somehow make a health care law suddenly popular and attractive to young people who aren’t buying the gimmicks.

While Barack Obama goes on an internet and daytime TV tour, begging people to save his presidency and legacy, Rand Paul is getting standing ovations at UC Berkeley, Marco Rubio is speaking at Google and Ted Cruz is popping up in street art all over Los Angeles.

The contrast is striking and the times are changing.

interviedWhen Barack Obama appeared on Zach Galifianakis’ web show Between Two Ferns, it was hailed and applauded by Obama media loyalists as hilarious new ground and cutting edge. Almost immediately, administration members took to social media and Twitter to praise the success of clicks and views.

The only problem was over 3 million (15 million at present) immediate views didn’t translate to Obamacare enrollments. Only 19,000 people of those initial 3 million bothered to even go to the website. That doesn’t account for any enrollments that actually came from Obama’s appearance because the administration won’t release that data but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say 3 people.

Fans who love Galifianakis watched Obama, laughed, then they went to class, or work, or back to bed. The ones that did entertain the idea of enrolling in Obamacare went to, saw that Obamacare isn’t free (as advertised), closed their browsers, went to class or work, or back to bed.

Obama can’t sell health care because he’s never sold anything. He can’t give anyone a reason to pay a couple hundred dollars for something that they might need.  Supply and demand, no different than Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street telling someone to sell him a pen.

Obama and his advisors think because Zach Galifianakis is funny and popular, that appearing with him will make Obama funny and popular and therefore they will run out and sign up for whatever he tells us to. The problem is Zach Galifianakis isn’t funny or popular because he promotes a complicated health insurance or the incoherent details of the law we’re all mandated to follow.

Galifianakis wasn’t the pitchman in that skit. The President who already lied to you about being able to keep your plan, period, was.

This has become the pattern with Barack Obama now. Six years ago it was cool when he went on The Ellen Show to dance and say “Elect me!”. Now he’s going on The Ellen Show to talk about how cool health insurance is and oh by the way, you may have to?give up your cell phone and cable to pay for it. This is a President who has always relied on media loyalists and celebrities to act as his credibility crutch. We’ve always been told how cool and competent Obama is by them and then when it comes time to enact actual policy and govern, Obama fails to demonstrate it himself. He simply delays it.

We tune in when Obama dances for us. We tune out when he asks us to fork over a couple hundred dollars for a new expense.

Celebrities are good at selling Obama. Obama can’t see his own policies. Perhaps Presidents of the past felt such displays were shameful to the office they held. Maybe they just believed they didn’t need to submit themselves to meme whoring to push their own ideas on the American people. Good presidents understand that good policy sells itself. They don’t walk out, do a dance, juggle and wait for the applause. The pay off often isn’t worth the risk of diminishing their capital. Except with Obama and the White House, which is his to do whatever he wants with and he cares more about looking cool than being President.

whgifsRight now on the official White House website, there is a campaign dedicated to gifs and memes coordinated around the start of the NCAA basketball tournament (Because filling out a bracket in front of the country apparently wasn’t enough this year).

Members of Obama’s digital media team even gloated at critics and “trolls” while making tasteless cat pun jokes. The only problem? None of the links to the website, the only reason for this ridiculous campaign, worked. Several Twitter users alerted the same cackling hyenas to these mistakes but it took a Buzzfeed writer pointing out, hours after the launch, at how incompetent they were at buzzfeeding before the website links were fixed. Cat-tastrophe!

 The Obama Administration isn’t beholden to the same brand and marketing strategies as private business because there are no consequences for the creative decisions they make. They don’t have shareholders (taxpayers are inconsequential other than to generate tax dollars, wait “revenue”) to answer to. There is no requirement to ensure a return on investment with their tasteless campaigns. Some of the most brilliant advertising (the Geico lizard, Allstate Mayhem Man, etc…) is carefully designed to connect to the brand’s audience. Who is the audience for the appalling advertisements the Obama Administration has put out? 27 year olds kicked off their parent’s health care plan are now going to enroll in Obamacare because of a blinking cat?

At this rate it’s expected the Obama administration is going to release photoshop memes exploiting missing flight MH 370 with the text “Get on board before it vanishes on March 31st!”marketingquote2

This is why during the last Presidential election, Mitt Romney was ridiculed for his remarks regarding Putin and Russia, while Obama was applauded for focusing on binders and Big Bird, because social media dictated his campaign’s messaging. Not events happening in the world. His advisors have tried to replicate that same kind of presidency, one that is dictated by social media trends and pop culture. Except there is no twerking gif, or funny webisode that will give people their doctor or their premium back, just as LeBron James isn’t going to prevent Vladimir Putin from expanding his power into other sovereign nations.

Leaders around the world like Vladimir Putin don’t “rspect” Funny or Die. They laugh at it with everyone else and then instead of closing their web browser, they invade countries unimpeded. Countries like Israel see Obama filling out an NCAA bracket on TV and?throw their arms up.

What’s completely lost on this administration is that athletes, movie stars and talk show hosts aren’t the ones that will sign up for Obamacare and be forced to pay a premium they can no longer afford. LeBron James won’t enroll in Obamacare when he blows a knee out and neither will Jonah Hill’s mom. Obama is enlisting everyone to sell his healthcare law that won’t be affected by it in the slightest. There are no doctors, nurses, health administrators or stay-at- home moms selling Obamacare.

Because those people, while infinitely more important to the success of our healthcare system, aren’t cool. Obama isn’t desperately clinging to health experts to sell his image, he’s clinging to the people that used to write his slogans on their hands.



cruz posterRand Paul took his anti-NSA, anti-Obama message into the den of progressive civil liberties; Berkeley.

While Barack Obama is telling college students to give up their cell phones to pay for healthcare, Rand Paul is telling them to pay attention to their phone more than ever, as the whistleblower mythology of Edward Snowden grows larger among them.

The timing couldn’t be better, with beloved San Francisco icon Senator Diane Feinstein beginning to wage all out war against the CIA and NSA for allegedly spying on her own computers.

On the opposite coast, the featured image in this post?of the name “Snowden” spray painted and?juxtaposed with one of many stencil Lincolns was taken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which like UC Berkeley is not exactly the conservative hotbed of cultural relevance.

