Real Genius: Feminism Leaves Science in the Dirt

That was a tagline quote by Matthew McConaughey ‘s Cooper from the Christopher Nolan space epic Interstellar and ironically it became all too relevant last week. Science and all things thing sciency has enjoyed a pop culture love affair worthy enough of future VH1 “I Love the Twenty Teens” episodes and

Red Wedding: November Has Come.

November has been coming for awhile. Specifically since October 1st of last year.

This electoral massacre was revenge. Revenge for failed promises of a President more concerned with his handicap than being a governing executive. It was revenge for cancelled health plans millions of people were promised they could keep…

Ebol-a-Rama! It’s Here to Save Us.

If you’re reading then know there’s still hope for you, but for myself and the others, it’s already too late.

All I can hope is that whomever discovers this can learn from the mistakes we made and hopefully begin rebuilding toward a new and better world.  No one is really sure