Target Practice: Media Takes Aim at Conservatives in Culture



When the Academy Award nominations last week were announced, Selma‘s name was only called twice. The collective sound of everyone who works at MSNBC fainting on the floor could be heard all over social media. The only person left standing was Sony Pictures new executive board member Al Sharpton who

Drawing The Line: Our Media Is Not Charlie Hebdo

I grew up with Bill Watterson and Gary Larson. Just about anyone else who did can remember back to the days where their parents had a stack of Calvin and Hobbes or Far Side anthologies on the bathroom floor.  My love of cartoon illustration led me into

Lena Dunham and the Rise of Rape Glam

I believe Lena Dunham when she says she was raped.

The terrifying trouble with Lena Dunham’s faulty  account of her sexual assault is not because it could be fictionalized, but because it could be real. Because of her rapidly changing story and staunch defense of the story told in her book,