Marco Rubio took his pro-growth messaging to Google.

Last week posters of a tattooed and smoking Ted Cruz were plastered all over LA Streets. was the first to pick up the story but the news soon spread around Twitter to the point where progressive news outlets like ABC News were forced to report on them?

The response was overwhelming and Cruz himself responded to the caricature?on Twitter and even signed a copy. It was revealed that conservative political street artist Sabo was the culprit behind the work.

The people that Barack Obama is trying to reach with twerking gifs, the rebellion wing of the GOP is reaching with Google, graffiti and tattoos.

The rebellion wing of the GOP doesn’t need to position themselves as the party of answers and solutions, yet. They should continue to build the “badass” brand of opposition to pandering tweets and Obama digital memes with YOLO in them. Embrace the image that Barack Obama himself is crafting for them.

As “Obamacare enrollments” (subject to actual payment data which the administration won’t release and the press won’t ask about) move at a sluggish pace, magically hitting 5 million with zero evidence to back up administration claims, and the amount of money spent on ad campaigns as it relates to enrollment returns skyrockets, the country is no doubt suffering from Obama fatigue. They want the product to work or to go away. Obama himself is suffering from the hangover of an increasingly unpopular and disastrous health care law that no amount of late show appearances can beat back.

Barack Obama can either be the cool celebrity hanging out with comedians and appearing on ESPN to make basketball picks or he can be the President sitting on a 40% approval rating and the face of a mandated law that has hurt millions of Americans or has been flat out ignored by the rest.

He was elected to be only one of those things.

– SM –

Randolution: The Peoples Choice, For Now.

Engaging in any speculation of the 2016 presidential election is, for the most part, theater of the absurd. It keeps the media busy and preoccupied from focusing on their exhausted fad and current occupant of the Oval Office. On January 20th, 2017, a new President will take the Oath of Office and on January 21st the media will start pontificating on who the front runners are for each party in 2022. At this point in George W. Bush’s second term, Barack Obama was a still ?largely unknown outside of Bill Ayers’ living room.

However, something of note is happening right under the feet of the RNC and their massive rebranding effort that have larger implications then just the election in 2016. The party is being rebranded and they seemingly aren’t even aware of it.

This was evident this past weekend at CPAC 2014 (Conservative Political Action Conference) when Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky took the stage. This is certainly not an endorsement (no one should be tied by blood to anyone at this point), just an observation of the landscape a new generation of young conservatives is crafting. The waves Paul is making among? youth of all political parties have been growing for some time. Now they are becoming undeniable.


The RNC had better be paying attention. They claim to want to attract more youth voters. They should then listen to what they cheer for the most. They claim to want more minority voters. Look at what even the most ardent media critics with disdain for the GOP are saying. The RNC is taking giant steps to reach voters, finally catching up to Team Chicago on data mining. The question has to then become how to keep them?

Rand Paul thinks he has the answers. Young people crave rebellion. It’s in their DNA and they don’t care what political party that person stands for when they feel it, see it and most importantly hear it.

The only person they are hearing it from at this moment is Paul.

Marco Rubio is the best young conservative speaker since Ronald Reagan and is beginning to branch out but sweeping generalities don’t win elections at the moment in time that they are held, the issues at hand do. For all of the soaring grandiloquence?Barack Obama bellowed out in 2008, it was the financial crisis and the suspension of the McCain campaign that swept him into office.?There must be more than soaring rhetoric after 10 years of empty soaring rhetoric.

Rick Perry can cheer on a good old-fashioned Rebellion, but when anyone under the age of 30 sees Rick Perry in hipster glasses, they see a walking Cialis commercial and a return to Michael Bay-style politics of nuke first and ask later.

Scott Walker has the bruises, the record and the conservative appeal but whether or not it plays nationally is a mystery, as well as his intentions.

Chris Christie still has bridge issues and he will until the year 2038 (Ready For Chelsea!) if MSNBC has their way.


Ted Cruz has a firm grip on the hardcore base but not the support of the entrenched overall party. That doesn’t mean it’s fair and it’s not an excuse but that makes it hard to raise money and convince donors. The most personable Ted Cruz ever got was when he appeared on The Tonight show which allowed to him to show the country he was not the simple caricature?the media was making him out to be. He has proven himself an able and charismatic warrior but the question has to be asked is if he is ready or will he be pushed into a race before his time by a base frothing at the mouth for a Sarah Palin replacement.

The only person reaching into the deep well of conservative and libertarian youth at this moment in time is Rand Paul. But nothing Rand Paul is saying is unique to Rand Paul. Everyone remembers Rand Paul’s filibuster but what no one talks about is who joined him.

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

The RNC has to start listening to the applause and the GOP has to start paying attention to the crowds. None of the issues Rand Paul is addressing are issues that buck conservative and constitutional philosophies. It’s because he is the only one addressing them that the crowds flock.

The GOP can get behind Paul’s mandatory minimum sentencing legislation. This is the single most important policy change in decades for minorities regarding Republicans and one that would open the floodgates for minority voters and especially minority young voters. Not Amnesty. Reaching out to black communities doesn’t mean just telling them to work hard. It means showing them that someone is looking out for them when they enter an economy and a system that they already feel is rigged against them. They have been betrayed by Barack Obama’s great promises. Paul’s mandatory minimum legislation will do more for black communities than any single policy of Barack Obama’s in six years. This is the kind of forward thinking young people want and that makes progressive network media nervous, because they know they can’t oppose it.

The same goes for legalization of marijuana. In the same CPAC straw poll that crowned Rand Paul the people’s choice, an overwhelming amount of CPAC’ers voted in favor of legalization. If Marco Rubio can get behind Public Enemy, he can get behind this or at least not oppose it in overwhelming fashion and leave it as an issue for the States.


The entire party can pick up the issue of NSA domestic spying. The GOP, for all their posturing about the being the party of the Constitution, has remained largely silent on our privacy rights guaranteed under the 4th Amendment. There is a youth base out there that watches The Daily Show and Jimmy Fallon and reads Upworthy and Buzzfeed and also owns a cell phone that is being monitored by Barack Obama’s NSA. That’s right, Barack Obama’s NSA. Say it again and repeat it often.

