Ebol-a-Rama! It’s Here to Save Us.

If you’re reading then know there’s still hope for you, but for myself and the others, it’s already too late.

All I can hope is that whomever discovers this can learn from the mistakes we made and hopefully begin rebuilding toward a new and better world.  No one is really sure

Commie Con: The Climate Cult Abandons Science for Theatrics.

Hundreds of people gathered in New York, dressed in colorful, elaborate costumes and carrying comic banners of their favorite character. They were joined by super hero actors like Mark Ruffalo and Arnie Grape and among other figures of note, planet Earth’s very own Jor-El, Al Gore (The similarities in names

Hunger Game: Media Shames the Internet Culture They Created

Something very subtle and dangerous is happening. Media authorities, in pursuit of a faceless, criminal, hacker have turned their attention to shaming the whole of internet culture over leaked images of nude celebrities on the internet as though they are the ones that hacked them. Because both progressive and conservative