The Trouble With Lena

I believe Lena Dunham when she says she was raped.

The terrifying trouble with Lena Dunham’s faulty  account of her sexual assault is not because it could be fictionalized, but because it could be real. Because of her rapidly changing story and staunch defense of the story told in her book,

Race Wars: Media Creates a Phantom Menace.


Last Friday, Star Wars finally made the jump to light speed and joined the internet age. The 88 second teaser trailer for the seventh installment titled “The Force Awakens” was released online and immediately shot up Twitter trends, usurping hashtags of protests and riots stemming from the Ferguson Grand Jury

Real Genius: Feminism Leaves Science in the Dirt

That was a tagline quote by Matthew McConaughey ‘s Cooper from the Christopher Nolan space epic Interstellar and ironically it became all too relevant last week. Science and all things thing sciency has enjoyed a pop culture love affair worthy enough of future VH1 “I Love the Twenty Teens” episodes and