It’s a slam dunk.

This issue is untouchable for the Democrat Party. To go against NSA spying would be rejecting Barack Obama. As of now they are not a party willing to do so. However, sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, when a 70-year-old Hillary Clinton is lagging behind with youth voters and college students, expect the loyalist media to?plant the idea of pardoning of hacker hero Edward Snowden in Obama’s head at the benefit of her. This is why jumping on this issue now and owning it is imperative.

The only potential candidate willing to explicitly address NSA domestic spying is Paul. Why are so many voices on the deep bench of Republican hopefuls quiet on this? Why can’t Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or a handful of Governors of independent states, articulate the illegalities of a massive dragnet of surveillance of Americans is unconstitutional? Rubio would certainly be better than Paul at doing so. The silence of the GOP on this equals compliance in the minds of young voters. That is why Rand Paul’s line at CPAC, ?You may think I’m talking about electing Republicans, I’m not. I’m talking about electing lovers of liberty? resonated with so many in the audience and not boos. Revolution is more attractive to youth voters right now than Conservative rhetoric, because they have no idea what modern Conservatism actually ?is.

paul daily show

When Rand Paul speaks of Madison and the Constitution, people can smell gunpowder. They hear taps. When Rand Paul speaks of rebellion, people believe it, because they watched it happen already. They watched a Senator from Kentucky stand up for 13 hours and recite our?inalienable rights?to a President who feels he can drone any human being he feels like off the face of the Earth – Even those born under the country that elected him.?It’s doubtful that anyone has stood up to Barack Obama for 13 hours on anything in his entire life.??Voters who at the time of Barack Obama’s emancipation were 12-14 years old are now blooming into the defiance stages of their lives.

To them Barack Obama has always been the authority and Rand Paul is the most prominent face standing up to him. Gestures like the grandstanding on the Senate floor or suing the office of President, as ?symbolic as they only may be, resonate. The idea of an electoral revolution is palpable and Paul knows it. He knows when to pick his battles and with whom. He’s the only voice putting Bill Clinton in his rightful place in the war on women, a war the Democrat party will magnify tenfold in the coming two years. He pegged Hillary Clinton on arms trafficking through a consulate in Benghazi, long before reports surfaced. Good political instincts don’t assure Paul the Republican nomination. It doesn’t even mean he’s going to run (he is) but at the very least he’s showing the GOP where the fight can and should be. The crowds cheer for Rand Paul because GOP leadership gives them nothing to cheer about.

The Democrat party finds themselves defending very unpopular ideas all of a sudden. Obamacare, the NSA and the IRS (something both Paul and Cruz are in favor of abolishing altogether). Big government imposing it’s executive will with a phone and pen on a people, born free and protected by a founding document. This will become painfully evident to them in 2014 and Rand Paul will be right there reciting The Federalist Papers. Progressive media might roll their eyes at recollections of revolution. The new millennials thus far, are not.

Between now and 2016 there is going to be a passionate fight for the soul of the GOP. It’s already started. This is a good thing. Voters watching the theater unfold before them don’t want the docile unity of complicit group-think. Not this time. They want a street fight and for the strongest person to come out of it. What currently sets Rand Paul apart from the other potentials, and the GOP at large, is that he is actively recruiting a youth army to stand with him.

And they are ready to march.




– SM –


Snubbed: Why Hollywood Broke Up With Barack Obama

The Oscars used to be about celebrating film as an art form over political activism, even implementing rules that banned anyone who used the platform to advance their own pet cause. That all changed when Leonardo DiCaprio was allowed a fawning speech to Al Gore in 2007 and Michael Moore tried to eat his microphone during his acceptance speech for Fahrenheit 9/11. But this past Sunday was a return, for the most part, to the appreciation of all things film and ?all things Hollywood ego. There was no room for the biggest ego of all in the country. This year’s Oscars were about Hollywood going back to the time honored tradition of overindulging itself. Not Barack Obama.

Hollywood broke Barack Obama’s Retweet record and his heart, something for this President that had to sting more than losing Ukraine.

A year after Michelle Obama trolled viewers who waited an entire show to see the final four awards, there was barely a mention of either Obama, or surprisingly, any of their policies. It would have been so easy for Sandra Bullock to hold a “Drink Up” water glass backstage or for Will Smith to drop a “Get Covered” bomb, especially after the constant bombardment and invasion of everything Obama in our media and as close to the struggling enrollment deadline for Obamacare. In a year dominated by headlines of Gay Marriage, Ellen DeGeneres, Hollywood’s most recognizable and likeable gay advocate was surprisingly subdued. On a night where a film documenting the horrors of African American slavery in America wouldn’t be denied, the first African American President or in particular the First Lady were absent. Social advocacy and liberal politics not only took a back seat, they were nonexistent and the Oscars had their highest ratings in fourteen years.

Progressive media not only hated it, they couldn’t fathom why.

Everything actors do is based on the clever and careful crafting of their public image. Nothing is accidental and everything is about popularity and publicity. Where millions of dollars are at risk and one bad film ends a career, actors are on guard at all times against bad publicity.?Promoting a troubled healthcare law and endorsing a President who is hovering around 40% approval rating is bad publicity. Writing clever slogans on their hands and holding up inspiring memes about health care on instagram accounts works great until the destructive realities of what they promote are?inflicted upon the general public that sees their films.

Suddenly promoting a health care law that 60% of the country doesn’t want doesn’t look so cool. Applauding for a President that has more drone kills than Meryl Streep has nominations after using the Oscar stage for 7 years of anti-war, anti-Bush rhetoric becomes problematic to their public image.

What’s more interesting with the dynamic between Barack Obama and Hollywood is how accidentally conservative it becomes when it creates messages that conflict with his philosophy.?Gravity is as much a spiritual journey about faith as it is about science and astronauts. Dallas Buyer’s Club is about a man trying to innovate and survive in the face of government regulations. Ashton Kutcher starred in a flawed biopic of Steve Jobs and suddenly became the mascot of conservative values with his acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards. Perhaps?Solomon Northup’s entire ordeal could have been avoided with strong voter ID laws (calm down Sally Kohn, that’s a joke).

Jared-Leto-Oscars-2014Jared Leto (a proud Obama campaigner)?accidently gave one of the most Conservative acceptance speeches in Oscar history. He spoke of the values of life, recalling his mother, living in poverty in Louisiana and choosing to raise him and his brother (Also a member of his band 30 Seconds To Mars), so that one day she could see them grow up to be superstars:

?In 1971, Bossier City, Louisiana, there was a teenage girl who was pregnant with her second child. She was a high school dropout and a single mom, but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children. ?She encouraged her kids to be creative, to work hard and to do something special. That girl is my mother and she?s here tonight. And I just want to say, I love you Mom. Thank you for teaching me to dream.”

If Barack Obama had his choice, he would not have punished Leto’s mother with a baby, who would later go on to single her out so fondly at the Academy Awards.?By also signaling out to protesters in Venezuela, he alerts his thousands of young fans to the atrocities happening there, practically forcing the Obama Administration to finally address it now, something it has chosen to remain largely silent on.?Leto shouting out Venezuela is a direct contradiction to leftist group thought trying to bury the protests or outright defending government perpetrated violence there.

Unfortunately for Leto, no one in Venezuela saw his words.

Lizz Winstead took to Ronan Farrow Daily to complain that Jared Leto wasn’t proactive enough in dedicating his Oscar to Trans people all over the universe. According to leftists like Winstead, Leto is mandated to use his well deserved Oscar to beat us over the head with her pet cause of choice. The progressive left in this country has become so emboldened with an activist President that if an actor doesn’t seize on their moment to advance the progressive cause instead of thanking their loved ones, it’s a missed opportunity and a failure.

If the majority of the country is given even the slightest moment in their lives to sit down and relax for more than an hour without liberal media activists getting in their faces, the progressive left throws a virtual hissy fit over it. Giving an absorbing and completely immersive performance as a struggling Trans individual wasn’t enough. This is now the norm and it shocks them when there is any deviation away from it.

Which brings us to Matthew McConaughey.

Both sides of the political aisle are making a deal of Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech which strongly invoked his faith in God. But McConaughey’s speech is nothing out of the ordinary for most people who watch athlete’s accept awards and trophies multiple times a year from their living rooms. Why is Matthew McConaughey?invoking God in his thank you speech treated any differently than Lebron James or Ray Lewis? Jon Gabriel at Ricochet elaborated on this topic in more detail. Collective progressive media sighed and passed his speech off as overly indulgent. McConaughey’s speech was supposed to be about transexuals, people with aids and the evils of the Reagan Administration, not God. For a political party and ideology that spends inordinate amounts of time screaming about the wealthiest one percent of America, it sure seems like they feel they have to be constantly validated by millionaires in designer dresses and tuxedos.

Hard progressive media critics of McConaughey are certainly welcome to try and ignore or isolate him and his values. That’s going to be pretty tough. He’s on a roll that few actors are at the moment and his next major project is Interstellar, with Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight and Inception) ?which means it’s quite possible he could be up on that stage next year, thanking God again.

There is also caution in all of this. Hollywood casting aside Barack Obama is not a moment of clarity for an industry that routinely goes out of their way to ridicule half of their audience. Just because Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have broken up with Barack Obama doesn’t mean their Dogma regarding progressive activism or hypocrisy is going to change.?With Hollywood, as with all progressive media, the ideology cannot be made to fail.

The messenger can.

Big Hollywood may never move on from liberal commentary in films, but they have moved on from Barack Obama. Hollywood banks on feel good stories and heroic fairy tales (ready for Hillary!). They also bank on sequels. This sequel is turning out to be much more disastrous than anyone thought…Well almost anyone.

For the Hollywood fairy tale that is Barack Obama however, the credits have rolled.

– SM –

Everything is Awesome, For Barack Obama


Earlier this month while visiting Monticello with a French delegation that included socialist President François Hollande, President Obama was caught in a moment joking about breaking protocol to view the grounds, quipping, “That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want.” Forget the enormity of the irony; an American President joking at Thomas Jefferson’s home that rules don’t apply to him and give Obama the benefit of the doubt that this was just a casual line.

It was no different than a line Michael Douglas would say in The American President or Kevin Kline in Dave or Martin Sheen in The West Wing, and that’s exactly the point. Obama has become a President of good lines from movies but unable to act like a very real leader.

The reason for the uproar over comments like this from this President is because he never wastes an opportunity to show just how right the absurdness of the social media noise machine is. When Obama jokes about being able to do whatever he wants, then turns around and hits an HBO producer up at a State Dinner for advanced copies of television shows to get him through an extended weekend, how are we as a desperate electorate supposed to react? We tolerate the luxuries afforded to our leaders. Just don’t be a dick about it.

How is a world currently engulfed in flames of revolution supposed to react?

The problem for a President who makes any excuse to hit up a golf course or admits to watching tons of HBO?is there are still events in the world happening outside his windows. People are desperate for American leadership and can’t wait for the killer on True Detective to be revealed.

Nobody in Kiev is interested in the fallout of the Red Wedding.

Nobody in Venezuela cares about the fate of Zoe Barnes.

Obama and his administration can’t wait to inject themselves into pop culture as it suits their narratives. If Lego Movie is number one at the box office, the Secretary of State is referencing global warming to 3D movies. If the Super Bowl is trending on social media, out come the football analogies. Michelle Obama is on Jimmy Fallon’s new Tonight Show and Joe Biden on Seth Meyer’s follow up. Actors pushing health care that they themselves refuse to sign up for. What message does it send the world when cries for democracy in Ukraine and Venezuela are met with silence, but tweeting about a cable show is paramount?

house of cardsBarack Obama is the first President optimized for SEO and therein lies the problem. When #Venezuela and #Kiev are the top trends on Twitter for two days straight and not #HouseOfCards or #TrueDetective, the online persona machine that elected Barack Obama goes dark and resorts to a spam account selling us crappy insurance.

At the height of violence that erupted with both protests this past weekend, where was he? Hosting a Hollywood premiere style party for #GeorgeClooney and cast of his film #TheMonumentsMen, in private at the White House, simply because he could. Right now in Kiev, historical statues and art are being burned in front of the world. He was content to remain silent and watch a movie about it happening instead. The real world does not interest this President. The set design does.

@BarackObama (an account run by these people) can tweet about House of Cards Spoilers but can’t be bothered to tweet a statement condemning violence from the regimes in Kiev and Venezuela and sign it -bo. Meanwhile millions of people globally are captivated by the live streams and Hugoesque images of revolution.

If Barack Obama is going to be a viral President, he can’t simply sit out the events of the world as he chooses. The coming out announcement of a former college and future NFL football star cannot outweigh events that have captivated the entire world for two days and cost people their blood and lives.

The same goes for his complex of dying network media defenders. If Occupy Wall St. and their twisted logic deserve prime time coverage by NBC, CBS and ABC, why not pro democracy rallies happening simultaneously in two different corners of the world? Instead, we’re stuck with Sunday morning show hosts drooling over Kevin Spacey. The networks become no different than the governments of those nations instituting blackouts. The desperate attempt to remain relevant and cool is accompanied now by a heavy vacuum of leadership in exactly the one country on the Earth it can’t have one in.

This is the eventual dilemma with electing a President under the superstar celebrity, media driven premise that Barack Obama was. Remember in 2008, this was not about electing another American politician to the Presidency. This was a citizen of the world, drawing outdoor crowds of over 70,000 people. This was a transcendence, not an election.

Oprah cried.

Obama in berlinCandidate Obama stepped up in front of the world and told us that this was the time we all began to heal. All over the world the same nations that yesterday believed this mysterious Kryptonian figure, now ignore him for the thrill of a molotov cocktail. Nations all over the world have rejected his movie speeches of peace and prosperity for his more clear, instinctual desires of social upheaval.

Why is this President, elected because of a hope he promised in front of the world, so content to sit it out instead?

Is he bored? Does massive public upheaval not interest him if it does not serve his political ends? Does it remind him that everything is in fact, not awesome?

I wrote about this very thing?last August when riots escalated in Egypt and the Administration’s top officials were all on vacation except for Joe Biden, who was talking to a camel. I’m forced to raise it again because of the current calamities in the Ukraine and Venezuela and here the country is once again forced to reconcile a disinterested President, completely unengaged with the moment as it unfolds in front of the rest of us. Instead he’s focusing on the weather, truck fuel and George Clooney.

Once again, on opposite sides of the globe thousands of people took to the streets of their respective nations demanding change from the heavy handed governments they have been suffering under. Right between these two uprisings sits the United States, with a historical American President who has a Nobel Peace Prize sitting on his mantle collecting dust.

And he’s watching HBO.

Railing on about growing income inequality one day, while the next hosting a lavish State Dinner for an open socialist. Two men committed to taxing the success right out of their countries while celebrating their own in luxury, all while our media commanding us to #BOWDOWN?to the queen. Optics matter.

Flying to California to blame a drought on Global Warming right before spending the entire afternoon golfing in it, while also using a separate airliner to fly bills for him to sign, matters.

Remaining silent on casualties of uprisings not aligned with our President’s personal philosophies, matters. Thousands of people right now in Venezuela and Kiev are risking their lives – 140 characters at a time.

Barack Obama uses his Twitter account to talk about magnets.

His personal statement on Kiev finally came yesterday while visiting Mexico, warning the Ukrainian Government, “There will be consequences if people step over the line.” Four days after the violence had reached a zenith, resulting in the reported deaths of 25 people in Kiev and 9 in Venezuela.

What line exactly is left to be crossed Mr. President?

He’s content to ride the worst of these situations out until the very end when he issues his stern warning and then can claim credit for tempering the situation. Until then, hey Girls is on!

If these examples seem absurd, it’s because they are and no one should have to be making them, but over and over again, we are. Barack Obama went in front of the world and told it that he would heal it. Six years later, there is not a single corner of the Earth that is better off than when he spoke those words.

Not even Winterfell.

– SM –

kiveindepence squareFrom Reddit – Independence Square in Kiev before and after government clashes with protestors.

Just Be Joe: How he wins 2016

Hi Joe,

Can I call you Joe? Okay, Joey it is.

Listen, I’ll try to make this brief as I know you are short on attention span. Look, we’ve been here less than a minute and you’re already counting the seconds until you can play some more Flappy Bird..Oh… Oh you didn’t know.. Yeah no more Flappy Bird… Joey don’t cry. Come on.

Joey, focus.

This is important. It’s about your future. Yes, your future as the next President.

I saw you on the tv last week playing on the real life size choo-choo train, just like the one you have in your room, only bigger! You looked so happy, pushing all those buttons and playing conductor. You made us all so proud. You also told the nice lady with the microphone that you really want to be President. In fact that you can’t think of a good reason NOT to run for President. Neither can I.

But we have a problem. These field trips will be coming to an end soon.

See Joey, your friend Barack, whom you spoke so tall about at the convention circus in 2012 and your former friend Hillary are making other plans and those plans don’t involve you. In fact, the entire Democrat party, to whom you’ve dedicated almost half of your life promoting, defending and playing nice with are also making plans with Barack for Hillary. They are planning a great big party with balloons, confetti, parades and Santa Claus.

And you’re not invited to this party. I know Joey… I know you are.

I would be upset too. But you shouldn’t listen to them. They are just people who have used you as either assassination insurance or a photo op to further their own personal legacies and none of those people are a heartbeat away from being President like you are. So cheer up! You are the Vice President of The United States of America. That’s right you are! That should be you everyone is getting “ready” for. You’ve earned this. You have played the loyal friend and comrade to Barack for 7 years now. You are the Lennie to his George. You’ve gotten first hand experience on how an expert runs everything from the economy to healthcare. But your friend Barack is getting ready to turn you into the Fredo Corleone of the DNC Family. You don’t deserve to just be cast aside, overlooked and taken for a metaphorical boat ride. It’s time to start looking out for Numero Uno.. No, not the card game Joey. Pay attention. I’m going to tell you how you can become the President or at least come in a distant second behind a generic Republican. I know this isn’t just some Buzzfeed-like list with cat gifs and Saved By The Bell pictures..Yes Mr. Belding was my favorite also. Just bear with me. This will be easier than counting cards with Tom Cruise in Vegas. I promise.

So here goes.

joe-biden-recommends-buying-a-shotgun-when-an-earthquake-strikesWhen you hosted a Google+ hang out and told people to run out and buy a shotgun, that’s exactly what Aaron Alexis, Karl Pierson and Darion Aguilar did. The country needs a President guy who connects with people again, just as you did in those situations. People respect and listen to you. When you tell someone to do something. They do it.

You have shown that you have special skills necessary to communicate with people on the most basic levels. Much like how whales communicate with stomach bellows or the South American Tapir with nasal whistles. You have the lovable every man qualities of Homer Simpson but with the quick wit and instincts of Forrest Gump. What most people consider to be failures of all basic cognizant brain functions, our media considers to just be lovable goofs on your part. You have a hands on way of doing things. A very, very hands on way of doing things.

You’ve also managed to somehow remain completely in the closet and secluded from Barack’s scandals, probably because you were literally locked in a closet. But all those hours in the dark waiting to be found were a good thing. A beneficial thing for you. Americans aren’t going to want to vote for someone associated with 8 years of the IRS, NSA Spying, Obamacare or Benghazi, which brings us to our next point:

hillary2This is as not as a formidable problem as people around you and the media are making it out to be. Hillary is expecting you to step aside and be her waterboy as she ascends to the rightful nomination of your party. Yes YOUR party, Joey. But Hillary has a couple problems which you can easily capitalize on.

Like Benghazi.

For 18 months we still don’t have the full story about what happened when our Embassy in Benghazi was burned down on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on our nation. We have Barack on record saying it was a video. We have Hillary on record saying it was a video (Also that it doesn’t make a difference anyway) but no explanation from you. No incredulous excuses about not reading cables, or lack of security or preparedness or You Tube video makers.

No one is asking where Joe Biden was on the night of September 11th, 2012 and what orders he gave.

You have wisely and surprisingly managed to distance yourself as far away from this as humanly possible and for the most part so has your friend Hillary. But she can’t ignore the consequences of that night and an Ambassador being killed on her watch forever. Eventually, some time in the early Spring of 2016, there will be a debate, or several debates, and during these debates Benghazi will be raised.

When Hillary’s friend, debate moderator and?This Week host, George Snuffleupagus attempts to throw his old boss a lifeline, your answer is simple;

benghazi quote

Game. Set. Match.

Or as you noted above…UNO!

You now have accomplished two goals. You have irreparably damaged Hillary’s nomination chances (at least until Chelsea 2028) and forced Barack, a man less qualified than you, to either admit to his own unanswered absence that night or endorse your comment by agreeing that he was with you in the situation room or hiding under the bed in the residence. For the rest of those debates just laugh like a crazy madman or bark like a dog and the media will do the rest, just like 2012.

policyFixing Obamacare won’t be your strong suite but that’s okay because by January 20th, 2017, no one will have healthcare anyway. Also you somehow miraculously managed to stay away from the line “You can keep your healthcare plan, period”. In fact, the only time you’ve ever really gone on record about Obamacare is when you called it a “Big Fucking Deal.” Politifact rating: Mostly True.

So you’re probably in the clear. More so than some people we won’t mention again


an_ass_and_a_camelBut let’s face it. Your real expertise is foreign policy. You sat at the head of the Foreign Relations Committee and at the time recommended that instead of a great troop surge, that the country of Iraq be broken up into three separate states based on religion, which eight years ago sounded completely insane but now looks fairly reasonable. Sure you voted against the first Gulf War in 1991 but you voted for the second one in 2002, so those votes cancel themselves out.

Thanks to your friend Barack losing the Iraqi city of Fallujah to Al Qaeda insurgents, not to mention the whole nations of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria and in three years time Turkey and just guesstimating here but probably the entire continent of Africa and LaGuardia Airport, our challenges will be uniquely suited to your comprehension level of expertise.

Really, who else will be able to rebuild our relationship with long time ally Iran, which George W. Bush destroyed. Also by allowing them to park warships off the United States Eastern seaboard, you will now have extra security against the threat of Israel. Barack is basically teeing up relationships all around the world for you to swoop in and take command of and finish off. All Hillary has is a dead ambassador and a Russian “Recharge” button.

So you see Joey, despite everything your party is telling you, you are not Fredo. You are not just some goofy guy wandering the halls of the White House looking for your baseball. You have brilliantly shielded yourself from all of Barack’s scandals. You have worked your way up to this moment. You have the support of the unions and were a pioneer on gay marriage

It doesn’t matter how or why you stumbled into the Vice Presidency. All that matters is that you’re there, and you’ve earned the rightful place that Barack and Hillary and their loyal mob of media guards are all now trying to deny you. They are practically begging you not to complicate things but it’s your patriotic duty to complicate things.

Run Joey Run.

Listen to your gut, your heart and most importantly, your brain.



– SM –


The United States of Philip Seymour Hoffman



In Synecdoche New York, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a tortured playwright, whom in order to deal with his painful demons of heartbreak and  physical debilitation, constructs a life size replica model of New York City in a warehouse and hires actors to play the parts of his loves and friends. It’s taking the art of make believe and self examination and making it as visceral as possible. Unfortunately for Hoffman, the possibility of recreating Oz around you to shelter pain, heartbreak and addiction does not exist outside of the imagination. Hoffman died of a suspected heroin overdose this past Sunday in his New York City apartment; reportedly with Needle in arm.

This wasn’t news that was too terribly shocking for anyone that followed his career. He had just recently checked into rehab for relapsing into substance abuse problems he faced at a young age. The question for his peers in his life and in his industry should be when did it become too late to stop him and why did nobody try.

We as a country and as a culture are headed down a very similar path and fate as Hoffman. We have become a country of addiction.

Addiction to vices, addiction to fame, addiction to celebrity and addiction to government, an idea I touched on just two weeks ago on 405 Radio’s The Wrap with Bruce Carroll and Amy Otto.

Enabled by a Democrat party and a President content to watch the country slide further out of private sector economic stability, the United States stands on a dangerous precipice that drug addicts themselves face; complete dependence on a synthetic mixture of factors that if left untreated, will kill.

Once someone is hooked it’s almost impossible to get them off of it. This is what Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrat party are counting on.

Earlier this week, the CBO released a report that should, for all intents and purposes put the nail in the coffin of the disastrous, job killing Obamacare law. Because of effects of the Affordable Care Act on employer insurance, the CBO projected over two million people will either leave their job, have their hours reduced or quit looking for employment altogether by the year 2021. This is triple of previous estimates. This analysis is devastating to an already stagnant private sector economy. By now it’s become evident that the explanations for passing the Affordable Care Act Barack Obama gave to voters were outright lies. Cheaper health coverage and available to all. It has been and is projected to be nothing less than catastrophic.

To Barack Obama and Harry Reid, it’s bliss.

Time to shoot up.

Obamacare will give people freedom and “now be able to leave those jobs or choose to work fewer hours than they otherwise would have.” according to the NY Times editorial board. Unemployment is to become a luxury and now allow people, federally subsidized by Obamacare to follow their ethereal calling.

Harry Reid applauded the report saying “It allows people to get out of a job they’re locked into, because of they have healthcare in their job”Over 2 million people being encouraged by Barack Obama and his dealers in the media to quit their jobs in favor of more government dependence. Do people in the WTAE report posted above seem relieved? The idea of “free agency” terrified them.

huffpost tweetsEditors at The Huffington Post quickly formed a defensive phalanx over the CBO’s report with Sam Stein spearheading the efforts. Less people in the workforce is great news. People have been forced to wear the shackles of full time employment and now because of Barack Obama and his signature legislation, they are liberated, despite the testimony of CBO director Dough Elmondorf stating the contrary.

What must be understood about Sam Stein, The NY Times and others making the “liberation from job-lock” argument is not because they believe it.?They are making this argument because it’s the argument Barack Obama wants them to make. It’s that simple.

You are now free. You have been freed from providing food for yourself. You’re not alone. 47 million people on EBT food stamps. Shoot up.

You are free from the stress of looking for a job due to chronic long term unemployment extensions Barack Obama keeps encouraging. Shoot up.

Can’t pay your phone bill? No problem, here’s an Obamaphone. Shoot up

Want birth control paid for? No problem. Shoot up.

You are free from keeping the healthcare plan you wanted and were promised to keep, and are now free from the employer who was only holding you back. An entire lifestyle subsidized by taxpayers and encouraged by the President of the United States, all the time being told you are empowered. It doesn’t matter if the CBO report states that Obamacare discourages people to remain in the workforce.?Shoot up.

Now you’re hooked. Now you’re addicted. Now you’re dependent.

And now you’re broken.

Untitled-194 million people out of the workforce with only government benefits as a means of practical survival. Permanent dependence. For anyone sober enough to see it, this falls right into the inequality Cloward-Piven re-branding strategy of the Democrat party.

Democrats need a country of addiction because addiction ultimately leads to dependence. When people become dependent, they become apathetic. When people such as Barack Obama feed off the apathy of an economically weary people, they begin to believe it. People begin to believe all they are worth is a middle class job or if that’s not available, a government issued check.

It becomes a high. The idea that the country as constructed for hundreds of years isn’t fair and that the ability to lift yourself up was only reserved to the born lucky few and only the President is looking out for your well being. Not your employer, not your family and not your friends.

Permanent government addiction.

Only your dealer loves you and understands your pain. Shoot up. You don’t need a job. You don’t need your dreams. You don’t need your independence. You have Barack Obama, Harry Reid and a government issued lifestyle. That’s all you really need to feel good.

Shoot up.

Get enough people addicted and dependent and you’ll never go out of business. They will never stop voting for you. Even if people in their hearts want to work, what would the point be if every week benefits are dumped onto a government issued EBT card or debit card that can afford you a lifestyle.

It’s much easier than working. Getting high is much easier than getting clean.

In pushing this new lifestyle of dependence, Harry Reid and Barack Obama are attempting to turn the GOP into the friend that harshes you mellow, or the asshole dad that keeps bugging you to get a job. Nobody likes that dad and no one especially likes that dad when he threatens to cut off your allowance. Apathy becomes the easy choice on voting ballots, despite their political ideology. Barack Obama knows this.

This is why the policies of the current Democrat party and Barack Obama should be addressed no differently than a heroin addict, because it’s going to be near impossible to treat them otherwise by 2020. People who have experience with treatment know this will not be pleasant. Addicts become confrontational, withdrawn and sometimes violent and that’s exactly what the Democrat party is counting on.

The country needs an intervention.

There are too many talented people withering away at the hand of the policies of the current drug dealing regime. People at the heights of their talents. People in the golden age of their earning power, just as Hoffman was. Unfortunately he was consumed by a habit, and those around him were seemingly apathetic to his own choices. He exercised his demons as he saw fit and he paid for it with his life.

Our addiction, perpetrated by Barack Obama’s signature legislation is getting worse and once it consumes us, there won’t be a warehouse big enough to replicate the country as it once was.

– SM –

Cover photo credit Victoria Will/Invision,
via Associated Press

Eat The Press: NBC Officially Nukes the Fridge

Psy, Al Roker, Natalie Morales, Savannah Guthrie, David Gregory


When Tim Russert died suddenly in 2008 it can be said with almost certainty that he took the soul and integrity of a once revered profession with him. Russert was by no means a non partisan (He was Chief of Staff for Senator?Patrick Moynihan) and was as swept up in Obamamania as anyone else in the media shortly before his death, but he knew that both sides play the game. Tim Russert would never have allowed himself to be seen dancing on a stage next to a one hit pop wonder.

It appears Russert took the smart way out.

When Deborah Turness, a respected British news producer known for mainstream tabloid style editing, took over NBC News from Steve Capus (who was personally named in George Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC) in August of 2013, it was a clear signal that the old way of slanting news narratives was giving way to a new social way of slanting news narratives. Turness’ job at NBC News hasn’t been about getting facts to viewers as fast and as accurate as possible and presenting equal parts of arguments as it has been to tap into trending and entertaining narratives on Twitter and social media outlets. Carson Daily joining The Today Show was not a decision made because of his hard hitting interviews with members of the Backstreet Boys.

So it should not to as a surprise to anyone when this past Sunday, Meet the Press and David Gregory chose to spend over half of their air time (33 minutes) on the George Washington Bridge closure scandal swirling around Chris Christie.

33 Minutes.

Before digging into the why’s of this, let’s revisit what else happened last week:

– Robert Gates, Defense secretary to both George Bush and Barack Obama released a memoir where he blisters (and compliments) the current President’s leadership style, in particular as it relates to the war in Afghanistan. The biggest revelation released to the public however was that Hillary Clinton admitted in front of Gates and Obama that she opposed the Iraq troop surge strictly as political maneuvering for her Presidential campaign. Not only is Hillary Clinton the presumptive 2016 favorite nominee for the Democrats, NBC just happened to approve a dramatic mini-series of her starring Diane Lane, which has since been cancelled thanks to pressure from the RNC. The due diligence on Robert Gates fell to expert news man Matt Lauer.  He didn’t disappoint.

– The Iraqi city of Fallujah fell under Al Qaeda control after three days of fighting. American troops fought and died for Fallujah for years during the height of combat operations and just barely two years after the Obama administration ordered a hasty exit, a symbolic city of US victory in Iraq is gone. Mission accomplished.

– Thursday the monthly jobs report was released and shows the US economy actually fared worse in 2013 than it did in 2012. Things are not getting better. US workforce participation is at the lowest it’s been since 1978 (1977 for African Americans), the Jimmy Carter years. On top of this news Obama announced he’s creating Cannibalism… Economic Promise Zones to promote growth. Because nothing says a recovering economy like zoning things off.

nbcbullytweetThe response from NBC would naturally be that covering Chris Christie’s bridge scandal and not X Y Z issues viewers on the right want covered does not prove an ideological bias and they would be right.

It does however prove incompetence and desperation.

Chuck Todd can attempt to separate the reputation of ?NBC News from the failing idological pranks of MSNBC all he wants (reminder that Todd is both the NBC News White House correspondent as well as MSNBC show host) but the entire reason Meet The Press donated half of their air time to the Chris Christie bridge scandal is because of the ratings it got on MSNBC.

Meet The Press would rather cater itself to a small minority of influential thought leaders inside the DC beltway rather than attempt to appeal to a wider audience more concerned about their job, healthcare and safety. This is not the model successful television programming production follows. It is however the model producers follow if they are trying to reach a very specific audience.

It’s also not working.

This is the new model of network news in a world where only 27% of people polled actually know who Brian Williams is.

Perhaps he simply needs to work on his dance moves.

Meet The Press has slumped to last place in weekly ratings and experienced the lowest ratings in it’s 21 year history at the end of 2013. This is a clear message being sent to David Gregory and his producers that his ideological positions mixed in with cheap stunts aren’t attractive to a Sunday morning audience. Ten years ago the very idea of Al Sharpton offering thoughtful and expert analysis on anything would be laughed at by major networks and professional career newsmen. Now he’s a regular at Gregory’s round table and has prime time slot to scream at a cameraman who clearly isn’t paid enough.

But anyone who thinks that David Gregory is the problem with Meet the Press or NBC hasn’t been paying attention to network news programming since November 8th, 2008. Personalities don’t drive the agenda forward. Meet the Press could replace Gregory tomorrow with Ronan Farrow and illegal gun clips would still be flying in the faces of their invited guests. It would not matter. Those kinds of stunts will continue. The narrative will continue. Chris Christie yelled a teacher once at a town hall = Bully. It’s as simple as that. Chris Christie’s aides shut down lanes of traffic on a bridge. Now Chris Christie is a corrupt Bully. It doesn’t matter whose mouth these lines come out of at NBC News.

That narrative according to NBC happens to be Chris Christie and it will be for the near future because it’s going to be what their audience wants. The audience that regularly tunes in to be screamed at on a nightly basis sees polls where Chris Christie is the only person leading Hillary Clinton in premature 2016 polls. Christie needs to be kneecapped. The audience wants blood. NBC News obliges. NBC can oblige because they think a reputation seamlessly exists in a world where their logo and zip code are ingrained in the popular consciousness of America regardless of political ideology. Saturday Night Live, as unfunny as it has become, still has the power to affect social media conversations and Twitter trends even though it’s become little more than just another advertising tool for other stars with NBC shows. Tina Fey saw Russia from her house.


This is no longer about delivering news and asking hard questions of members of both political parties. This is about scoring points for the team and the team is progressive ideology. Career journalism professionals have been replaced by policy advocates (see MSNBC’s entire prime time lineup). It would have been unheard of for a news organization 20 years ago to not pressure a former Secretary of State and prospective Presidential candidate to release a statement on career damaging accusations from a respected expert like Robert Gates. But questions that surround Hillary Clinton regarding such affairs like ignoring security requests for the Benghazi consulate or ignoring reports of rampant sexual assaults?will be left to actresses like Diane Lane in an opening monologue of a comedy variety show.

The reason the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, an act while childish broke no laws, matters to NBC News and others is because Chris Christie’s 2016 prospects matter to them but not many other people, at least not for now. He is their chosen candidate of the moment. He has been since he emerged as one of the few Republican victors during the elections last year. That is why David Gregory and his producers spent 33 minutes of his weekly time slot hyperventilating.

Chris Christie’s Presidential campaign doesn’t much matter right now to people losing their health insurance.

Chris Christie closing a couple lanes of traffic doesn’t matter much to people who have gone 2+ years without a job.

This is the precisely the reason people have tuned out Meet The Press.?People turn on TV to watch programs that interest them.. Not programs that exist solely to interest the people that are producing them.

Chris Christie addressed the scandal with the GWB, he fired those involved and atoned for it in the opening of his State of the State address. Unless further emails are released addressed directly to him with his knowledge, this scandal is over. That won’t stop Gregory, Williams or Todd from being whipped into submission by a Boss more suited for the E! Network to report a narrative that people simply don’t care about.

NBC and Meet The Press will no doubt continue their Christie Bridgegate political autopsy with such noted and respected journalists like David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs weighing in on what this all means for Republicans for as long as they can, salivating that he finds himself standing across from Hillary Clinton on a debate stage while Maddow screams “He’s bullying her!” into a hot mic.?Chris Christie, political bully and GOP front runner 2016 shut down 3 lanes of traffic.

Barack Obama shut down the Atlantic Ocean


– SM –